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Tiger Woods Look-alike at Sex Rehab Center

1/23/2010 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man appearing to be Tiger Woods has been photographed today at the Mississippi sex rehab clinic where Tiger is reportedly staying -- problem is ... he's not Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods Look-alike, Mississippi sex rehab clinic

It has been widely reported in the media that Tiger is at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services treatment center. Their evidence is a photograph showing a man with similar features, clothing and jewelry as Tiger.

But today a man wearing the same clothing, jewelry and Stanford hat (where Tiger went to school), roamed the grounds and was caught by photographers -- and it is clearly not Tiger Woods. It is clear the man is trying to look like Tiger Woods.

TMZ has a policy of not showing people in rehab facilities, so we will not publish the photo -- we can say there are similarities to Tiger, but the man clearly is not the famous golfer.

So the question -- Is Woods really at the facility or is the whole thing a case of mistaken identity?


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I could have told you that. That picture was too blurry.

1738 days ago


it could be tiger.remember when you said yall had a pic of JFK it turned out to not be him even though you said it was.

1738 days ago


Harvey, come on man. You are letting us down. You've broken some major stories recently and you mean to tell us that with all your connections you can't figure out where Tiger is. This has gone on for weeks. Kick your staff in the but and tell them to get to work.

1738 days ago


I wonder, do you have to wear gloves when you grasp at straws? LOL

1738 days ago


Why would he need rehab? He is a rich, talented, good looking guy. He should have never married.

1738 days ago


You mean to tell me TMZ has standards and policies? Shocking.

1738 days ago

My KIDS are CUTER than YOURS!!!!! lol    

You have a strict policy to NOT show pictures of people in rehab BUT are absolutely fine to show pictures of celebs KIDS as well as video of their kids!??? Children's lives should NOT be fair game. Shame!

1737 days ago


Why would they have built that fence? Decoy!

1737 days ago

Robin D.    

Tiger Woods is laughing his as* off @ all of the news media who has him placed in that center. I wonder what sucker got suckered into paying the 2 MIL for that fake photo??? cause it was running in the millions of the 1st photo. Let me tell you, Tiger Woods is no idiot he's gottan away with alot and has many people covering for him..MANY!
I have my own idea's where Tiger is. He's bedding that girl he paid off (the pretty brunette who Gloria Alread is representing)...She went back home and I bet you after she spoke to the media briefly and thing's died down..He got back into her home. He is with her I bet you. He was madly, sickly, in love with that one..It's obvious.. Tiger has been with 16 women who SPOKE OUT! I wonder how many didn't?
He is with a LADY you can be gurantee'd Maybe his people are testing this theory to see what affect it will have and it was already having one on his character, if he has any left..
All I can say is he's not going without NOOKIE..Tiger is a HO!!

1737 days ago


OMG!!! Tiger has been tricking the MEDIA so for long now and even til now, he's managed to pull off a Tiger look-alike at the rehab center to throw off the paps...amazing! Just now is reporting that Elin is also disappearing, they haven't seen her in days, except for her twin sister and the nanny! WOW, it's Elin's turn to trick the MEDIA by using her twin sister as a body double...amazing! THAT BEGS THE QUESTION, WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TIGER AND ELIN?!?! YOU PAPS THINK YOU'RE ALL SO SMART, BUT NOW YOU, ME, THE PUBLIC HAVE BEEN PUNKED...HAHAHA!!!

1737 days ago


You have a policy of not showing people in rehab centers but have no qualms showing a grainy photo of a murdered model stuff in a suitcase or a woman severely beaten by her boyfriend?

I think that if you were able to confirm that this photo was in fact Tiger Woods, it would be the lead story on the site for two days.

I also think that maybe it's time to re-evaluate your 'policies.' What's that phrase you all are so fond of... "Just sayin'"

1737 days ago


It's Tiger. All of a sudden he's seen again and with the same clothes on. Get real,Tiger is there. They are trying to cover it up. They put up a 16 ft. fence the day his photo there surfaced. Get a clue

1737 days ago


This entire fiasco was generated by and I knew it wasn't him. Today they are posting pics of his kids and opening just wondering if Elin is with Tiger and that's why the nanny is with the kids. They often times jump to wild conclusions on that website and then retract it later. I think with this crazy world and all the obvious security just the kids need, it's irresponsible to pinpoint exact whereabouts of Tiger and Elin's tiny kids. Just stupid and irresponsible!

1737 days ago


who really cares? Sex rehab is a big crock anyhow. Be a Slut and get a Doctors exuse. NOT

1737 days ago

Mrs Butters    

"TMZ has a policy of not showing people in rehab facilities"

I spit my drink on the screen,ethics on TMZ? hahahaha

1737 days ago
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