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Teen Mom's Mom Charged with Domestic Assault

1/20/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of one of the stars of MTV's "Teen Mom" was charged with domestic assault today, after she allegedly choked and hit her daughter last weekend.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Debra Danielson

Court officials tell TMZ Debra Danielson -- the mother of 18-year-old "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham -- was charged this morning in Pottawattamie County court in Iowa ... and is due back in court on February 26 for a preliminary hearing. We're told Debra did not enter a plea today.

According to the Council Bluffs Police Department, Farrah accused Debra of choking her and hitting her on Saturday after a verbal argument erupted between the two over childcare issues and other problems.

When cops arrived at their home, they arrested Debra after observing multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah's lips.

UPDATE: A rep for MTV tells TMZ, "MTV is aware of the matter between Farrah and her family, and will continue to respect and support her as we tell her story. We understand the serious nature of these allegations, and encourage anyone dealing with domestic violence to access resources at or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)"

UPDATE: According to Debra's attorney, she's going to plead not guilty.


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Finally!!!!!!! This silly broad only cares about running the streets and hooking up with dudes, while her mother and father are at home taking care of HER baby! On top of that, the little ungrateful bitch is VERY disrespectful to her parents! She has her priorities all screwed up, she doesn't realize that her social life is on hold right now because she has a child. If I were her mom, I would put her ass out and get custody of that baby.

1701 days ago

Stephanie B    

Good for her!! Farrah deserves all of that. She doesnt act like a mom and her mom does everything.

1701 days ago


Yes, this little girl sucks as a mother. However, I have to take into account she's only 18. It's hard to be that young and have a baby. You're life changes suddenly, as it should.

The ugly older mother, I don't think she knows how to parent much either. She obviously tries to make every decision for her daughter. That can cause serious conflict. Especially when you want your daughter to grow up. It gives mixed signals. It's not the first time she's hit this girl. In my opinion the older mom, is a @ss. I had a baby really young, and my mother taught me the right way without hitting me and screaming constantly.

1701 days ago

Ga in TX    

If it weren't for her mother Farrah would probably leave her baby unattended while she goes out and 'parties' or whores around.

Kind of hard for her mom say, 'I'm not going to watch the baby' when the baby is living at grandma's house.

I agree with a previous poster--now that Farrah's mom isn't in the picture Farrah will actually HAVE to take total responsibility for her OWN child. It's about time!

1701 days ago



1701 days ago


I recall on the show the mom hitting her in the car.. It was the show when they went car shopping...
this whole thing doesnt shock me at all.. Two crapy moms.....

1700 days ago


That little bitch Farrah deserved it!

1700 days ago


im guessing this selfish, disrespectful and immature girl isnt gonna be living with her mom anymore. maybe now she will realize that she is no longer a teenager and that she is a MOTHER who needs to be there for her daughter. not out partying with random guys. maybe this will give her a reality check that her life is different now and her priorities have changed.

1700 days ago


OH MY hell, she should have beat her ass a long time ago!!! Farrah is the worst mother in history. The only thing she is worried about is when she can get her next piece of ass, Debra takes care of that child more than Farrah. The little piece of trash bitch just needs to move out and leave Sophia behind with Debra so she can have a decent childhood.

1700 days ago


OH NO!!!! If Debra goes to jail, WHO IS GOING TO WATCH SOPHIA!!!! How will POOR Farrah the spoiled bitch get to go out so she can find another guy to knock her up! HOW OH HOW will poor Farrah the spoiled bitch cope if she doesn't have her babysitter there to relieve POOR Farrah of the tedious, harrowing job of motherhood!!! That disrespectful BITCH is lucky I'm not her mom!

1700 days ago


WAY TO GO MOM!!!!.... Farrah deserved every bit of it. That little girl has ton to learn about life. I say put her out, make her live on her own, with her daughter.Completely cut her off. Then maybe she'll stop trying to be a whore and become a real mother. She is totally disrespectful and lacks judgment. Her mind is clouded with boys. And where is the kids dad? They never mention or show him. That should say a lot.

1700 days ago


If anyone watches this train wreck, she's lucky that's all that happened to her. If she were my child she would have been asked to leave a long time ago. She has no respect for her family at all, all she worries about is dating. She is a sorry excuse for a daughter and a mother.

1700 days ago


Council Bluffs trash right there! I swear if I ever see her at the bars in Omaha I will personally tell her what a horrible mother she is and her baby girl is going to remember that because its on video how horrible of a mother she is. Grow up, you shouldnt of had unprotected sex if you were not ready to have a baby!

1699 days ago


If you seen the show then you would understand why that happened. Farrah is a total bi$&h to her parents, she talks to them like sh&^. They feed her, cloth her, put a roof over her and her daughters head, and she is so ungreatful. I'm suprised she didnt get beat down sooner. Go Debra, now Farrah's dad needs to grow some balls and do the same.

1699 days ago


did i watch the same show as the rest of you? I'm all for swatting a kids azz...but farrah's mom is a complete bitch. every time their segment comes on, i have to lower the tv. the only thing i don't understand is why farrah tells her anything at all. that woman needed someone to shut her up, her spineless husband wasn't going to do it.
i just read on this post; farrah just had an abortion(wise choice)but why would she tell that shrew of a mother.

1698 days ago
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