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Nancy Grace - Not Camera Ready for Deposition

1/26/2010 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy GraceIt's classic. Nancy Grace does not want her deposition taken because she's afraid someone will manipulate the videotape and take her out of context.

Grace is being sued by the parents of Melinda Duckett, who killed herself -- allegedly after Grace went on the air and suggested the woman might be responsible for the disappearance of her child.

Grace's deposition is scheduled to be taken this Thursday in Atlanta. Grace and CNN have objected to the videotaping of the depo.

In her legal papers, Grace's lawyer says, "The risks associated with releasing deposition videotapes prior to trial are high due to video's unique ability to be abused as they can be cut and splice and used as 'sound bites' and taken wholly out of context."

The papers go on to say there have been threats against Grace and a videotaped deposition "would serve no purpose but to further harass, embarrass and intimidate Ms. Grace and corrupt the jury pool."


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Moan Ica    

Step up to the plate Ms. Grace.

1729 days ago

Oh Really?    

Nancy serves a wonderful purpose.

1729 days ago


I cannot STAND Nancy Grace, but... How is is Nancy Grace's fault that this woman killed herself? That makes no sense whatsoever.

1729 days ago


Nancy Grace I've seen, unfortunately for me, but enough on various occasions to realize that she is cut from the same morbid, warped, perverted cloth as the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Hagee, far-right religious flakes and those who are using extremism, stupidity, ignorance and fear to manipulate an audience in the name of the politico-corporate matrix. Nancy Grace is a buffoon and can suffer all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Let it begin.

1729 days ago


Nancy Grace is a mean spirited bitch and her show has gone into the toilet with her continuing biased opinions and nasty disposition. Plus she's a complete phoney. And fat!

1729 days ago


Really can't stand this fugly bitch. She'll get her karma one day. Soon, I hope, LOL

1729 days ago


SO wait. She doesn't want people to do the EXACT SAME THING she does to ANYONE she ever talks about on her show? Huh. Imagine that.
I can't stand that woman. Trailer trash with a law degree and now a CNN show. The woman is so corrupt it's unreal. Her legal history resulted in more drama than her TV show ever has. She's dropped the ball many times before. I really, REALLY hope her deposition is taped and ends up viewable. I'd pay great money to see HER getting grilled for a change. Woman needs a real dose of reality. Ugh. I really, REALLY cannot stand her.

With that said, I don't care WHAT she said/did. You can't 'make' someone take their own life If Melinda Duckett was that unstable, that's beyond Nancy's fault. She shouldn't have been doing a show with someone that's known for being like Nancy is. The parents need to realize their daughter was messed up, and they need to move on. She's gone, they'll never get answers. Move on already.

1729 days ago


she should be prosecuted...shes in the media,worse,shes in the news media where sheep listen to her and believe everything she says,a mere least thats how it works in the good ol USA.......she needs to make sure she can back up whatever she says and now a person is dead becoz of her love of hearing her own voice

1729 days ago


After the way she went after Ms. Duckett, and didn't allow the police to do their job, Ms. Grace deserves to have the parents' attorneys "harass, embarrass and intimidate" her. She interfered in a police investigation and I believe, thanks to Ms. Grace and her need to insert herself into every crime story, that this crime remains unsolved.

1729 days ago


Feqw things are worse than to be accused of being responsible for the death of your child when you did not do it. Nancy Grace should have kept her moth shut and not accused this woman of this until it was proven she did it. If the woman who killed herself had nothing to do with her baby's disapoearance, it is beyond sad that she committed suicide. Jon Benet Ramsey's parents were finally proven after years to not be responsible for the death of their child. It was done through DNA testing. Few things are worse than being accused of being responsible for the death of your owm child, when that was not the case.

1729 days ago


She can't do the deposition with a giant digital clock on the desk next to her ticking the seconds away so it would be obvious if it gets sliced & diced by some media outlet?

1729 days ago


I used to love to watch Nancy Grace, until the Anthony case. She is now heartless. Last night she accused the dead mother of a missing child of horrible things, and she is dead, and her daughter is taken by a felon with a huge rap sheet. She has no idea what happened. The woman is dead, and information is missing. She has totally lost it.

If you dish it out, you better be ready to take it. Nancy you live in a glass house, and make money out of it. Now it is time to pay the piper.

1729 days ago


Freedom of the press does not give her the right to hide behind her words. She needs to deal with the legal system the same way the rest of the world does that doesn't have the big time corperate lawyers behind her playing the shell game. I'm not saying she is guilty/innocent but if she has nothing to hide, then she needs to stand up for herself and quit running and ducking...

1729 days ago


She can be abrasive but she is a strong victims advocate and she brings phenomenal attention to missing persons cases. Plus she salutes members of our military who have died, every night at the end of her show she does a short bio on someone.
Melinda Duckett was one of those mothers who "lost" her baby with no explanation & her suicide was probably because she was about to get caught... but she also may have had post-partum depression and other mental issues... they never found the baby, it's very sad.

1729 days ago


And CNN would know this best...

1729 days ago
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