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Tim Tebow Aborts His Shirt

1/26/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow exercised his right to choose to show off his smooth and supple buff chest during a weigh-in for the Senior Bowl in Alabama on Monday.


The 22-year-old evangelical Christian will probably keep his man-nips covered when he stars in a very expensive pro-life commercial during the Super Bowl -- a spot that's creating all sorts of controversy.

Rocking bodies gallery: Click to view!What's not controversial -- Tebow is ripped.

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mmmm Sexy guy! :D

1739 days ago


TMZ doesn't even try to hide its anti-Christian, anti-God, pro-homo agenda. Might as well rename this place HELL.

1739 days ago


How come anyone who is anti-abortion, pro-life, blah, blah (whatever the hell you want to call it) is automatically a Bible thumper?? Maybe I am just not stupid enough to get myself knocked up and if I did make that "mistake" I sure as hell wouldn't have the life vacuumed out of me due to my recklessness. You make your bed, you lie in it.

1739 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

I love how white right wingers are so easily impressed. I can't stop laughing. The same people who love Sarah P, love this guy. It's so funny to me how Sarah's own daughter did the naughty and did it so well and unsafe she had a baby before 18 but now she is a born again virgin. LMAO and this guy, well he the great white hope. All a made up persona to fool the simple minds of some republicans....I hear he is actually pretty stupid and won't make a name for himself in the pro's. That he sleeps with a lot of girls all in the name of "Let's pray, now get on your knees and scream oh god".
Stupid Republicans and those silly gator fans with the majority didn't even attend the University of Florida. Love those Jean shorts fan freaks. LOL
Now with the clear point that I am not a REPUBLICAN, can I go to hell for saying I think we made a mistake with having Obama as our president. Also what is with all the Haitians coming to Florida? We have enough Americans who can't afford to eat or provide shelter for there own families. I'm all about help and donated myself but why do we need to add more people to our Country when we are going under finacially??? Why couldn't the money,medical and care we give/donate be enough. Why do we have to put so many Americans under the bus for them???

1739 days ago


Don't worry, most of these religious freaks usually have many ugly skeletons in their closets and his will come out soon enough. Maybe he's taking steroids and his wee wee is to tiny to have sex? Or maybe he's gay? And you people that are always trying to find sainthood in mere mortals please stop it! Just because someone plays sports or is a celebrity doesn't make them non-human. Especially when you don't personally know these people at all. I bet you thought you knew Tiger Woods, too!

1739 days ago

Mr Olympia    

Tebow is ripped? HAHA

1739 days ago


"What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right."
— Albert Einstein

Being pro-life (no, not anti-choice) in a Hollywood culture has not been a popular choice. However, those who use their fame and spotlight to defend the unborn who have no voice should be commended.

We allow our movie stars to speak out for the animals, the rainforest, the environment, and numerous other (worthy) causes. Why do we demonize those who stand up for human life?

Most women who have an abortion think its their only choice. Not really a choice then, is it?

Consider adoption.

1739 days ago


I'm Pro-life all the way, and I applaud Tim Tebow for being able to stand up for what he believes in. He's the same age as I am and there aren't that many people in our age category who will stand up and speak for the innocent who have no voice.

Mr. Tebow you are AMAZING~!!

1739 days ago


Right wingers can suck it:

I am not heralding this guy as the Second Coming, I just don't see why it's ok for liberals to trumpet the praises of the Susan Sarandon's/Reese Witherspoon's/ Sam Shepard's/ Richard Gere's of the world for marching for partial birth abortion and anti-gun rallies etc. ad nauseum, but conservative folks can't admire someone who agrees with "our side" of the issue and has the balls to publicly support it.

Frankly, other than the fact he went on some religious mission or something (in fact, I thought he was Mormon) I have not heard much about this guy so it's not like I am at home lighting a candle for him or chanting his name, I just like the fact he is someone who isn't afraid to speak his mind, even if he gets lambasted for it. Just because he is a man, doesn't mean he can't support the right to life for the unborn.

1739 days ago


Think adoption, not abortion.

Good for him for standing for what he believes in, even if it's not what you believe in.

1739 days ago


10. Loki uh... ALL football players are NOT "buff".... Look up Terrance Cody... I bet Tebow won't ever forget how well Cody pushed around his offensive line. ROOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL TIDE!

Posted at 7:56PM on Jan 25th 2010 by BamaFan

BamaFan, you have fail! I bet you don't watch football because Every football players are BUFF! duhhhhhh! You must be watching girls sports you stupid blind fool!

1739 days ago


OK Matt, I'll bite... No, not all football players are "ripped"... There are several football players that have a high body fat content which would make them... not ripped. They are athletic and fit, but they are not lean therefore they are not ripped. Being 365 lbs excludes you from being ripped even if you are 6'5". If a person has moobies they are NOT ripped.

1739 days ago


BamaFan: "...Look up Terrance Cody... I bet Tebow won't ever forget how well Cody pushed around his offensive line."

It will be easy to forget since, in 2008 SEC Championship, Terrance Cody got bitch slapped along with the rest of the 'Bama team as UF "rolled Tide" enroute to it's BCS title!

Mark October 2, 2010 as the day Alabama gets it's Tide rolled once again!

1739 days ago


It's very convenient that TMZ left out the obvious: All the Senior Bowl players were required to attend the weigh-in, all players wore only Under-Armour shorts, all players "aborted" their shirts!

1739 days ago


77. "Tebow is a fake, he is dumb as rocks."

Posted at 11:32PM on Jan 25th 2010 by Meg

Meg, go back to your doctor and request that they triple your meds! Tebow was named the 2009 Academic Heisman winner with a 3.50 GPA!

1739 days ago
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