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Conan O'Brien - How Long Can He Speak No Evil?

1/20/2010 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienThe hang-up with the Conan O'Brien/NBC severance deal is over the provision prohibiting Conan from trashing NBC ... but we're told by sources on both sides ... a settlement should be reached today.

Our sources say lawyers for both sides are squabbling over how long Conan is prohibited from saying bad things about NBC.

And, we're told, Conan is griping about the amount of severance NBC is paying his staff. Wait'll you hear this...

As we first reported, Conan will get $32.5 million for his troubles. We reported that the rest of the staff will get around $7.5 million. But we now know someone was not included in the $7.5 million figure.

Sources say the Executive Producer of "The Tonight Show" -- Jeff Ross -- will pull in $4.5 million in severance. So the total for staff -- including Ross -- is $12 million.

We're told Conan's lawyers want $600,000 added to the staff's severance pot but NBC is balking. Network sources say it's such a small amount that Conan is really just posturing to make himself look good.

One more thing. The way NBC is viewing the whole thing ... the network believes it can make $40 million in profits off of Leno the first year he's back and that they would lose $5 mil on Conan if he stayed. So NBC views the whole Conan buyout as a net savings.


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You mean including ANDY!?!?!

1702 days ago

Please go away lohan!    

Cancel the view, Conan head over to Fox! NBC is to left, Rachel Maddow, Keith left wingnut Oberman, his job is to trash decent people? What is wrong with NBC? Jay is not funny, he stole the tonight show from Letterman, Letterman the very person who gave him national exposure. Jay as with all the lefty freaks just go away! Screw NBC! I will watch Conan on Fox, I have deleted NBC from my TV.

1702 days ago


The longer NBC drags this on, the faster all of Leno's "senior citizen" audience drops dead. They aren't getting any younger!

I just want me some Conan on Fox.

1702 days ago

Fred S    

They found the guy who registered the domain name according to tonight:

But hours later, the URL redirected visitors to a Twitter page, where an apparent O'Brien fan confessed online that he was behind the domain name, not Fox. A Fox representative had confirmed to that the domain was not registered by Fox.

On his Twitter page, the fan, listed as Brandon Cecil, said he tried to reserve the domain name for O'Brien and Fox so "they wouldnt (sic) get screwd (sic) like"

The domain name does not direct fans of ABC comedy show host Jimmy Kimmel to his official, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Web site, but rather to a non-ABC site.

1702 days ago

james m    

I bet NBC won't make $5 million on the Leno switch as the'll have to pump more into prime time shows to make up for the loss in the variety show experiment.

1702 days ago


Conan should just stop talking about NBC. Move on and focus on making a better show. Forget about them. Just let it go!

1702 days ago


"One more thing. The way NBC is viewing the whole thing ... the network believes it can make $40 million in profits off of Leno the first year he's back and that they would lose $5 mil on Conan if he stayed. So NBC views the whole Conan buyout as a net savings."

Is this math done by the same people, who thought moving everyone up an hour would make big money? Thank God the people at NBC aren't engineers. With their fuzzy math, nothing would be safe.

1702 days ago


This is so INSANE and childish. Oh, you're not allowed to say baddy baddy things about us until you're far far away along the Yellow Brick Road and everyone around the mulberry bush is nicy nicy for ever and ever once again. It's very very funny.

1702 days ago


Geez, Harvey Levin's bias again Conan O'Brien is getting really old. Usually TMZ is one of my fave sources for show biz news, but on this story, not so much.

1702 days ago


Please god let it be true, I'm so sick of this. It's so ridicules. I don't care what happens I just want it over. But I think that Jay should step down to keep is dignity and to teach NBC a lesson, but it's to late now probably just make it worse, his reputation is ruined, he'll never recover from this. I hope Zucker and vampires are happy for what they have done.

1702 days ago


Conan should make as many good jabs at NBC as NBC has earned, which is about 15 a show at minimum, intensifying in creativity and intensity and suitability as each day passes. Subsequently, NBC's investors will get the point and fire the slop-sucking Zucker and the rest of his team of programmers currently spinning in ether.

1702 days ago


If the $600000 bucks is such a small amount of money to you NBC, just freaking pay it. The crew uprooted their lives and families just as much as the host and executive producer, they deserve to be looked after too! Why would Conan need to posture to look good at this stage? He already has fans literally rallying around him in huge numbers. Like, wtf?

1702 days ago


NBC is delusional if they don't realize that Leno is damaged goods. NBC would make more money if they hired someone off the street to host the Tonight Show.

1702 days ago


well he should take his 30 million bucks and start exercising, bulk up, etc.

best way would to read a hardgainer's article at and start from there.

its not too late Conan!!!

1702 days ago


I'm no defender of NBC, but does Conan plan to have the rest of his career centered around bashing NBC? That's going to get old.

1702 days ago
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