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Paris Hilton Hit with Barely Legible TRO

1/30/2010 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A temporary restraining order has been filed against Paris Hilton ... but it would take a government-trained handwriting analyst to figure out what the hell it's about.

Paris Hilton Hit with Barely Legible TRO

A guy by the name of Ramiro (or Ramoro) Benitez filed for the TRO on Wednesday, claiming Paris has threatened him both physically and financially and Benitez appears to mention "numerous sexual assaults."

Beyond that, we can't piece together enough of the handwritten TRO to figure out what exactly Paris is accused of doing. The TRO was denied, pending a hearing next month.

No immediate comment from Paris.

If you want to play the Paris Hilton TRO Game, click here to read the docs and try figuring out what it says for yourself!


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Seen lots of girls that look like Paris. They live in trailers all over Kentucky.

1725 days ago


Judge: "Paris, have you been harassing this man, , financially and physically, refusing to pay him, been a mind interpreter, caused his family to play "The Game", and turn against him, since the year 1997 ?"

Paris: "Uh....Whut ?"

1725 days ago


5. Back in 1997 (Summer I believe--it was a very mild one, as I recall) she diabolically pretended that acquaintances of hers might have some gainful employment for me, and luring my family into her sickly- sweet web of deceit, as only the very wealthy can do. We made arrangements on the telephone, yet my sense of foreboding grew...

George (whose surname I've intentionally excluded at my own discretion) and the employer for whom I was working were, unbeknownst to me, apparently doing "favors" for this high society trollop, and there was to be no compensation. Needless to say, I was appalled and aghast, and indeed,as you might imagine, bereft, of not only my hard won schillings, but my dignity
as well.

When I confronted her, I was told in no uncertain terms that I would not be allowed to retrieve my property from her estate, which over the course of seven years work there was considerable--and was warned to leave anon, under threat of a facially deletarious thrashing. I adjourned to the privacy of my automobile, and wept bitter, bitter tears.

Utilizing her considerable assets, which remain undiminished even by the unsavory party-gand theft ring, she mounted a campaign to damage and discredit my sterling reputation by planting illicit drug within my attache' whilst I labored for her in earnest on the premises, and even in my vehicle parked on the street in front of her Ozymandian home. Why she has undertaken and made me the brunt of her faustian deviltry I still cannot grasp. I fear I have no other hope of surviving this tragedy than to seek protection from the court. I wait...and pray.

This manner of salaciousness, licentiousness and depravity is far from appropriate for young children to bear witness to, and I fear it has already scarred my own. I am of the opinion that if even one child's luminescent innocence is bit dimmed by exposure to her dark mechanations, too high a price has been paid already.

Stuns guns, and what, in proper company, would not normally be referred to as anything more explicit that "personal massagers" of all sizes, shapes and shades.

Threats both sexual & physical and financial

1725 days ago


Mind Interpreters hahaha that's the best part

1725 days ago


"Stuns guns, and what, in proper company, would not normally be referred to as anything more explicit that "personal massagers" of all sizes, shapes and shades."
--Gardener Cipher:

Hilarious! Best post EVER.

Poor guy. I mean, think about it. Paranoid delusions can't be fun...but paranoid delusions starring Paris Hilton? That's torture.

1725 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

only women are victims and men are bad. No TRO for dude.

1725 days ago


I dont get why sometimes it says "Ramiro" and other times "Ramoro". i've also seen both "mind" and "mood" interpretar.

1725 days ago


He should have hired Rocky Delga-dildo if he had she would be going back to jail. Too bad judge Sour retired in shame after what he did to her he should have stuck around for a second chance with an open and shut case like this.

Would love for TMZ to publish the picture and name of the court clerk that accepted this filing.

1725 days ago


Ok. really Paris did not respond because it is Paris HILLTON who is 30 with black hair etc. etc. Just because their name is almost the same doesn't mean it is so. LMAO but really why is this even reported on without getting what she has to say about it? Now that would be funny. Not news but funny as he#*

1725 days ago


This is that idiot from your site marc ?

1725 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

What idiot judge signed the order???
He once was probably an idiot lawyer who'd take any case for a buck

1725 days ago


This thing was and is probably insane; a mental case. I see people like this often in the filed in which I work. He probably stinks and rambles on and on about nothing in disjointed sentences. It's okay, he will not live forever.

1725 days ago


I believe it is more that likely that this guy is a certified nutcase.

1725 days ago


Only a TRO...wheres a bus when you need one.. Perhaps her peeps posted the TRO to get her back in the spotlight...or in her case, the dimlight....

1725 days ago


Is this guy even in the States legally?

1724 days ago
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