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Michael Lohan Screws the Pooch

1/21/2010 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Because there just aren't enough reasons to hate Michael Lohan already, here's one more for you: See that adorable puppy below? LiLo's dad completely abandoned it.

Michael Lohan

The Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund tells TMZ Michael (right) adopted a dog named Abbey (left) around Christmas for GF Kate Major -- but after the cute, cuddly critter tore up their place, they called in to complain.

We're told Michael eventually dropped the dog off at the vet for heart worm treatment ... and never came back.

The pup was eventually given the "Abandoned" stamp after 10 days at the vet and was returned to LCARF, where it was adopted by another family.

When you think about it ... that dog really dodged a bullet.

UPDATE: Kate Major tells TMZ, "We rescued the dog and the dog had a lot more problems and they did not make us aware of the issues. The dog destroyed the house ... the shelter told us they had someone else to adopt. It's pathetic that someone needs to use press to get their rescue shelter in the news."


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Wow, those two are really meant for each other. So you couldn’t handle the dog and instead of doing the right thing and returning it to the shelter you just left it and never went BACK?! The only pathetic thing here is Kate Major and Michael Lohan. Don’t blame the shelter because you’re too stupid to care for a tiny dog. They could actually do some good with the publicity. Unlike you who needs to just shut your mouth and go away. WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1734 days ago


Please let these two drop dead. I only wish I could personally place the bullets in their temples.

1734 days ago


Someone needs to waste that guy.... For Real!!!!!!!

1734 days ago


Kate Major is a press whore!!! She has the nerve to state that the animal shelter wants press???? What the hell is she doing??? First, hanging out with that dirt bag Jon Gosselin and now an even worse dirt bag, Michael Lohan!!!!!! Neither she or he have ANY love for anyone except themselves AND THEIR OWN MEDIA COVERAGE. Especially a poor defenseless rescued animal. People at these shelters work hard to find good homes for these loving pets. Their only mistake was giving this little dog up for adoption to these complete SELFISH MORONS!!! I hope they both rot in hell.

1734 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

50. Seriously, who the eff cares. its just a dog. its a FUGLY dog. dogs don't pay rent, any dog that tears up a whole house should be put to sleep. if a person did that to a house, they'd have to pay.

Posted at 5:32PM on Jan 21st 2010 by screw that dog


Michael, you are not going to win any sympathy or friends here. You should take the honorable way out.

1734 days ago


Are they sure it wasn't Jon Gosselin who tore up the place then blamed the dog for some publicity?

1734 days ago


SMART DOG!!! You found a way to break free of those two idiots!

1734 days ago


Kate Major disgusts me. How dare she accuse an animal shelter of trying to get their name in the press? Umm, maybe they just wanted to teach them a lesson for abandoning a helpless dog? I'm sure Michael Blowhan lied to them and said he was going to give that dog the world. Kate Nobody and Michael Blowhan are losers. By the way, what kind of idiot buys his girlfriend a dog after dating for a couple months, if that? What a useless prick.

1734 days ago


1) They are idiots.


But then again he couldn't teach his children anything either

A common phrase in rescue: "PEOPLE SUCK!!!"

1733 days ago


So here is the thing to the people who say "who would adopt a dog to someone at Christmas?" Well the truth is this organization take dogs from SC kill shelters and homes them in NE so the reality is...the other option is a gas chamber so Michael Lohan seems a better bet especially when he pays the fee and picks the animal up for the doctor to allow it to recoup from HW treatment. You figure hey who wants to be judged by their reputation? So leap of faith you go there and than this jackass lives up to it all and beyond! Abandons the dog rather than simply signing a surrender form so the animal gets to recouperate in a kennel rather than a home setting. So thank dude for being a predicatable douchebag...Check out they are the real deal!

1733 days ago


The dog just like Lindsay is better off without this nut.
He a meida whore.

1553 days ago
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