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President Obama Keeps Up with the Kardashians

1/26/2010 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama had two words for Khloe Kardashian during the L.A. Lakers ceremony at the White House yesterday -- "Great show."

President Barack Obama and Khloe Kardashian

Yes, it's true -- Obama is a fan. He didn't blame it on his daughters. He owned it.

Barack Obama -- a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" lover? Even Khloe was speechless.


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Our country is in shambles and this idiot is out doing talkshows and pointless photo op, get back to work- we pay your salary!

1733 days ago


Its time to IMPEACH!

1733 days ago


I just think it's pathetic that the people on here bashing our President are NOT in his shoes- never held public office, never had to make decisions that impact an entire country, never had to deal with two wars, terrorism, a bad economy, natural disasters, and everything else that is put on a Head of State's plate-- and still have the NERVE to complain! He has been in office for a YEAR... people are acting as if he is the Messiah...I have never met a perfect president, a perfect administration or a perfect country...and neither have you... get over yourselves!

1733 days ago


ya obama is a "laker" ,,,well its time to grow up now ...ur the pres. of the United States....stop playing games their are far more important matters he could be addressing instead of the lakers win ,,,last year!

1733 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

I never wanted this idiot as the Democratic nominee anyway; I wanted Hillary Clinton. But everyone had to jump on the Odumba bandwagon and now they got him. Hope they're happy.

1733 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Did a nut really just say it's Republicans that are caught with men
and boys? Please, tell me who? Democrats have been routinely caught
over the years engaging in pedophile behavior with children. They not
only got support from other disgusting, perverted Democrats, but they
managed to keep their seats! You people are freaks. No wonder the
country is finally waking up and rejecting you.

1732 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

It's funny that it wasn't "racism" when the country voted him into
office, but now it's "racism" that we don't want him to turn us into
a Socialist country. Interesting.....

1732 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

For the first time in my adult life, I'm embarrassed to be an American....

1732 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

how's that HOPE & CHANGE working out for everybody!?!?!? LOL!!!!!

1732 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I hope his teleprompter crashes tonight and he's forced to speak off the cuff. Talk about witnessing a freak show!!!

1732 days ago


1732 days ago


To # 144.Posted at 11:23PM on Jan 26th 2010 by LMOA

May you are not a racist an idiot is more accurate.

If you and the rest of the mental giants did some research on other sites besides FOX Unfair/Unbalanced News you can see the entire video of the NBA Champions white house visit. And you know what? Khloe was the LAST wife to be greeted by the President. He shook hands with all the wives and children, in fact, Kobe's wife and little girls were the first. Derrick Fisher's wife and daughter as well as the other players wives in attendence. I'm confident even if you see the video it won't matter but it's out there.

And for must have been on Mars for your entire adult life if this is the first time you are embarrased as an American, are you even American?

1732 days ago


Give me a break people, its the tabloids that allow photo ops like this one. They could have picked any one of the wives but they chose a nucklehead like Khloe K. Who's only claim to fame is, "what talent does she have?", so she rushed into marriage for attention. Do you really think the average family interacts the way her family does? No they move out and get on with their lives. Grow Up People, the prez is a human being just like you and has a right to his own person likes and dislikes.

1732 days ago


To all you racist pigs that are criticizing Obama. Bush ruined the country completely then handed it over to him. He has inherited illegal wars and collapsing financial institutions. Its not his fault. You are all so mean and evil that criticize him for no reason.

1732 days ago


Okay I saw something on here that was stupid. Obama in my opinion is not that great of a president and just because i dont like him as my president doesn't make me or anyone else a racist for that matter. And honestly who cares if the president watchs reality tv shows!?!?! He can watch whatever he wants on his down time! Plus congress and the senate has alot to do with everything as well. Just get over it people! And don't hate on khloe cause cuz i know none of ya'll are perfect either!

1732 days ago
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