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President Obama Keeps Up with the Kardashians

1/26/2010 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama had two words for Khloe Kardashian during the L.A. Lakers ceremony at the White House yesterday -- "Great show."

President Barack Obama and Khloe Kardashian

Yes, it's true -- Obama is a fan. He didn't blame it on his daughters. He owned it.

Barack Obama -- a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" lover? Even Khloe was speechless.


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Could she at least stand up and show a little respect? For God's sake... Who does she think she is?

1701 days ago


We are TRILLIONS IN DEBT yet are President is hanging out with the Lakers and the get your priorities corrected (I bet we are a laughing stock of other Countries for what is going on right now). No jobs, homeless families with starving children (WAKE UP MR. President and smell the coffee your people are suffering!)

1701 days ago


I wonder if he watches Kim's porn videos too

1701 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

this dumbass needed his teleprompter when he addressed a room full of 6th graders the other day. I'm embarrassed to be an American.....

1701 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I'm honestly ashamed to admit I voted for this jacka$$!!!!

1701 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I'm still waiting for Ashton "the douche" Kutcher to jump out at any
minute and yell "Punk'd!!!" There is no way we are seriously stuck
with this retard for the next 3 years.....

1701 days ago


I thought only people who live in trailer parks watch the KarTrashians?

1701 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

You know this moron thinks his sh@t smells like roses. I bet he keeps it all sealed in a glass jar because it's too valuable to part with

1701 days ago


For the LOVE of GOD!!!!! Run the Country already. Work on Health Care! Unemployment, Homeland Security .......F the Kardashians!

1701 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I hope he enjoys his one and only term in office. I can't wait to watch this Marxist get thrown out on his boney, purple Communist loving a$$ in 2012!!!

1701 days ago


He's sincere ONLY because HE HAS TIME TO WATCH GRANDMA KRIS AND HER KKK'S (Khloe, Kim and Kourtney) ON TV! It's obvious he's sincere because America is SO MESSED UP! He's watching TV and entertaining the Laker's and their mates.

1701 days ago


is this the new reality show president in the oval room?

1701 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Every time I see Obama I just laugh. I'm not so much laughing at him, because he's clearly a deranged, self-absorbed lunatic. I'm laughing at the memories of all the borderline retarded people during the campaign that thought they were never going to have to fill up their cars again with gas, or pay their rent, if this community organizer gets in office.

I wonder how much they are loving that hope and change now? Lol!!!!

1701 days ago


31. He's B+W, act like u know!! 40. You probably do coming upw/an ass-backwards comment like that!!!

1701 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Dear President Obama,

Thank you so much for coming along, especially during my lifetime. I was so afraid I was going to pass away one day still knowing I was the worst President in U.S. history. But now I can rest assured that I no longer have that title. Thank you so much for stealing it from me.

Yours truly,


1701 days ago
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