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Conan O'Brien's Horse Gag -- Total Manure

1/22/2010 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien is a total fraud -- and so is the horse he rode in on.

Conan O'Brien's Horse Gag

On last night's show, Conan claimed he blew $4.8 million dollars on a gag in which he trotted out Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird -- problem is, Conan's horse wasn't the REAL Derby winning horse ... of course, of course.

Conan O'Brien: Click to watchTMZ spoke with Mine That Bird's trainer, Chip Woolley, who told us, "That was not the real Mine that Bird last night, it was an imposter."

Woolley added, "The real Mine That Bird is up at the ranch in New Mexico resting up before he gets back to racing in the summer."

One thing is definitely real -- NBC really will seriously have to pay up after Conan played a long clip of a Rolling Stones song in a similar attempt to blow NBC's budget.


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I follow horse-racing to some EXTENT as well, and although the markings were different, as were the subtle mannerisms of the equine, I found him to be a wonderful impersonator. Hip Hip Hooray.

please...spare me

1734 days ago

Digi Jeff    

So now he is a fraud? Please. You will need more than that to bring down Conan. Explain the $1.5 Bugatti dressed up as a mouse then....that was fake too right?

1734 days ago


This will tell you exactly what kind of person Conan really is. I loved his comedy and some of his bits and such, but classless is what he has become. To hear EVERYONE now tell their sides of it, it all has come clear. He didnt cut it in the ratings, EVEN PRIOR to Leno even being on the air. Inherited the number one slot and immediately lost it, then was the first to whine to the media about the problem, first to sling mud, and now this crap. Goodbye and do us all a favor and stay gone.

1734 days ago


Oh Goodness I am so surprised Harvey Levin and his Team of Salad Tossers have nothing better to do than ruin a Comedy bit.... It's a comedy Bit People.... It's not like he is trashing Kanye West one minute then Kissing his ass like a little bitch... which is what Harvey Usually Does..... If anyone is LIAR FRAUD it's HARVEY LEVIN and JEFF ZUCKER.... NBC CEO Jeff Zucker's Office Number...212-664-2830. Tell him How you feel.

1734 days ago


Conan is turning out to be a real horses butt. I hope NBC takes the cost of these stunts out of his severance pay!

Lettermans jokes are over the line, too. If the man is still harboring hate about not getting the Tonight Show back in the mid 90's he REALLY needs some SERIOUS help

1734 days ago


Really? You're fact- checking a late- night comedian? So you're just killing time until some C-list starlet cokes herself to the gills and drops dead?

Class. All class.

1734 days ago

RAGS Report    

Big f*^$ing deal TMZ...Conan is the man and you guys are hurting for stories obviously....This story is as real as Harvey acts like he is straight...LOL

1734 days ago

Pat Lathrop    

Really TMZ? This is why Conan's ratings were low. The general public doesn't get it. Maybe you will be happy when Jay returns with his junior high bathroom level humor.

1734 days ago


Hes a sleezebag!

1734 days ago


TMZ has nothing better to do than to pick apart a comedy bit? Come on! It's obvious that he didn't buy the horse and I don't follow horse racing but I assumed that it wasn't the actual Kentucky Derby winner. It's a comedy bit people! Just like the Bugatti Veyron wasn't purchased, it would have been a rental or borrowed. NBC would have to approve these purchases and they wouldn't since Conan is leaving the Tonight Show.

1734 days ago


It's called a comedy bit. He isn't stupid enough to spend that much money while negotiating severance packages/payouts for him and his staff. A "fraud?" Anyone is idiot if they believed it in the first place. I think it's already been reported that NBC doesn't even have to pay for the use of "Satisfaction" either. It's all in the name of humor... and Conan's still got it, more than any other late night host out there.

1734 days ago


Anybody who thought that was the real derby winner needs to stop and remember --- it's Conan!! It's a spoof!! Fer cryin' out loud!

1734 days ago


It's a joke! And a funny one at that! Lay off Conan. I love TMZ but Conan is the man!!

1734 days ago

um, no thanks    

Please, it was a joke and his way of having fun with the fans and perhaps messing with the brass who are holding their breath till he leaves.
As far as the Stones music goes the law is clear, determination of
Fair Use is weighed by looking at how the work is used, how much of the work is used, and how does the use affect the value and potential sales of the original work.
It was in the context of a joke, just like the horse and does not
meet the legal acid test to justify large pay out whatsoever.
In no way did that few seconds in any way affect the value and
potential sales of the original work and that is the main KEY.
Any senior radio, television and film student would tell them to go chew leather

1734 days ago

Don Bixby    

Of course it wasn't the real horse. If you want to get all excited about it, that wasn't NFL footage that was playing on the TV either.

Thank you for all the laughs, Conan. We look forward to seeing you again in September.

1734 days ago
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