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Conan O'Brien's Horse Gag -- Total Manure

1/22/2010 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien is a total fraud -- and so is the horse he rode in on.

Conan O'Brien's Horse Gag

On last night's show, Conan claimed he blew $4.8 million dollars on a gag in which he trotted out Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird -- problem is, Conan's horse wasn't the REAL Derby winning horse ... of course, of course.

Conan O'Brien: Click to watchTMZ spoke with Mine That Bird's trainer, Chip Woolley, who told us, "That was not the real Mine that Bird last night, it was an imposter."

Woolley added, "The real Mine That Bird is up at the ranch in New Mexico resting up before he gets back to racing in the summer."

One thing is definitely real -- NBC really will seriously have to pay up after Conan played a long clip of a Rolling Stones song in a similar attempt to blow NBC's budget.


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Franklin Fong    

But the fact was the horse looked just like Mine that Bird, seriously did.

1699 days ago

Franklin Fong    

Coco is funny hell. what's even funnier is how much you don't get it Mison66

1699 days ago


Hey dumbasses, maybe you should watch the whole bit before you try to call him out. At the end of the bit, he said that it wasn't real, that it was just a gag. I can't believe you actually called the trainers. Idiots.

1699 days ago


Seriously???? Why in the hell would you think that it was real?? Do you really think the true king of late night would spend money like that with all the things that are going on in the world. Especially when he's plugging Stillerstrong every night. Everyone could tell it was a joke. The level of stupidity in the world never ceases to amaze me anymore.

1699 days ago


who ever posted this from the tmz staff should hang themselves....morons

1699 days ago


TMZ, none of these skits were real. The horse was watching "restricted superbowl footage." It was probably just stock football footage that NBC already has the right to play. NBC probably already had a right to play that rolling stones song. Do you think the snuggie that the horse was wearing was real mink? In one skit, they sprayed caviar on a "real" Picasso, after which Conan admitted all the money-wasting skits were fake. What amazes me is that there are people that actually believed them in the first place.

1699 days ago


tmz, u r so incredibly lame. dont you all know what a gag is? oh wait, thats right, your all idiots who have no idea what real humor is. your idea of humor is cracking lame jokes about anyone and everyone. good job.

1699 days ago


haha, some of you people are real idiots. You believe everything you read.

1699 days ago


Bye Bye Conass. The unfunniest man alive. not that jay is any better.

1698 days ago


Guys, if you watched the show, Conan made a joke about people thinking the stunt was real. He even said himself it was a gag and wasn't real. Watch the show before you start making "shocking" revelations....

1698 days ago

TMZ: Moronic    

Calling a comedian a fraud for what was done in a joke sketch doesn't strike me as intelligent. Sorry.

1698 days ago


How idiotic! Do you understand that this was a spoof??Where's your sense of humor??

1698 days ago


"So not only is Conan not funny, but he is a liar and a fraud too? Wow. Never expected he was THAT big a loser."

Leno fan. Go figure.

1696 days ago


Seriously TMZ? could you possibly be any dumber?

1694 days ago
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