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CBS Rejects Ad from Gay Dating Website

1/30/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS has rejected a Super Bowl commercial from a gay dating website called ManCrunch.com, saying it doesn't meet their "broadcast standards."

In a statement, the network said, "After reviewing the ad -- which is entirely commercial in nature -- our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot." They added that it "is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday."

The decision is in contrast to their choice to accept an ad from a pro-life organization featuring college football star Tim Tebow.

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. but the day we feel it's ok to advertise and accept homosexuality like this is going to be the downfall of America... what about our kids and them being exposed to this like it's normal? .. America is not what it is because of this...

Posted at 12:32PM on Jan 31st 2010 by Austin

The day we advertise & accept homosexuality and see them kiss in public just as straight ppl do will be the BEST day in America!! Maybe then, along w/ bigots finally accepting other races, America will no longer be the prejudiced and bigoted country it has been!!!

1694 days ago


Personally I don't want to see a commercial for a homosexual dating site, not just for the superbowl, but ever. That stands for females as well. I don't want to see that as well.

1694 days ago


63. If you actually read the Bible you would see that there are Biblical grounds for divorce. Of course many won't mention that little act.

Also, to me, an ad which is to show that there are people who do want to save lives, is not of the same standard of a sleezy dating site, gay, or not. You have no idea who the babies could have been, what they could have done in their lives, who they could have loved or been loved by. The fact that no one values, values anymore is sick. Marriage should be treasured, (happily married here) our children should be treasured there should be respect for ourselves (we don't need hook-ups to statisfy temporary urges) and those around us.

1694 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

Give me a break people. TOTALLY inappropriate ad. Quit trying to stuff the gay agenda at us. We don't want it. And by the way, it's not right, not acceptable...and did I mention not right.

1694 days ago


We might as well put blacks on the back of the bus again! That is how ignorant their decision is.

1694 days ago

ben dover    

no one wants to see two guys kissing. two chicks are okay! spare me the gay!

1694 days ago


good, they did the right thing

1694 days ago


Why is this is being called a "ban"? I'm sure MANY submitted commercials are rejected for one reason or another. And frankly, I'm a little suspicious of a dating service being able to come up with the big bucks for a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. As repressed minorities it is inevitable to sometimes see discrimination where it does not exist. We need to own that.

1694 days ago


I don't recall ever having seen an ad like this (gay or straight) at any time other than late night. The more I look at this thing the more I'm convinced that this is a media designed hoax designed to stir up more employment for themselves.

1694 days ago


Newsflash #95 - two chick? That's gay too!

1694 days ago


Good for CBS for standing up to what they think is wrong. No one wants to see a commerical for a gay dating site!

1693 days ago


nice to see that hypocracy is alive and well in the corporate world. CBS could your conservative small mindedness be any more obvious? thank you for letting your prejudice shine through.

1693 days ago


This is a bullsh*t attempt to make a point to the NFL (and the public) of discrimination against homosexuals. They never intended this commercial to actually play during the game because in order to do so, they’d have to shell out over 5 million dollars, which I guarantee they don’t have.

1693 days ago


Tmz, please clear this up once and for all. Get a direct quote from CBS with a name attached, not just 'the network says', or a source from CBS. Get a name. Those quotes you're using is from the website, ManCrunch, and they are doing this only for publicity for their little peon site. Even the gay sites know this.


1692 days ago


First of all, not everything that rejects something quasi-homosexual is discriminatory in nature.

- CBS made this marketing decision mostly because they knew it would alienate millions of their target audience, and hurt their revenues for YEARS to come, based on psychographics; you wouldn't air this fake ad at NASCAR either, maybe wimbledon ;)

In light of that, Someone being gay is not the problem, but the blatancy of throwing it in your face, of having men simulate make- out sessions is wrong, and only happens in Gay-style advertising.

You dont see men making out with girls on TV in commercials, or touching them. These Half-naked women are the ones who audition for those ads, and exploit themselves, just like the Miss America pageants.

Someone being gay is understandable, but you shouldn't expect others to accept it or condone it.

1691 days ago
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