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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce -- Impossible

1/24/2010 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad PittBrad Pitt and Angeline Jolie are not pulling the plug on their relationship, multiple people directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.

There's a report out that Brad and Angie are calling it quits. One source -- who should know -- says, "It's B.S."

BTW -- it's a guarantee the two won't be getting a divorce, because the two are not married.

It is now safe to step back from the ledge.


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Aniston won't stop interfering in that relationship. It's almost like a game to her to see how many times she can screw her ex behind Angelina's back while still screwing half of Hollywood. But she's still shallow and self-absorbed to the point to where she doesn't even want to have children because of what it will do to her body. Angelina has children, got back into shape, and still makes more than her. When she gets called out on it or when the media doens't give her any attention for what she's doing, she goes to a tabloid, magazine, or TV talk show and does her "well I am just a nice girl I just want someone to love me" routine that got old fast.

1671 days ago


@ 7 I totally forgot about this-- SO TRUE!
Isn't that what he and jennifer aniston said and they even went to saint barts, photographed on the beach hugging whilst they were planning their divorce exit. So its okay Tmz someone else can have a turn , you don't always have to have the breaking news!!! I think I will stay on the ledge because these two will break up.

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1671 days ago


I wish they would split and he takes the three biological kids. She already said she feels more for the adopted ones I'd be afraid how she would treat Shi, Knox and Viv with him out of the picture. I can't stand that woman. He really screwed up when he left Jen for her.

1671 days ago


Here's something for all you MARRIAGE purists to think about - if you live with someone for an extended length of time, and establish a life together, and have a family (read: children) with someone, even if you are not 'married' in your small, pea-brained, middle America sense of the word, you are still 'married' in that, if you decide to separate your lives from one another, there are things that need to be decided, legally.

1671 days ago

just asking    

TMZ you are slacking. They have broke up. I'm disappointed in TMZ this guys are usually right on the money.

1671 days ago


then it's a good news

Daily Hollywood Gossip

1671 days ago


no one comments on their acting anymore..... which, once in a while, a long time ago, prior to 'brangelina', some decent roles came out.... now it is all about 'their lives'...... who cares? when is the last time either one of them did a great role and were not nominated because of 'brangelina'? (she did not deserve a nom. for that movie, (?) 'HE IS NOT MY SON!!!) last year and thankfully did not win.... They have become a 'press piece', somewhat like paris hilton. Not d class like her, but if you see a pic of them, they are sell something, normally themselves.

1671 days ago

A. Lee    

You misspelled Angelina

1671 days ago

Harvey's Mom    

Alright, inside source here...

I am a former chef for the family and I know for a fact this family is dysfunctional because of Angelina.

She is very up and down...She brings everything to a boiling point and then reels Brad back in. Brad bites because of the kids of course.

Angelina is never happy with anything, that's why she finds all these "causes" around the world to focus all her pain. Remember misery loves company.

My take...They'll be history once the youngest of the kids is around 10 years old. That way, it will make things more manageable. But that's my take from experience and observing this couple in action.

1671 days ago


Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. My guess is they're done. There is no clear denial and this story is in print, not just a whisper. They've been rumors for months and she/he don't look very happy in the latest pics.

Thanks to all the bloggers that just had to point out what none of us knew...that they aren't legally married *sarcasm*

Brad has more invested with Jolie than he did with the woman that had papers on him. I can see why a lawyer was consulted. Married or not.

Get over it people, he will never go back to Aniston's desperate cokehead ass. After John Mayer? Get real.

Don't cry for them Argentina, I'm sure they'll have no problem finding someone else. Those poor kids are the ones that I pity.

1671 days ago


Hey Folks!
I wouldn't want that nasty hairy white bearded guy who looks like an old hippy and must smell like one too!
She started with Brad Pitt 5 years ago and ended up with a dirty redneck!

1671 days ago


So I'm thinking the "journalist" who stated that Brangelina was married is some Joe-Schmo that you just picked up along some dirt road and doesn't know a thing about celebrity gossip, right? Hopefully, said journalist is either burying his head in sand now or, removing it...tell him to watch more TMZ as a homework assignment!!!

1671 days ago


Okay...they were saying the same thing about Madonna and Guy Ritchie before they called it quits. Sites were reporting Madonna and Guy were off, then they were on, then they were off.

Now it's the same with Brad and Angelina. Some sites say off, some sites say they are still on.

I bet they are breaking up or have broken up already, they're just picking the right time to release it to the public.

1671 days ago


Who are these sources?

Someone that has an interest in protecting their brand, I'm sure, TMZ

Do you REALLY think they would tell you guys?

TMZ you are slipping
I remember when you guys were the #1 site to visit for the scoop and then the JFK photo...


btw, Brad's beard is a TOTAL dealbreaker..lubb him but that twine on his chin has got to go...

1671 days ago


Forgot to put his in my previous post...I agree with #36. "Where there's smoke, there's usually fire".

We have been hearing these break up rumors too much about Brad and Angelina. I see it in almost all the headlines of the gossip rags when I go to the grocery store.

I know the gossip rags print a lot of false stuff but sometimes they get it right, like Tiger Woods, and I bet they are right with Brad and Angelina.

1671 days ago
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