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Charlie Sheen Asks for Contact with Brooke

1/20/2010 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer has just filed legal docs, asking the Aspen judge to allow him to communicate with his wife Brooke Mueller while she's in the hospital.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

As we first reported, Brooke Mueller is in the ICU in an L.A. hospital with a nasty infection. Charlie visited the hospital today, but because there is a protective order in place he is not allowed to communicate with his wife.

In the legal papers, Charlie's lawyer, Richard Cummins, wrote that Charlie "is concerned and feels the necessity to assist and care for his wife."

Cummins is asking for a modification of the protective order, to allow Charlie to communicate with Brooke while she's hospitalized.

The judge has not yet ruled on the request.


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kjih-tv media    

Even drunk, gold-digging whores need love, too. :-)

1736 days ago

sultry siren    

She seems like a drama queen. Takes things to the next level unnecessarily. Of course some would argue she can't fake a temperature but ... what is up with this chick?!@#*&%$!!! Take care of yourself and your dang kids for crying out loud.

1736 days ago


they let her into the icu for a broken fingernail while some poor slob with a heart attack gets to sit in the waiting room and dies..shame on rich people and drs and nurses who cater to them so they can get an autograpph..
charlie wants contact so he can get make up sex,hopefully after she has passed out with the prescription oxy codone and beer they gave her,,,hubba hubba

1736 days ago

Robin D.    

I'm sorry but aren't these TWO trying very hard to get around LAWS???? Ecuse me Charlie Sheen, but you must obide by the same laws that the rest of us do out here in the REAL WORLD! Oh i forget, you don't live in the real world. This case is staying in the media way too much for my taste.
I've never in my life seen so much money spent on attorneys trying to see the other spouse due to a CDV. They are certainly NOT SENDING a very positive MESSAGE to the WORLD! Hey Charlie, why don't you call Rhianna up and ask her how to get a backbone?? Rhianna stood up for what was her TRUTH! I admire her for it..You on the other hand? Just a hollywood sleeze bag with too much money and free time on your hands beating on yet ANOTHER woman! And everyone in Hollywoood knows your HISTORY! you think KARMA might have something to do with this situation with your wife?
or do YOU? as the world turns...sheen style..stay tuned for the next abused girlfriend or wife and NO he doesn't ever get any REAL therapy! Just better ratings!! better shows, better parts,!! please!! he used to be handsome until his DEMON started showing..

1736 days ago

Robin D.    

and I felt bad because I bashed on poor old Charlie and made light of his wife's situation! Everyone else is on the same page! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA

1736 days ago


I smell a rat.

1736 days ago


Can you milk this story any more!?
God I'm sick of this sh!t

1736 days ago

my my my    

MORE DRAMA -- please... I am not buying this story for one minute and frankly "I don't give a damn my dears"

1736 days ago


She is in the hospital because of an infection from oral surgery?
Yea right! In all my years I have never ever heard that one.

1736 days ago

nancy jo    

I Hope That They Get Better!!!

1736 days ago


Yeah, he wants to have contact with her so he can slit her throat this time.

1735 days ago


What about the rest of crazed possible murderers?
If u make exceptions, some other woman may end up dead.
IT IS CHARLIES FAULT when he made up his mind to be
a drugcrazed wak job,in general.
Too many women have been slaughtered because of
laws being manipulated, too lenient on some & not
applied evenly across the board.

Charlie needs to stop getting married,& destroying lives,
unless he decides to get married to his p-o-n screen & rubber dolls,
in an empty room.

1735 days ago

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