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Cops Pepper Sprayed Nancy Kerrigan's Brother

1/25/2010 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Kerrigan's brother Mark "appeared intoxicated" and had to be pepper sprayed by cops after the alleged altercation he had with his father, according to the Stoneham Police Department.

Nancy Kerrigan's brother Mark Pepper Sprayed: Click to view the police report!

Mark "became belligerent and combative" and was yelling obscenities when cops tried handcuffing him yesterday, so an officer pepper sprayed him.

Cops say Mark admitted he put his hands around his father's neck and thought his dad was faking it when he fell to the ground. Daniel Kerrigan suffered a heart attack during the altercation and died.

Mark pled not guilty today to one charge of assault and battery on an elder with serious bodily injury. Mark's lawyer said that Mark suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from his stint in the Army, and has been living in his parent's basement after spending time in jail for assault and battery related charges.

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dr cyclops    

haha her brothers sounds like one of the typical tmz commentors,I guess it should be quiet around here until he gets out of jail,,her brother was reported to have told his dad..."im so tired of you calling him wacko..its michael jackson or mj you old bastard" as he grabbed him around the neck.... heee heee heeee

1734 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

Wish they'd gotten Tanya Harding to break his leg instead.

That would have been so funny.

1734 days ago

dr cyclops    

he was drinking too much of the jesus juice and wanted his dad to play dr murry.looks like his dad wanted the part of michael jackson,the dead part he hee hee.soon to be made into a major motion picture

1734 days ago


Maybe we should stop letting relatives that aren't quite right move back in? Sorry my brother has issues and my parents had to get him out of their house..thank god!

1734 days ago


WHY are you showcasing Nancy Kerrigan in this story? It seems to be all about her!

It was her brother who did the bad deed.

Nancy, if you are watching, you are a great lady and don't deserve this kind of attention.

1734 days ago


Poor Nancy. She just can't catch a break, unless you count her knee. She has been involved in some crazy stuff.

1734 days ago


Gu Gu Guilty

1734 days ago


I think this is just awful. For some reason, I feel sort of bad for the brother. A terrible tragedy all around.

1734 days ago


It's amazing people are feeling sorry for Nancy and even her murdering brother, what about the poor father, he's dead!

1734 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

I feel so bad for Nancy. Her brother must have some serious issues and it's a very sad thing. I can't imagine how her father must of felt, my heart goes out to Nancy and her family minus the brother. He needs jail and some mental help.

1734 days ago


NEVER NEVER admit to ANYTHING when questioned by police!! ask if you're being detained, and if not, then ask if you're free to leave. if you're not free to leave, then the next thing you say is that you want a lawyer.

1734 days ago


Sounds like 1st degree murder, or at the least 2nd degree. Hands around someone's throat??? CERTAINLY not "assault."

Call it white man's privilege. A Black man would have NOT survived such an enounter with police, anywhere in the U.S.

1734 days ago


and here we go. 'not my faught. it was the army. my parents beat me. the coach wouldn't let me play. my teacher didn't like me. my dog died. if they hadn't sold me the alcohol...... it just goes on and on and on. there are no men and women left in the world. just a bunch of punks who do stupid crap because they think they are tough. then, when the cops show up they become the whimpering boys and girls they really are. and won't take responsibility for their acts. it's always someone else's faught.

1734 days ago


never cared for this poor me attitude of Nancy....she was so full of herself and degraded Disneyland..F her int he arse.

1734 days ago

Tweety Bird    

Put a fork in him - he is cooked. The poor police having to deal with such an animal...yikes!

1734 days ago
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