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Conan O'Brien, NBC Settlement - One Final Thing

1/20/2010 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienConan O'Brien and NBC are one issue away from sealing a settlement deal -- and the ball is in Conan's court.

Conan has asked for $600,000 more in severance money for his staff. Sources tell TMZ NBC has told Conan's lawyers they will ante up something extra, but only if this is Conan's final demand.

As we first reported, NBC has already offered to pay Conan's staff a total $7.5 million. And his E.P. will rake in $4.5 mil himself and that's not part of the $7.5 mil.

A source close to the negotiations tells TMZ ... even if the network has to pay $600,000 more... it will still make money with the deal, considering they project they could be $45 million ahead if Conan leaves and Jay retakes the helm of "The Tonight Show" (because Jay would make $40 mil in a year and Conan is projected to lose $5 mil).

A network source says he expects it will all be a done deal tonight.


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1734 days ago


It´s that time again folks. Bring on the talent!

1734 days ago


Now it´s 45million? That number just keeps growing, will it be over a billion by the end of the month?

1734 days ago


Conan has about 200 on staff, which means the average payout for each of his staff member is only a paltry $37,500 compared to what he is getting. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

1734 days ago


Why on earth are the suits at NBC so sure that Jay will pick up where he left off after the Olympics? Won't some of his older viewers have defected to Letterman, who apparently does draw quite a few older people these days? Add to that the people who were alienated by this fiasco, people who have found other programming and people who were turned off by the awfulness of Leno's ten pm show. It just doesn't seem certain that Jay Leno will automatically be able to regain his audience when he is tainted by this mess.

1734 days ago


NBC keeps thinking it's going to win ratings somehow in this, but ratings will come from the Olympics (Conan can be a remote reporter at the Olympics, for Letterman), and then post 10pm NBC will be sucking snake bellies for a long time, because people have had it with their nonsense, they are pissed off at Leno whether that's legit or not and with Letterman and then Conan added to the competition list for the very tired old Tonight Show, NBC is toast. DUMP YOUR NBC STOCKS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1734 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    


I want more. Gimme more.

1734 days ago


So now instead of not watching Leno at 9 I can go back to not watching him at 10:35? Sweet!

1734 days ago

Look, I'll get them $600,000 if it means this story will finally GO AWAY.

1734 days ago


Still cheaper than the $150 mil Leno would get to break his contract.

1734 days ago


Jay still sucks

1734 days ago

um, no thanks    

I would say NBC is very lucky it is not 80 plus.

1734 days ago


This story is so boring. Please make it go away. Hardly anyone watches these stupid late night shows. So I am not sure why anyone cares about them now. Leno sucks, he is the worst interviewer in the world and is so full of himself.

1734 days ago

Roger C    

All the Conan sycophants out there have no one else to thank but themselves for Jay Leno coming back to the Tonight Show. Conan is an egomaniac that thinks he is the best Late Night host. He does not concern himself with ratings or numbers. He was so insecure about his own abilities that when he realized he actually had a fan base, he let it go to his head.

It has culminated into this current disaster in that he is completely delusional about himself. He WAS the downfall of the Tonight Show. Jeff Zucker would have been FIRED for continuing to retain Conan. Why is he so angry at NBC? They tried to help him!

I can only compare Conan to Napoleon now. This is his Leipzig. He will go into exile for a short time, and possibly return with another show. If he goes up against the coalition of Jay and Letterman, like Napoleon did against the combined forces of Europe, it will surely be his Waterloo.

1734 days ago


Gibberish, Conan has 200 staff members on the show and a the producers and higher end crew and staff amount of them get their severance from the 7.5M - that should carry them for nine months until he can do a new show. That is not including the unemployment they will get which will be $1900 per month more. Conan is making sure the PA's and assistants are getting their due as well with the $600,000. They will also be making unemployment on top of that.

You tsk, tsk Conan for getting paid the rest of his contract and fighting for the staff members. NBC reneged on the deal - not Conan. Why should he have to pay. I'm betting that if NBC doesn't pay (which they will), Conan would pay them himself - just like how Letterman paid his staff and crew out of his own pocket during the writers' strike two years ago, before he negotiated a deal with the union to get his writers back to work.

1734 days ago
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