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Victoria Principal Gets Legal Apology From Maid

1/21/2010 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Principal has settled a lawsuit with her former maid -- a suit alleging V.P. was a gun-wielding boss -- but there's no doubt Victoria came out on top.

Victoria Principal

The maid, Maribel Banegas, issued a formal letter of apology to Victoria - in other words, she waived the white flag. The letter is contained in settlement documents obtained by TMZ.

Banegas claimed Victoria flew into a rage at her Malibu home, fired the maid and then pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her.

Victoria countersued, claiming the maid was a lunatic, slamming doors, hurting her dog and demanding money. Victoria says she pulled the gun and cocked it out of fear.

In the letter of apology, attached to the settlement, Banegas says, "I can now understand why you felt that I was threatening to you, which, in turn, led you to defend yourself."

The maid goes on, apologizing for "any unintentional injury to your little dog, Mei-ling."

The terms of the settlement are confidential.


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Yada Yada Yada..... who cares? How is the dog doing?

1734 days ago


VP was hot back in the Dallas days. Too much plastic surgery ruined her though.

1734 days ago


Here's a great photo of her from many years back but wow:

Just read she was married to a plastic surgeon for 20 years. Hope she got everything in the divorce because he was a butcher.

1734 days ago


Yeh she was smokin back than, but still not as bad as what Priscilla Presley did to herself injecting oil into her face and going gothic. What a waste. And all that elvis $$ can't do a dang thing for her now

1734 days ago


I believe the maid. Hollywood stars are crazy and often criminal and the courts always side with them. They can do whatever they want.

1734 days ago

Legally Bonde    

I thought Victoria Principal was married to a famous plastic surgeon living "happily ever after" in Texas as she contines to market her
Principal's Secret cosmetics (terrible product) on infomercials. Why would she have to make a settlement with the maid if she were totally right and did "nothing" wrong?

1734 days ago


ahhh....Malibu justice....former star pulls gun on maid and maid has to write a letter of apology?

Victoria Principal is crazy..only a crazy lady would make her put in her apology letter and apology to the dog.

1734 days ago



1734 days ago

Pete Fraser    

I think the article means "waved the white flag", not "waived the white flag" which would mean the opposite.

1734 days ago


I gotta admit that's funny... lol....whiping out a pistol on your maid! What the heck goes on in Hollywood? Those people are nuts!They're more entertaining then the shows their in.

1734 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Good for her in standing up to this lunatic who tried to squeeze money out of her. The same thing happened with me and my now disowned brother. The butt trucking f@ggot & his h@m@ boyfriend used a lawsuit to get money out of me. The truth came out and he ended up with his pants on the ground - much to the delight of his f@g boyfiend.

1733 days ago


To Jack post #5
That is one of the sexiest pictures of a fully clothed woman I have ever seen.

1733 days ago


Dried up.

1732 days ago


i am verry happy for mme victoria principal wao super i love her

1651 days ago

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