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Burglar Bunch Kid's Defense -- Peer Pressure!

2/3/2010 2:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Burglar Bunch member Nick Prugo has officially begun his televised tour of contrition -- explaining that he only broke into the homes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and more because he was just "trying to keep my friends."

NIck Prugo: Click to watch
Sporting his finest Larry Birkhead-esque haircut, Prugo went on "Good Morning America" today where he said he's trying to make amends to the victims and he realizes what he did "definitely wasn't O.K."

Prugo pled not guilty to eight felony burglaries back in December.


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All I could see during this clip was the creepy rainbow light off the picture behind him.

1659 days ago


If it smells like a dog, barks like a dog, LOOKS like a dog ... then it must BE a dog. Same applies to a thief ...

Seriously! He is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong and responsible choices, that old 'grade school' excuse about 'peer pressure' just doesn't hold water especially at his age! I bet it wasn't peer pressure when he profited from the heists or bragged about the 'caper' to other pressure producing friends ... give me freakin' break!

1659 days ago


This guy is a pure idiot. Does he even have a lawyer?? Someone needs to sit him down and explain that if you confess and give a break down of how you stole stuff from famous people on tv, it really makes it hard to convince a jury of your peers that you are not guilty. Idiot.

1659 days ago


This guy has the biggest smugged look on his face!!!!!!!! he is so proud of what he and he loser did. This is just giving him his 30seconds of fame since he and the rest of the IDIOTS go to jail. They won't survive a minute in jail before someone makes them their bitch. THATS WHAT THEY DESERVE

1659 days ago


so now that he's admitting it...does he change his not guilty plea?...seems a good prosecuter would get that done without even going to court

1659 days ago

Black Power    

This whole group of thieves will get off on plea deals and do little time. Of course it all has to do with the color of their skin. Try being black and do what they did. I do see a reality show coming up for this group. It will becalled, "RAT BASTARDS?"

1659 days ago


It won't be long until this rat is someones's bitch in jail. He looks like the kind who would enjoy dropping his soap.

1659 days ago


He doesn't look sorry at all. He looks like he's about to laugh, or trying not to smile. Maybe because he gets to be on tv. I agree the haircut does make him look like Larry Birkhead. I hope they all have to go to jail.

1659 days ago


The dude looks like the late Brad Renfro in this photo. So pretty he will be tossing a lot of salad in jail.

1659 days ago

Truth Hurts    

To make amends, shouldn't he be pleading guilty? Just sayin'

1659 days ago


I'd have to agree with "Rat Bastards". If this mole had of been black do you for one second think GMA would have had him on TV doing an interview...Not Hardly. As a matter of a fact if he'd been black he would still be in jail.

1659 days ago


"Sporting his finest Larry Birkhead-esque haircut..."

too funny and also creepishly accurate

1658 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I live in calabasas where these fucktards live. nick's whole family is a fucking joke. ALL of the burgular's families are. they are sick people I hope they get a horrible sentence and them and their families get a lifetime of horrible karma for condoning these behaviors!

1601 days ago
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