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President Obama Keeps Up with the Kardashians

1/26/2010 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama had two words for Khloe Kardashian during the L.A. Lakers ceremony at the White House yesterday -- "Great show."

President Barack Obama and Khloe Kardashian

Yes, it's true -- Obama is a fan. He didn't blame it on his daughters. He owned it.

Barack Obama -- a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" lover? Even Khloe was speechless.


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If the Obamessiah has time to watch this show that explains at LOT about his administration!

1732 days ago


Amen FooFoo!! That's what I say to myself everytime entertainment shows have to run stories about the President being involved or seen with celebrities or reality stars. He needs to run our country, one wouldn't think he has this much time on his hands! Even his wife is seen more around celebrities than any other first lady. This is pathetic.. and YES, I actually voted for Obama and am regretting it!

1732 days ago


haters !!!!! first obama didnt screw up the U.S. BUSH did . nd i think he doinq a qood job tryna fix it bck 2qether . nd who said he qotta b watchinq tv ?? he's da president dummies. he knows damn near everythinq !!!!

1732 days ago


This guy is such an attention whore. His face is on TV more
than the losers on Jersey Shore.

1732 days ago


Why is everyone bitching like little bitch*s? The man invited the Lakers to the White House as THE NBA WORLD CHAMPS to the White House. Here's a little news for all of you idiots who have been living under a rock: BUSH did it, REAGAN did it, CLINTON did it (and a few interns as well), It's a damn tradition.

Geez, he's not perfect, but there are people out there ready to protest if the man's poo floats instead of sinks. If you're not happy with the country, what are YOU doing about it, besides b*tching on a message board? Move to Mexico or Canada if it's so bad.

1732 days ago


Hey if you want to see something really tragic, look how big Nancy Karigans ass has gotten

1732 days ago


TMZ must enjoy grossing us out with this pig

1732 days ago


Number 4 - this country was messed up way before Barrack Obama became president - trying going back at least 40 years...........

1732 days ago

J C    

Wow ,Hugo Chavez just shut down a network in Venezuela which was critical of His policies.
America needs to take note.
Because it's happening here.
The liberals control the media and the content of the programming which You watch and use them to frame their agenda and bully and censor opposition or intellectual discourse.

1732 days ago


#18 -- YOU are calling people "dummies"? He's our President, and you are today's youth. Again, we are effed! I hope to God that you are under the age of 12, and are still in school. With trying to decipher what in the he** you typed out--The letter "q" has never, nor will ever, equate the letter "g". The made up word "da" does not equate the word "the", and you are supposed to begin sentences with capital letters. Thank you.

1732 days ago


Correction, #18 was originally by "mi" when I typed my last comment. The post number has changed since...............Thank you Edd and Dawn. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Hollywood has the President all scripted out as one big reality show LOL

1732 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Wow, so when he's not busy taking the First Ho out on lavish, tax payer funded, dates, playing golf, playing basketball, going on late night comedy shows, going on 60 Minutes, going on ESPN, going to sporting events, going on vacation, he's watching reality tv?? This is the most lazy, incompetent person ever to become President. What an embarrassment!!!

1732 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I'm honestly ashamed to admit I voted for this jacka$$

1732 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I'm still waiting for Ashton "the douche" Kutcher to jump out at any minute and yell "Punk'd!!!" There is no way we are seriously stuck with this retard for the next 3 years.....

1732 days ago


He's been a politician a long time!!!! They can throw the BS so good you know her dumb ass wont see it!!!!

1732 days ago
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