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Jesse James Ups Reward to $5,000

1/31/2010 9:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James really, really, really, really, really wants to find his missing dog -- and he's willing to dig deep in his pockets to do so.

Jesse James

James just tweeted that he's upping the reward for Cinnabun to an even $5,000.

The dog went missing last Monday in Long Beach.


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Poor thing. She's still missing? It's almost a week now. I hope you find her soon, Jesse!!

1722 days ago


Well thats a little better...make it 50 grand and you'll have a whole county looking for the dog,people on the watch everywhere, and turning in people who have recently gotten a dog that might look like this one, a whole new kind of movement really needed this the first week. With the dough this dude and his old lady rake in I find it insulting he didnt start at 50 grand.

I know regular people who love a dog enough, and dont have anywhere near the access to money he does that put up 5 big ones out of the gate.

Good're getting closer to getting all hands on deck to search for the dog. More money brings more eyes.

1722 days ago


He's making a mistake. Now a lot of the slime in Long Beach will know where they can score a quick 5K....just bag one of his dogs.

1722 days ago


You people are jerks, concerned with the reward. If I lived in the area I'd help for free. It shouldn't matter what him and his wife are worth.

1722 days ago


i hope he finds his dog, the little guy looks so cute.

1722 days ago


I support you J.J.! I posted it on my twitter page.

1722 days ago


Dear Lord,
Please do a miracle and bring Cinnabun back to Jesse James;
In Jesus' Name, Amen!

1722 days ago


That killer dog was already cooked and breaded and served in the General Tso Chicken at the All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet in Oxnard. PIT PULLS KILL OUTLAW THEM!!!!!!

1722 days ago


I wonder if she jumped in someone's car/trunk that was at the shop. Or did someone leave a compartment/door/storage unit open at the shop that she could have gone in and they shut the door not knowing she was there? Dogs are smart. They can return to their home with their scent skills. God, please help them find her...please.

1722 days ago

Jacqueline Powels    

What sucks is you KNOW that SOMEBODY has this dog. She didn't just disappear into thin air. This couple knows where their priorities are though. Sandy donated $1,000,000.00 to Haiti relief, and in comparison a $5000.00 reward for a lost dog seems appropriate. I hope he gets his dog back :(

1722 days ago


hopefully it'll end up at the local shelter and if he microchipped it then all is good. i'm on the lookout for it though - i'm hoping it ran from long beach to los angeles

1722 days ago

San Diego Girl    

He is such a classy guy. Only seriously classy guys have pit bulls and live off their wives! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO classy. Good pick, Sandra. I am sure you two will be together in five years.

1722 days ago

San Diego Girl    

Are you people asking god to look for this stupid dog for real? You think god has nothing better to do than look for a lost DOG? While people are dying by the thousands of illness in Haiti, and people are still trapped in rubble? And you idiots think god should waste his/her time looking for a dumb mutt? If it weren't so pathetically sad, it would be funny.

1722 days ago

Ed Gauthier    

Last I checked, Mr. Sandy Buttock had a lot more than 5 grand to toss around. Guess he didn't dig that dang dog all that much, then.

1722 days ago


wow thats a lot...maybe jesse can donate any basic necessities eg. food supplies, medical care and comfort.. please check this video.. ...

or visit ...

Please contribute to the relief effort in Haiti .!!

1722 days ago
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