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Brad Pitt -- The Real Real Estate Story

1/28/2010 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There have been numerous reports that the home Brad Pitt recently purchased is the smoking gun that he split from Angelina Jolie ... and that Brad intends to use the home as a new bachelor pad -- but TMZ has learned it's all BS ...


The home -- located in the Hollywood Hills -- is the newest piece of Brad's master plan to expand the sprawling compound he shares with Angelina and their 86 children.

The evidence is clear -- first off, Brad purchased the home back in August -- long before rumors of a break up began to make the rounds.

Second -- the place was a dump and Brad couldn't move in -- even if he wanted to -- because the home was far from livable at the time he bought it.

But most important -- Brad is a real estate PacMan, who's purchased several properties surrounding his home in an attempt to expand his already sprawling estate. It's kinda like expanding your kitchen -- if your kitchen had 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and a view.

Brad's newest home is contiguous with his compound -- and perfect for his ever expanding family ... a family that still includes Angelina.


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Brad must have brain damage from smokin' pot or something. What kind of man puts himself through this with a bolimic space cadet who has him going around collecting children from around the world and not even be married. How good can that bony P***y be? Brad I lost much respect for you. You should of stayed with Jen and kept it simple...JEEZ!!!

1673 days ago


Looks like it was never anybody's home. Just a bar and ballroom etc. It's gutted and the rooms don't exist anymore. The bar is apparent.

1673 days ago


Quit trying to judge Brad. The marriage was over before Brad and Angie got together. This happens all the time. People divorce and then they marry. They're all adults here. Give it a rest. Aniston is no prize.

1673 days ago


Who Cares? Why do people think these 2 are so interesting?

1673 days ago


IMO these two celebrity hounds are has-beens - for media coverage they adopt too many kids from around the world - then not getting the media coverage they desire Brad grows an ugly grey beard - Angie looses weight and causes scenes - Get a life people - the nannies look after the brood of kids - they are NOT what anyone should aspire to be - Try living a decent life - look after those kids - go to work like everyone does and stop being such ignorant publicity hounds! Disgusting!

1673 days ago


The newly purchased house is already under renovation. Maybe it will be space for a traditional English nursery style playroom or staff quarters. Brad has said they are on top of each other in the present house. He has 5 houses now total on the compound (and 2 or 3 more in the neighborhood), but this one is the closest physically to their family's residence. Amazing vaulted room !!! Being a constructive addict, I'm sure Brad will want that renovated.

1673 days ago


Damn that one little corner of his master bedroom is bigger than some homes.

1673 days ago


This is exactly what Madonna and Guy Ritchie did in England-- adjoining houses for the kids sake. 6 months later, they made the announcement.

1673 days ago


If he loves her so much, why doesn't he marry her? It would be the RIGHT thing to do with three illegitimate children.

1673 days ago


Totally agree, 6one9 (#4). Leave them alone. Everybody MYOB!

1673 days ago


Jonathan, have you thought of the possibility that it is Angelina who is reluctant to tie the knot? She has two failed marriages behind her. Maybe she doesn't want to jinx it. Besides, it's their business.

1673 days ago


This new property looks ancient. Just right for Brad. He can totally change it. He loves doing property.

1673 days ago


Angelina broke up Brad & Jennifer, dont care if they do break up, what goes around comes around!

1673 days ago


Thanks TMZ. For once you wrote a decent and civil analysis. By the way aniston fans if you haven't got over it I immagine Aniston has the same problem. Many people divorce in the world but you'd swear Brad and angelina has to pay for all of them. Get over it. It's 5 years and 6 kids and it's their business how they want to live. ovah ovah ovah aniston is starting to look really pathetic becuase of her fans and pr.

1673 days ago


Why do you refer to Angelina as part of Brad's family? He did not marry her nor did he adopt her, so there is no legal relationship. If there is a blood relationship, then they are even creepier than they appear. Of course, she did make out with her brother, James, while dressed like Morticia Addams.

1673 days ago
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