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Britney Spears

Donates Dress to Haiti

1/22/2010 8:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsShe's no George Clooney, but Britney Spears is doing her part for the Haitian relief effort -- she's donating a dress she wore at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards for auction.

Britney was in court today for a conservatorship hearing, but has since left the courthouse because of a commitment with her kids.

Brit's lawyer, Geraldine Wyle, asked the commissioner for authority to dispose of certain property -- items that are no longer useful to her or her estate. Wyle was not specific, though we're thinking Adnan is one of the items.

We're told the commissioner also wants to get a first hand look-see of how Britney was doing. No reviews so far.

UPDATE We now know what items the lawyers want to 86 -- storage containers filled with items from Britney's Circus Tour.


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low battery    

Way to step up Brit. That must have taken quite a bit of thought behind that. You should take a nice long vacation now to recover. Oh, and if you stayed away, we'd all appreciate it. Thanks.

1713 days ago


Balls....I like to lick them.

1713 days ago

she's still unwell    

you don't know if she's donated money besides the dress which will fetch thousands. shut up and go do something useful you pack of vultures.

1713 days ago


I am wondering if Britney Spears and Casey Johnson's paths ever crossed? Yesterday, I read about how Courtney Semmel and Casey Johnson were not above blackmailing their respective parents for money by making a lesbian sex tape together. All along since Casey's death, I had been reading posts about the Johnson family and was believing that the Johnson families were insensitive and to be bamed for attending the Jets victory football game instead of mourning the death of Casey. Well, 24 hours later, I am entertaining a different opinion. Celebrity 'lesbians' are truly bottom-feeders. Britney Spears donating a dress to be sold, and the proceeds going to any charity, is akin to Britney driving around in her white Escalade past the USA military veterans, and the elderly people sleeping on the cold hard sidewalks ... and getting drenched in the southern California rainstorms this past week. Even prison inmates are sheltered better. Surely God is watching, so more of the selfish heiresses and pop stars drop off the face of the Universe soon.

1713 days ago


EEEEWWWWW! The haitians are not that desperate. She should keep her nasty dress and open up her wallet - but, wait, her daddy has control of all of her money. What a tight bastard. BTW - Britney looks dead

1713 days ago


Seriously??? And which displaced Haitian would be wearing it??? Yeh, that's a real contribution. She spends more on Starbucks in a week than these people make in a year...

1713 days ago


first of all, yes i have donated. britney spears wore the dress, but it was probably given to her to wear that night. putting it up for auction for the haiti cause is so stupid because the person that has the winning bid is the donator. not britney, bitch. she is not actually donating anything personally.

1713 days ago


We don't know if she donated money and quite frankly I don't need to know.Why do celebrities feel the need to announce the amount of their donation? I don't buy the crap that a celebrity donation will make regular folk donate too. You either will or you won't.

1713 days ago


/Pat, I agree with you!

Have you ever been to the cold Arctic? Eskimo people make do without indoor toilets, tons of donated food, technology, medicine, or other charity. When have we ever heard of
the Eskimo people begging for help? They're human beings, too. Which iceberg are Madonna, Steve Spielberg, Beyonce, JayZ, Drew, Brad, Angelina, etc. hiding under when the Eskimo is hungry, ill, or suffering without these telethons? Think about it!

"Average January temperatures range from about −40 to 0 °C (−40
to +32 °F), and winter temperatures can drop below −50 °C (−58
°F) over large parts of the Arctic. Average July temperatures range
from about −10 to +10 °C (14 to 50 °F), with some land areas
occasionally exceeding 30 °C (86 °F) in summer."

1712 days ago


Cheap Ass B*****!

1712 days ago


Help Britney!!!

1712 days ago


How can the Haitian people benefit from a dirty dress worn by this human? That's what I hate about celebrities like Britney, they are ridiculously rich and spoiled but can't even fork over a little bit to help someone in need, they always depend on someone else to do their stuff for them.

1712 days ago

Tony B    

★★★ HEY HARVEY!!! ★★★
Thanks for defending Britney and being nice to her at the end of your show last night.
That was classy. ★★★

1712 days ago


Yeah right. She donates the dress what was free for her in the first place. Can she donate some money? I am sure she has more than me(I did donate money)and do not come with anything that she has aweekly allowance. She spent money like water in the Toy R US a couple months ago.

1712 days ago

for now    

Britney has donated more money and other items than any of the sickos on here.

1712 days ago
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