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Conan O'Brien, NBC Settlement - One Final Thing

1/20/2010 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienConan O'Brien and NBC are one issue away from sealing a settlement deal -- and the ball is in Conan's court.

Conan has asked for $600,000 more in severance money for his staff. Sources tell TMZ NBC has told Conan's lawyers they will ante up something extra, but only if this is Conan's final demand.

As we first reported, NBC has already offered to pay Conan's staff a total $7.5 million. And his E.P. will rake in $4.5 mil himself and that's not part of the $7.5 mil.

A source close to the negotiations tells TMZ ... even if the network has to pay $600,000 more... it will still make money with the deal, considering they project they could be $45 million ahead if Conan leaves and Jay retakes the helm of "The Tonight Show" (because Jay would make $40 mil in a year and Conan is projected to lose $5 mil).

A network source says he expects it will all be a done deal tonight.


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joey - I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!!!    

I have known people that have worked for both Leno & Conan. I like them both and they served each other well in the old time zones, however, those of use who watched "both" shows, noticed that when Conan had the earlier time slot, a lot of the funny stuff he did before, he wasn't able to do. It has a lot to with Network's allowances according to "time slots" I have missed some of the really good stuff Coan was able to do at 12:35. I have also missed Leno at 11:35. Diverse people, diverse shows. Regardless of whether you like Leno or not, there is not ONE Late night host, who wouldn't have taken the show back, especially when it was taken away when it was #1 in the ratings. If you don't believe that, those of us who work for entertainment companies (not NBC)know better. Regardless of what you see, both men deserved better. I know more people on Leno's staff than I do on Conan's, but whoever thinks that either one is "full of himself", according to the employees who know them "well", both are "Stand Up" guys, no stupid pun intended.

1734 days ago


Ummm....I would SO downsize a little and retire on a beach somewhere.

1734 days ago


Why do you love Leno so much? I love that NBC keep shouting from the rooftops that Conan's show is costing them $5 million. Why hasn't Ebersol been fired? He's costing them $200 million with the Olympics!!! If Conan's such a liability, why are they taking his characters and keeping him off the air until September? And what's to say Leno's numbers will go right back up? He's been revealed as a megadouche (something a lot of people knew already, but that seemed to be mostly his peers). His days as Mr. Nice Guy are over. The guy is taking Conan's job and he's insulting him on his show nightly. KLASSIE.

1734 days ago


Would it have killed him if Conan himself would pay his staff out of HIS settlement?
Give me a break. How cheap can you get?

1734 days ago


Conan is still a big baby--just a rich baby! Crying piece of %^$&

1734 days ago


Conan is getting ripped off, maybe not financially, but this was his dream and now Big Jaw, Zucker, and the rest of the NBC idiots are not only screwing him out of his dream but screwing themselves over as well.

1734 days ago


If Jay were a real man he'd walk as soon as Conan's departure deal is settled. **** NBC. They don't deserve all the publicity this fiasco's netting them.

1734 days ago


@ Karen #47 - Ofcourse not, you troll. Why would he pay out of his pocket when he can get NBC to pay it? NBC and Jay are people who go back on their word... that's why, ethically, Conan has the bargain chip.


1734 days ago


If "Coco" really cares about his staff, why doesn't he pay their severance with HIS money?

He's an egotistical big baby. Leave Conan - NBC doesn't want you. And stop badmouthing NBC. That's so unprofessional. If I was NBC, I'd fire "Coco" immediately!

1734 days ago


How can Conan agree to a contract that says he cannot "Trash talk
NBC" when your constitution over-rides that because it guarantees
"freedom of speech"? I always understood that you cannot agree to
something that is against the law. And I am not a lawyer.

Daniel ......... Toronto, Canada

1734 days ago


This is like a car wreck people are going by and looking, once Conan rain of terror is over their ratings will go down. They are all shooting themselves in the for being such pinheads.

1734 days ago


Wow, its really interesting to see jay leno signing on here under all these aliases to try to slag Conan O'Brien.

1734 days ago


Remember that Senator who tried to pick up cop at airport. Got caught again -
What a small you know what he got!!

1733 days ago


Just one more example of how selfish and unclassy Conan is. He is asking for an EXTRA $600,000 for his staff???!! Conan is getting $32.5 million. Come on, if he REALLY cared about his staff, he would use some of that $32 million to help his staff!! Even if it is just $2 million, that is not going to hurt him in the slightest. Just proves that Conan is a selfish & spoiled brat. He should be thankful for the multi millions of $$ he has gotten for bein untalented and NOT funny!!
And grow up people, NONE of this is Leno's fault. The one who is at fault in all this is NBC and NBC alone. Oh and Conan left on his own, because he didn't want to have a show at 12:00am, he was never fired!! Conan is acting like a spoiled baby!! Face it dude, YOU ARE NOT FUNNY and should NEVER have been on the air for the last 15 years.

1733 days ago

Justa Notherguy    

For those who are too young - or were too uninterested, at the time - to recall, it might help to get some background on this story. Read all about how Leno acquired The Tonight Show gig, back in 1993. (NY Times; 1994)

1733 days ago
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