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Michael Lohan Screws the Pooch

1/21/2010 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Because there just aren't enough reasons to hate Michael Lohan already, here's one more for you: See that adorable puppy below? LiLo's dad completely abandoned it.

Michael Lohan

The Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund tells TMZ Michael (right) adopted a dog named Abbey (left) around Christmas for GF Kate Major -- but after the cute, cuddly critter tore up their place, they called in to complain.

We're told Michael eventually dropped the dog off at the vet for heart worm treatment ... and never came back.

The pup was eventually given the "Abandoned" stamp after 10 days at the vet and was returned to LCARF, where it was adopted by another family.

When you think about it ... that dog really dodged a bullet.

UPDATE: Kate Major tells TMZ, "We rescued the dog and the dog had a lot more problems and they did not make us aware of the issues. The dog destroyed the house ... the shelter told us they had someone else to adopt. It's pathetic that someone needs to use press to get their rescue shelter in the news."


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What the hell is wrong with Kate Major? Some women can't seem to help being bum magnets, but this girl does it on purpose.

1702 days ago


He probably didn't have the funds to pay for the heart worm treatment in the first place. Thank goodness for the pup that another family stepped up to the plate, not the evil pair Major/Lohan. Someone should haul them to the pound.

1702 days ago

andrea HOWARD    

this is a simple and i mean simple minded, trashy fecking schlong
sucker who
deserves to
in the longest and most painful way possible. Feck off.

1702 days ago


For someone to treat a animal that way,they are nothing but pure trash....

1701 days ago


I agree....he's such a low life, but I do think that he'll continue to demonstrate that for us...but it's good that he doesn't have an's clear that he's not a caretaker for another being animal/child.......probably not even a plant.

1701 days ago


Simone, you are pathetic. Nobody cares about you and your life must be pretty bare for you to keep posting these ridiculous comments. Really, honestly, what's the big thrill? Your name on the screen. You have nothing to contribute and your life must be so sad and small.

1701 days ago


Somebody should abandon Lohan at the nearest pound. What a piece of trash.

1701 days ago


What an ass wipe

1701 days ago


And people are surprised by this? This douchebag is all about himself incapable of loving anyone or anything besides himself. NO ONE likes this tool and the doggie will be way better off without this idiotstick....

1701 days ago


Mystery solved! Abbey was taken to Jon's apartment and turned loose! Hailey innocent after all! She looks like a real sweetie...and probably tore up Lohans place on porpuse to get away from the jerk! Way to go Abbey

1701 days ago


Scuzball! I hadn't heard that he was picking up Gosselin's sloppy seconds. Euww!

1701 days ago


Well, I guess the ONLY decent thing to say is that they didn't give it to Michael Vicks' cohorts to use as bait. This guy (and his...and I use this term VERY loosely, girlfriend) are just another jon gosselin and Hailey Glassman. he's a user and a publicity whore, she's a publicity whore and...wait a MINUTE..wasnt she Jon Gosselins' "girlfriend, too"...remember that old tune "it ain't no fun if the homeys can't have none". disgusting, He's just a publicity whore, she's a publicity whore and a whore whore. wow

1701 days ago



1701 days ago


I hope one day a pitt bull will bite M.Lohan azz..He such a jerk..

1701 days ago


Peta should have their own reality show so we can watch them harass these kinds of heartless, irresponsible losers...maybe “LoMan” should be their first victim?? I would watch that for sure....hahaha

1701 days ago
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