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Jon and Kate -- Water Lien Under the Bridge

1/22/2010 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin are finally free to start tappin' again -- because someone finally paid their outstanding water bill.

Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

As TMZ previously reported, a tax lien was filed against the Gosselins after Lancaster County claimed they owed $2,691.75 in city water charges.

But according to new court documents filed last week, the Gosselins are finally in the clear -- because someone finally forked over the cash.

One problem down -- about 30 billion to go.


No Avatar


...BAD DADDY... TEAM KATE! (i completly understand KATE...we have a freakin 800.00 waterbill!)

1743 days ago


The lien was on their old house, not the new mansion.
The old house recently sold so the lien was taken care
of as part of closing.

1743 days ago


The divorce if final..The old house is sold..kate got the home& the children... Jon be a dad ,visit the children& pay child support..

1743 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Why do people care about those two morons?

1743 days ago


I don't believe there will be another couple to capture the attention of the public like the Gosselin have done..I thought after the divorce it would fizz out but it still strong about the Gosselin...

1743 days ago


Poster number 3 Kate may have got the house but I doubt she will have it by the end of the year. These two morons purchased a million dollar home thinking there reality show was going to go on forever. There is no way they are going to be able to keep up with the payment plus they have to pay gas and electric, water, etc. I am sure by the end of this year we will be reading the house is being sold because they can not afford it.

My house is 650,000 and my monthly payment is 5,000 and my gas and electric can get as high as $800 sometimes and luckily I have a well so I do not have to worry about a water bill.

Jon and Kate will never be able to keep up with all there bills and supporting 8 kids. They need to sell the house while they still can and buy a new one for way less

1743 days ago


Wait before you know it the Creeples from GWOP will be flocking over here to give Kate finacial advice...

Wait spoke to soon! See post number 7!

1743 days ago


They must have used a lot of water. I live in Lancaster County and my water bill is only $28 every 3 months!!!!!

1743 days ago


sheeples&creeples ... I thought non-Kate fans are the GWOP.If the creeples are non-Kate fans I wouldn't use that name it rhyme with the sheeples and they are Kate Fans..LOL

1743 days ago


this $hit seems to have too many little girlfriends ..
Does he have a job? because if he doesn't he needs one to support all his kids. This jerk seems to be an @ss..He is all into him self trying to look good but really he looks like a f FAT PUPPET...Get a job fker..u STUPID women who date him are losers

1743 days ago


I bet TLC paid that debt off. What a bunch of losers.

1743 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

Kate looks a lot like my uncle Ralph, except he's prettier!

1743 days ago


Kate will not lose her house b/c someone will pay it off as a freebie..TLC might pay it off..I'm wondering who paid for the $7,000.00 hairdo? The person who paid for that might pay the house off as well..I can't knock Kate down for accepting the freebie b/c I love freebie as well.. I suppose being in the lime light there a lot of freebie,but WHAT THE BIG PRICE BEHIND THE FREEBIE esp:The $7,000.00?

1743 days ago


Kate not going to lose her home b/c someone will pay it off as a freebie..I'm wondering whoever paid for the $7,000.00 if they will pay kate home off.

1743 days ago


to #13. I also live in Lancaster County and in the same area as the old home. I don't know where you live but my h20 bill is $150.00 per quarter. The charges before any h20 usage calculations is $52.00 for just the use of service. Also in our town the h20 bill and sewer charges are billed together. The bill is not just for h20 alone. With a family of 8 I can see where their bill was so high.

1742 days ago
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