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Christina Milian Sued over Vicious Dog Attack

1/27/2010 7:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina MilianChristina Milian's 81-year-old neighbor claims he was mauled by one of her dogs back in 2008 -- and now the man wants Christina to pay for the canine's alleged brutality.

Leo Skolion filed a lawsuit against Christina and family earlier this month in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming the family's negligence lead to the attack that left him with "severe personal injuries."

Leo tells TMZ it all started in October of '08, when Christina's home had "flooding problems" which caused a gate between their properties to become damaged.

Leo says he went over to speak to the family about repairing the gate when one of their dogs escaped ... then attacked him from behind and bit "a huge chunk" out of the back of his arm.

The 81-year-old claims it took 19 stitches and 9 months of rehabilitation to get back to normal -- and that he still has to receive psychiatric help for fear and depression.

Leo is suing Christina -- real name Christine Flores -- her mother Carmen and her sister Danielle for an undetermined amount.

Calls to Christina's camp have not been returned.


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I thought she owned a chihuahua! I guess they can be vicious but really rehab and therapy after a bite? I think he is exaggerating!

1693 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

5. Let me was a pitbull? I will be shocked if it wasn't. They give dogs a bad name, vicious creatures. And don't give me that crap that it's the owners and not the dog. There might be one nice unaggressive one for every 100, but it's not the norm, unless you're Cesar Milan.

Posted at 1:48AM on Jan 27th 2010 by pitssuck
PITSSUCK, you're either very, very, VERY retarded, or you're one of the worst trolls I've ever seen on the internet. Either way, if you would kindly jump into a fire and never leave it, that would be great.

Anyway, I'm a bit suspect of the intentions of the neighbor. First, it's been nearly a year and a half since the incident, and NOW he decides to sue? I would think that, if something really did happen, wouldn't he have wanted to do something immediately, despite the injury, since it seems he was obviously well enough to consider such an option?

And, he describes his injury to his arm as having a "big chunk" taken out. Now, how do we know what he means by a "big chunk," considering that it's such a vague and relative term, and could mean nearly anything, depending on the view of the so-called "victim?" I suspect that this case is nothing but a lie based on a lie.

1693 days ago

Just sayin'    

Only bad things come to you when your in any way shape or form connected with The, oops! I mean "The Dream".

1693 days ago


Depression from a dog bite? Grow up old man....

1693 days ago


I never heard of her. What kind of dog was it? If it was a PITBULL, the elderly man deserves pain and suffering MONEY.


1692 days ago

Jimmy Choo    

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1692 days ago


Christine Flores/Christina Milian... right that helps.
Who is this trashbag and why do we care?

1692 days ago

Meaghan Edwards    

Yeah, because only pit bulls attack and bite. *rolls eyes* Please educate yourselves. There are unsound dogs of all breeds; yes, that includes Labs. The lady that needed a face transplant, guess what, it was a LAB. There was recently a boy mauled to death by a WEIMERANER. There was another child killed by a Sheepdog.

I have been a shelter volunteer for over a decade and I have handled countless pit bulls and Rottweilers, many abused, and not one even growled at me. Can't say the same about a spoiled designer mutt who has to wear TWO muzzles just for a bath. Many of Vick's abused dogs now serve as therapy dogs. There is no "pit bull problem", only a people problem for breeding unsound dogs and for irresonsible owners who set their dogs up for fail.

TRUTHFUL pit bull information:

1691 days ago


If you've never been the victim of a vicious dog attack, then count yourself lucky. YES, people often need therapy and rehab after suffering a dangerous, traumatic event. Would you sneer at a soldier suffering from PTSD? How about a rape victim? Any time someone is in fear of losing their lives or suffers a painful, debilitating attack, they can suffer from traumatic stress. I've been there. It's horrible.

As for the "truth" about pit bulls, you will never get it from pit rescue or breeder sites. They are in it for the money and often in collusion with dog fighters. For the real truth about pit bulls go to and to see how pit advocates have started distorting the truth about these fighting breeds, check out this article by a well known, well respected animal behaviorist with over 30 years experience in her field.

1690 days ago

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