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Conan O'Brien's Horse Gag -- Total Manure

1/22/2010 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien is a total fraud -- and so is the horse he rode in on.

Conan O'Brien's Horse Gag

On last night's show, Conan claimed he blew $4.8 million dollars on a gag in which he trotted out Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird -- problem is, Conan's horse wasn't the REAL Derby winning horse ... of course, of course.

Conan O'Brien: Click to watchTMZ spoke with Mine That Bird's trainer, Chip Woolley, who told us, "That was not the real Mine that Bird last night, it was an imposter."

Woolley added, "The real Mine That Bird is up at the ranch in New Mexico resting up before he gets back to racing in the summer."

One thing is definitely real -- NBC really will seriously have to pay up after Conan played a long clip of a Rolling Stones song in a similar attempt to blow NBC's budget.


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Oh dear Lord! C'mon on now. People didn't REALLY think the horse was the famous horse, did they? And the mink snuggie was real, too? Thanks, TMZ, for clearing that up to all those retards out there...DUH!!!

1701 days ago


Conan has shown he's an absolute idiot. Not only does this doofis have bad jokes and needs a writer for every little comedic thing he comes up with, he's just a moron. No wonder I don't watch him or letterman or Leno. It's all the same thing. Canned laughter and jokes less interesting than a 4 year olds.

Pound sand Conan the gonad. Most of the US doesn't care. There are much more important things happening in the world than your little comedy routine. I'm glad they fired you.

1701 days ago


I think tmz sucks, always trying to "kill" every move people does. Conan is just trying to put up his lasts shows. leave him alone. He is really a good comedian.

1701 days ago


Jay Leno SUCKS! He is in no way, shape, or form funny... Leno should just go away!!! His own show tanks. So, he has to go back to riding the coat tails of "The Tonight Show"...a classic show that has been around for years, and years, and years. Leno "creates" his own show and it BOMBS! JAY LENO SUCKS!!!

1701 days ago


It's called a "bit." geez. idiots.

1701 days ago


The horse is his more economical cousin, StopThePidgeon.

1701 days ago


Riottgirl, Conan lost MILLIONS of viewers once he took over at Tonight from Jay and even at Jay's prime time show he had MILLIONS more viewers than CoNON.

So if Leno is not funny then CoNON is even MORE UNFUNNY!!

If Leno's show tanked then CoNON's pathetic version of Tonight tanked even more!!

1701 days ago

um, no thanks    

The horses name is "run buddy run" and it was clearly a joke.
The game was not an old super bowl or even the NFL for that matter.
He is playing to the audience that feels he got screwed and trying to make the best out of a very difficult situation that is obviously difficult for he and his staff.

1701 days ago


neal- you've commented enough and have shown your bias. Get a life.

1701 days ago


In related news, Harvey's tan is fake also. Stay tuned, more to come in the Captain Obvious segment of the show!

1701 days ago


I am sorry Conan is losing his show but he is starting to act like a real butt hole. I wish my severance package had been in the millions!

1701 days ago


All these comments from Conan fans just proves how ignorant they are and how they just do not GET IT!! It has nothing to do with the "not funny" joke, you morons. It is how immature and stupid he is being by blowing all that money on stupid stuff as well as playing songs that NBC has to PAY FOR. He is the one who chose to leave and now is being very immature in the way he has been acting. HE is the one who has ruined what the Tonight Show is suppose to be about with his unfunny, stupid routines. I am SOOOOO glad he is gone!! NBC kept him 15 years to long.

1701 days ago


WHOEVER gets CONAN, I would be fearful of what he might do to THEM....

He and Jay Leno are both trashing NBC so much and yes, NBC is very deserving...BUT who wants to hire someone and pay them to trash YOU !!!

Good luck at whoever inherits CONAN. I've enjoyed his show, but NBC should have left well enough along. Jay Leno was on top of Letterman and Conan was in a time slot where he fit. It's taken Jimmy Fallon a long time to "come around" and the best thing he's got going is his "Housewives skit", which is hilarious. Carson Daly lost 50 and got a new format...his show is a bit better, but it seems like they've got one guy too many.

I think Jay Leno should have put up more of a fight five years ago instead of letting NBC TELL HIM, he was going to retire. I would hate to relocate all the way across the country and take my entire staff too....and then have NBC screw me over. It just wasn't right what NBC has done to BOTH Jay Leno in the beginning and now to Conan. Conan and his staff ends up losing in the end....or does he. Stay tuned....

1701 days ago


It was a JOKE TMZ!!!! .... a JOKE!...... This was one of the dumbest articles!!!!! YOU made yourself look stupid!

1700 days ago


Real or not, it was funny. THAT'S what counts.

PS: am I the only one creeped out by an animal wearing fur?

1700 days ago
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