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The Worst Playboy Mansion Story Ever

1/28/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man claims he went to the Playboy Mansion -- and all he got was a "savage" ass kicking.


It's all part of a new lawsuit filed against Playboy ... by a guy who obviously never, ever plans to go back to Hef's place again in his lifetime.

According to the suit, a guy named Ryan Murphy claims he somehow scored an invite to a Super Bowl party at the Mansion in 2008 -- a party where guests were "permitted to consume an endless amount of alcohol without restriction." So far, so good -- right?

But Murphy claims his night took a drastic turn after the party when a Playboy shuttle took him to a parking garage where party guests parked their cars.

In the suit, Murphy claims there was a backup in the parking garage and many of the "intoxicated individuals ... became impatient and unruly"

Murphy claims the people in the car behind him began throwing beer bottles at his car -- and ultimately dragged him out of his ride, where they proceeded to "savagely beat him." Murphy claims he was knocked unconscious and sustained "several severe and debilitating injuries" from the attack.

Murphy is suing Playboy, the parking garage, his alleged attackers and others. Murphy claims Playboy knew that "incidents like this were likely to occur" -- but did nothing to prevent it.

No comment from Playboy so far.

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BrotherJohn of Dallas    

Why stop with the Playboy Mansion. Why not sue the State of California because it has sovereignty over the land, and the U.S. Government because its constitution is the basis for the law you are trying to twist to sue Playboy? Accept responsibility for being drunk and limit the lawsuit to the ones you got into a physical altercation with.

1737 days ago


If Playboy supposedly knew "incidents like this were likely to occur"- inferring that it's common sense- then Ryan Murphy should have also known that this was "likely" to happen to him. So why did he attend? His presence at the party makes it seem like he's accepting that possibility.

1737 days ago


why is he suing 2 years after the event? shouldn't he have done something earlier if there was a serious problem.. and i am sure there is video of the parking garage.. so i bet we see that he started the whole thing...

1737 days ago


I believe the parking lot was the one in century city. I been to numerous midsummers and halloween parties at the mansion and never encountered any problems at the lot. There is playboy security in there as well.

Just fyi, hef got rid of his invite only parties. Charity parties there are avail to the public ranging from $500-1000, depending on the event.

1737 days ago


Prime example why to carry a gun. BTW it takes balls to go to the mansion alone.

1737 days ago


Lol ya i think he might have died...buttocks

1737 days ago


yo , hef and i can settle out of court for a weekend of
breasteses.............. if im going to died , Id rather died there anyday .

1737 days ago

Joe Brown    

Playboy is going to end up shelling a lot of money out to this guy. Too much bad press, plus they would lose anyways if they tried to fight it, and it would for sure cost them more to fight it then the money they would give the guy.

1737 days ago

purple pickle    

I always get the first pick...he wasnt aware of that

1737 days ago


Why don’t these idiots just say the truth in their lawsuits: “I’m suing Playboy because they have money and I don’t and I’m a loser and can’t make my own so I’ll try and take theirs”. Duh, moron, it’s obvious to EVERYONE!!! Otherwise he might actually, you know, sue the people who beat him up. What a novel concept! Oh, right, they probably don’t have any money.

1737 days ago

DJ TJ    


1736 days ago


If he got the crap beat out of him in 2008 why did he wait until 2010 to sue?

1736 days ago


Playboy was allowing drunks to get behind the wheel of their cars?

1736 days ago


Oh come on you moron, what do you expect when everyone consumes endless amount of alcohol without restriction. Whoever goes to those places are expecting some kind of a return... did you not get any???

1736 days ago


From what I heard hef has indeed cancelled his invite only parties and moving them to the palms in vegas. He already got rid of his halloween party and replaced it with 2 charity ones: wounded warriors and kandyland back in oct. New years eve was his final invite only party at the mansion.

And why should playboy be responsible for who decides to drive home drunk??? Nightclubs, bars, and sporting events aren't. Why should playboy?

1736 days ago
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