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Fan Buys Michael Jackson's Vegas Home

1/28/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Las Vegas home is now in good hands -- a fan of MJ's just plunked down $3.1 million to be the new king of the singer's old castle.

Michael Jackson's Las Vegas Home

Problem is ... selling the house wasn't as easy as you think. One of the real estate agents tells us after Michael's death, tons of fans flooded the mansion pretending to be potential buyers ... but were lying just to get a peek at the King of Pop's old digs.

One deep-pocketed fan ended up being the real deal -- and ended up buying the nearly 16,000 sq ft. palace.


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Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

Thanks Janala14 for answering my question this morning!

Daphne, I have been here too since Michael passed, and I don't think Harvey could say a nice word about Michael if he tried! I was watching a TMZ live one day when This Is it was about to come to theaters and Mike on there was saying he would go see it and that he liked Michael's music and even had his CD's in his car and Harvey just sat there looking down cringing because Mike was talking nicely about Michael! Then a lot of times Harvey gives real short answers on anything Michael related UNLESS it is about drugs or when the whole pee story came out Harvey was in his glory to cover that with Klien!! TMZ kinda sucks that way!

1695 days ago


Thank you TMZ for finally posting decent pics of MJ.

1695 days ago


I heard they tried intervention there also! But have you seen or hear this: that Murray was suppose to be MJJ's intervention!

I am not saying that is what he actually did, but heard Murray was suppose to detox MJJ. That is why Joe Jackson introduced him to MJJ.
Obviously that is not what happened.. but I think that is going to come out real soon.

Posted at 3:16PM on Jan 28th 2010 by Roe50

I can figure out that exactly this will be part of the strategy of Murray's lawyers: Portraying him as the good, good doc who actually had been hired to detox Michael. But unfortunately – I can already hear them stating that – unfortunately M.J. was too impatient, too weak, too heavily addicted – and so Dr Murray's desperate efforts to wean him failed. As he had a heart of corn he couldn't bear the urgent begging for Propofol any longer and finally administered it. Of course COMPLETELY against his moralities.

Ha ha ha.

I mean, in some way Murray will have to explain why he lived (at least partially) at Michael's house, and what he earned 150.000 Dollars a month for. That's unusual enough. His explanation won't be that he was a drug enabler. His explanation might be that he was the caring rehab-doc. This would show HIM in a very bright light, and present Michael at the same time as a junkie. How convenient.

1695 days ago


It seems that Radaronline is also featuring photos of Michael Jackson's Las Vegas home on their site today. Problem is the photos they have are totally different than these on TMZ.

So the question is which photos portray the correct house?

1695 days ago


1695 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Michael Jackson's New House
Neptune posted on Dec 25th 2006 12:10PM; via

Michael Jackson, 48, has moved into a house in Las Vegas and plans to live there while working on a deal to do a live show on the Strip, a la Celine Dion, a source tells Us Weekly.

A veil-clad Jacko arrived at McCarron airport's private hangar on Saturday afternoon, eager to take up residence in his new pad. The gated Spanish-style mansion (featured above) is located in a custom-home community on the city's west side, and features a classic stucco red tile roof.

Las Vegas entertainer Jeff Beacher, creator of Beacher's Madhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, confirms Jackson's arrival in Vegas.

"He wants to make his comeback here,” the LV entertainer tells Us. "Jackson wants this to be his new Neverland."

Sources tell the Las Vegas Review Journal that Jackson's friend, gaming dealmaker Jack Wishna, was instrumental in having the pop icon move back to the United States.

Wishna confirmed Jackson's move to the Journal Review, saying "We are working on several projects."

Calling Jackson "one of the greatest entertainers in the world," Wishna said the singer "is poised to return to the top of the entertainment world soon."

After being acquitted of child molestation charges in June 2005, Jackson left his famed personal theme park, Neverland Ranch, and relocated to Bahrain, an island in the Persian Gulf, along with his son, Prince Michael I, 9, daughter, Paris, 8, and son Prince Michael II, 4. He moved his brood to Ireland in June 2006 where they have been living with Irish dance sensation Michael Flatley in his castle in County Cork.

