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Tila Tequila Pays a Visit to Her 'Baby Daddy'

1/29/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila found time between Twitter updates last night to visit the man she insinuated is her baby daddy -- The Game -- at Dr. Dre's recording studio in Burbank.

The rapper hasn't confirmed if he's responsible for the fetus in there ... and we don't blame him.

Tila Tequila pictures.


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Wow, if ever there was a poster child for a paternity test, this is it. This media whore has been riden on more than Interstate 5. I am just wondering when she will reveal the mysterios and tramatic "miscarriage". Then we will be exposed to a mock fetus funeral, pictures from "the hospital and funderal home", and on-an-on. When is the media going to STOP covering this media whore who has exceeded her 15 minutes of fame 100 hours ago.

1729 days ago


Please stop reporting on this twit. (PS -- If it's you Game, you're now The Lame -- seriously. Crack whore would have been a better choice of baby mama's.)

1729 days ago


She looks like a rodent

1729 days ago


Dead fish rotting in the blazing hot sun...

I HATE her and I don't know her lol...everytime I see this girl she just causes me to go from 1 to 10 in 2! Quick!

I think it is because the lies she tells are not only hurtful but the scope of them is just soooo horrible.

Pathetic tweets about "wifey" (poor messed up dead girl) and now another pregnantcy. Any normal person would cringe at night thinking about all the dirty deeds they have put out there that day.

But this girl is vile and sleeps another night only to awaken and think of more.

I can't find the right word to call her. She is just sooo...vile...evil...????

What is the word????

1729 days ago

Black Power    

This girl looks sickly. I wouldn't even want her to breath on me. She's had sex with so many men, and women, her vagina must be so wide she has to use a sheep as a tampon.

1729 days ago


I thought she was being the surrogate for her brother and his wife now shes pregnant with her own child and claims its the Games? What?? Wasn't she with that one lady that passed away not too long ago and then all of a sudden shes pregnant their sounds like some over lapping there and I thought she was into girls now? what?

1729 days ago

oh brother    

E.T. phone home

1729 days ago


She was Tweeting that it was a war hero from Iraq that was the baby daddy so what gives?

1729 days ago

Can of Raid    

What up with The Game @ Dr. Dre's studio. Inquiring minds want to know.

1729 days ago


Screw this loser, stop reporting on her. I think there's a 7-11 Clerk in Dubuque who's more interesting, attractive and relevant. Moron looks like one of those gray aliens.

1729 days ago


The countdown to her press stress induced miscarriage has begun, I am guessing around the end of Feb

1729 days ago


The Swedish Afghan war hero that cries when confronted by 50 cent over the phone. LMBAO! I give her till Valentine's Day to "lose" lovechild.

1729 days ago


But she said she was pregnant with her brothe's baby
WTF she's peanuts

1729 days ago


TMZ...for the love of God...please stop enabling this sociopath by continuing to post updates of her pathetic excuse for an existence...Okay...let's get this straight...Her so-called "fiancee" dies tragically, but she's out and about days later as if nothing is wrong? She should be distraught. This bitch is crazy.

1729 days ago


Uh-oh, the tweet beast is up and running. She saw the article and just tweeted about it. You guys are causing her stress. LMBAO! Man, I love a good train wreck.

1729 days ago
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