Movers Clean Out Michael Jackson's Las Vegas Home
Updated: Sep 02, 2009 8:06 PM CDT

It's moving day for Michael Jackson's belongings at his Las Vegas home. Everything inside his rented house was packed up and moved out, including three cars in the garage.

Movers went into the house and came out with boxes packed full of Michael Jackson's life.

Inside the moving truck, there were packed statues and a life-sized wax figure standing near the side of the truck. Minutes later, security hid what they could from television cameras.

Sources say all of the items being loaded onto the moving truck came from the rear of the sprawling 12,000 square foot house. Jackson mainly lived in the secluded section, putting distance between the street and living area.

Jackson lived in the rental for almost all of 2008.

The fact that he lived in Los Angeles County for 2009 hasn't stopped people in Las Vegas from showing their respects months after the pop star's death. "When I heard that he lived here and I just work down the street, I was like, ‘Oh, let's stop by really quick,'" said Roxana Ayon.

Deneen Garrett and her co-workers were dropping off donated school supplies at nearby Wasden Elementary. They couldn't resist a visit. "We just happened to see it and had to come over," she said.

Stuffed animals and signs acknowledging what would have been Jackson's 51st birthday lined the wall. "They had so much negativity around Mike, but he was a good guy. He gave a lot. I am glad people are remembering that," said Josette Thompson.

Now Jackson's memories are packed to be stored in the Los Angeles area. Sources say the cars were meant for his children when they are old enough to drive. Those sources say, the oldest, Prince, is supposed to get Jackson's rare blue Rolls-Royce Shadow that came out of the garage.

Yet another LV house that MJ was interested in:
Michael Jackson's Wonderland In Las Vegasby Deidre Woollard (RSS feed) Oct 8th 2009 at 7:02AM

Las Vegas was one of Michael Jackson's favorite places and according to an article back in August, appearing in the Las Vegas Sun, Jackson planned to buy the Primm Compound in Las Vegas and make it his home after his London concerts. The article said that Jackson planned to call the home "Wonderland." The estate, which was then listed at $25 million offers a variety of security features that appealed to him as well as other dramatic features like a pool with a waterslide, waterfalls and a grotto guest suite built inside a cave.

Move Trends reports that the home is now listed for $16.5 million. Jackson never lived in the home but it is being marketed as Michael Jackson's Wonderland. The 10-bedroom compound has secret tunnels and many of the home's doors are bulletproof. Another detail that Jackson would have appreciated is the panic room with its own ox

1695 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

16. speachless, I thought this one was the one MJ wanted to buy??

Posted at 1:08PM on Jan 28th 2010 by Barb

This is the most recent LV house that MJ was interested in purchasing. Attempted to purchase it prior to 02 concerts and his "death" but was unable to swing financing even with the supposed 1 mil that AEG was investing. The 5 million that Thomei was holding onto for MJ and eventually returned to the Estate supposedly was also being held in savings toward the purchase of this house. This is the house built by the Sultan of Brunei (who by the way reportedly has a human organ donor who lives/travels with him)

1695 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

My youngest has arrived home from school & needs help with studying for her drivers permit test(Oh my Lord, I hope she fails it:)

Posted at 4:03PM on Jan 28th 2010 by janalal4

LOL, You are funny. I wish your kid all the best.

1695 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

67. It seems that Radaronline is also featuring photos of Michael Jackson's Las Vegas home on their site today. Problem is the photos they have are totally different than these on TMZ.

So the question is which photos portray the correct house?

Posted at 4:17PM on Jan 28th 2010 by MiMi

Yes MiMi...this is the house that MJs possessions were removed from on Sept. 1.

1695 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

why was Michael sleeping in the Holmby House?

1695 days ago


Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jackson kids to perform

Michael Jackson's kids are most likely to perform at the Grammies. It's been reported that Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, seven, may sing one of his hits at the Los Angeles' Staples Centre.

CJ: Tibble Fri, Jan 29, 2010 03:04:26 IST

AS THE world prepares for Grammies 2010 this Sunday, rumors are making rounds about possible performances, top contenders and collaborations that are up to be seen at the awe-inspiring event.

Beyonce leads the field with 10 nominations including Album of the Year, Song and Record of the Year. Taylor Swift, the breakout star of 2008, is next with eight nominations. While star of 2009, Lady Gaga will compete with the ladies in all of the 3 categories.

The flamboyant singer’s “Poker Face” is up for song and record honors, and “The Fame” for the album crown.

As for the possible performances, Michael Jackson’s kids are most likely to perform at the event. It has been reported that they may sing one of his hits at the Los Angeles’ Staples Centre. Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, seven are reportedly in talks with organisers about whether the kids could sing one of their father's songs at the ceremony.

The tribute, which is set to include the premiere of the Earth Song mini-movie, will feature performances from stars including Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion and Smokey Robinson.

The Grammy’s might also see Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift performing with some mystery collaborations on the show.

Although it is yet to be revealed as to who the mystery collaborators would be, rumors are up for Sting (who attended one of Gaga's shows in New York last week), Madonna, based on their appearance on "Saturday Night Live" together last fall, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

Lady Gaga reportedly was scheduled to perform with Kanye West at the Fame Kills Tour last fall, however the show was canceled due to the controversy over West's misbehavior at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The Grammies will be telecast live this Sunday on the CBS network 8pm EST onwards.

1695 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

why was MICHAEL JACKSON SLEEPING AT THE Holmby house and paying RENT ????

1695 days ago

For Sure    

I mean, in some way Murray will have to explain why he lived (at least partially) at Michael's house, and what he earned 150.000 Dollars a month for. That's unusual enough. His explanation won't be that he was a drug enabler. His explanation might be that he was the caring rehab-doc. This would show HIM in a very bright light, and present Michael at the same time as a junkie. How convenient.

Posted at 4:15PM on Jan 28th 2010 by moni


Supposedly now I mean supposedly... that came from Family... That is why all were so shocked that MJJ passed. They understood Murray was suppose to be helping the situation...Supposedly that is why LaToya said her bother was murdered...

The whole time this was going on They thought he was being helped...Not hurt!!!

Who knows what is true anymore there is so much speculation and supposition going on, but I still have to believe Justice will prevail.

1695 days ago

For Sure    

Another off topic thing. You guys noticed the 2 ladies in MJ's life, they look so different when compared to before. Why is that? Came across a pic of MJ & LMP, they looked beautiful. MJ looked the best during the Bad - Dangerous era. LMP looked gorgeous. What happened to the 2 ladies now, why LMP & DR look so different now. Just curious.

It's called the Ageing Process!

1695 days ago


Michael Jackson's children to take stage at awards

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's two eldest children are scheduled to take the stage this weekend to accept the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for their father, Jackson family sources said.

It would be the first public appearance for Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, since their dramatic appearance at the memorial service 12 days after their father's death.

"The whole world is waiting to see these children blossom," said Brian Oxman, a lawyer for Joe Jackson.

Two sources close to the family said the youngest, 7-year-old Blanket, was not expected to appear, although they suggested that might change.

Contrary to some media reports, the sources said there was no plan for the children to sing or dance at the show.

The Recording Academy, which presents the Grammy Awards, will honor the late pop star with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Special Merit Awards ceremony Saturday evening in Los Angeles.

Video of the presentation is likely to be included in Sunday night's musical tribute to Jackson during the Grammy telecast, the sources said.

While Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, is expected to attend, Joe Jackson, his father, decided not to go because of his anger over the behind-the-scenes talks that led to the agreement to have the children accept the award, family sources said.

The decision came just this week, after Katherine Jackson, the legal guardian of the children, complained to Grammy producers that no family members had been invited, the Jackson sources said.

Two sources in the family said that she was initially told by producers that the estate's special administrators would decide who would take part in the Jackson tribute.

"Can you believe this crap?" one source quoted Joe Jackson as saying when he heard that.

The Grammy producers have not responded to a CNN request for comment.

A spokesman for the estate administrators said the matter was for Grammy producers to decide.

"Why is a stranger making family decisions?" asked Oxman, the lawyer who is representing Michael Jackson's father in a legal battle with the administrators.

Oxman said those administrators have disconnected the Jackson family from any decisions involving Michael Jackson's legacy.

Article continues in the following post...

1695 days ago
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