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Former Incubus DJ -- No Guns for You

2/3/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A former DJ for the band Incubus has been ordered to get rid of any guns he may have, stat -- after allegedly threatening to kill the guy who replaced him in the band.

Former Incubus DJ

The new DJ -- Chris Kilmore (right) -- was just granted a 3-year restraining order against the old DJ -- Gavin Koppel (left) -- in the wake of an alleged threat at an L.A. store in December.

In the legal documents, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the judge also ordered Koppel to "turn in or sell guns or firearms, if any, to a licensed gun dealer or turn in to police." Koppel had 48 hours to fork over the weaponry.

Koppel is required to stay at least 100 yards away from Kilmore and Kilmore's GF. Koppel also isn't allowed to contact the two of them in any way, shape or form -- including phone calls or emails.


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This is freaking hilarious. The old dj got replaced in 98. Talk about holding a grudge.

1721 days ago

Sup it up    


1721 days ago


that's messed up.
u got replaced get over it.
he hasn't been in the band 4 hella years
what a jan brady :(

1721 days ago


ahhh...doesn't anybody see anything wrong here??????we have 2nd AMMENDMENT!!!A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS THAT CANNOT BE TAKEN AWAY!!!he was ordered to give up his rights!!that is the mark of a TYRANNICAL gov't and it is common for any DICTATOR in history to take peoples right to bear arms!!!!!!!!!!!!WAKE UP PEOPLE ANYBODY THERE?????HELLO??????

1721 days ago


The right to bear arms is an outdated law that should be removed anyways. The whole idea was back in the day you could fight back against a government that was basically equally equipped with the same weaponry.
If there was a problem you grabbed your musket and fired back at the guy who was firing at you with a musket. Now we have people with hand guns and rifles that are useless against a modern government.
If you go with the right to defend yourself argument I’d suggest all these guns are used for that about 10% of the time and the rest are for illegal purposes.

1721 days ago

that's why    

Whamo: You are a dumbass and a tool. Probably a friggin obama fam and a liberal also.

1721 days ago


Sorry gun owner but I'm not American. Why am I a tool? Was that not why it was put in your constitution, so you can defend yourself and your property from people and a corrupt government if necessary? At the time it was put in, American’s wanted to be sure they could defend themselves and certainly defend themselves from the British & what the f@ck does Obama & Liberalism have to do with anything? It's funny but with that little attack on me you fall into a stereotype that right wingers are put in. First off I have no problem with people owning guns. I have no problem with people legally hunting. I just find it stupid that it should be a RIGHT to own a gun when obviously you have a large part of the gun owning population that should have NO right to own one. Just so you know I’m Canadian and I love to fish AND hunt.

1721 days ago


I realize my stats are way off, I'm trying to say you have way too many guns in the hands of way to many stupid people.

1721 days ago


Gun owner: While I support the right to bear arms, and disagree with Whamo that it should be repealed, it exposes your lack of knowledge regarding United States history that you demonstrate that you don't know that Whamo was entirely correct in their assertion that the intent of the Second Amendment was for citizens to protect themselves against the government. You give gun owners a bad name, indicating that you are not patriotic enough to know our history, and/or not intelligent enough to understand American history. It's unfortunate that gun owners are too cowardly to stand for the original intent of the amendment.

Furthermore, you people negate the whole argument that "well-regulated militia" means the people in general when you claim that you need your guns to protect yourselves against other members of the "well-regulated militia." Our military would not be at all effective if the soldiers were as afraid of each other as you cowards are of your fellow citizens.

And if you actually knew American history, and not just a bunch of stupid, canned talking points, you would know that it's drafted that all rights can be limited by "reasonable regulation." There are limitations upon all rights. Why do you only select one if you're such a staunch strict constructionist? People like you are among the first to suggest limitations on the First, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments (Look 'em up; they're a good read), so I don't really take anything you Second Amendment fanatics say seriously in the context that you actually know what you're talking about.

If you were a real patriot, and not some worthless partisan hack, you'd show an understanding for what you talk about, rather than just spewing canned phrases you heard someone else spew. Your "patriotism" is a straw man, and I just knocked him down.

1721 days ago


It's a sad day when a foreigner demonstrates more knowledge about American history and ideals than bad citizens who aren't patriotic enough to understand what our own nation stands for.

These people's "patriotism" is nothing but a crutch. They don't love our nation enough to learn about it; they know what they want and craft American rights, ideals and history to serve their agenda.

I'm sure I'll be labeled a "liberal" since I use words over five-letters long and construct complete sentences, but if that's what separates me from these mouth-breathing gun-owner cowards here, then so be it; I'm a liberal. Anyway, being "conservative" isn't really the "in thing" for anyone under 40, considering the Red Scare rhetoric is as obsolete as the rest of their ideologies. Being "conservative" can lead one to be obsolete, and these people serve as good examples of that.

1721 days ago


7. @Whacko....i think you're suffering from Stockholm're proof we need more guns to eliminate spinless limp wristed ninnys like you.

Posted at 11:00AM on Feb 3rd 2010 by KDUBBLL

You obviously have no idea what Stokholm Syndrome is. What does it have to do with ANYTHING? You are exactly one of these people that should not have a gun. Are you suggesting you'd like to kill me because you don't believe in my point of view? If you read more of my response you might want to take that bullet back...oops too late you shot before you thought..I believe I just proved my point about stupid people owning guns. Read what I have to say before you make a kneejerk response!

1721 days ago

that's why    

For whamo and patriot. I do know my American history and more. Just tired of people who think they know what's best for everyone. I don't need do to a monologue, I agree that there are people who should not own guns. I'm more patriotic than you might think.

1721 days ago


@Whacko...Well its obvious you don't know what stockholm syndrome is then.its where you love being a slave so much that you will stick up for your slave driver and do anything to keep yourself enslaved, hence you want your freedoms and rights taken away from yourself, you want to be a slave you want to be told what you can and cannot do, you're the one thats retarded, instead of just researching stockholm syndrone you jumped on your high horse and acted like a know it all,ooops shot before yah thought you big dummy.worry about Canadian pop culture not Americas,oops.. thats right you have none,thats why Canadians have their head up America's *ss.

1721 days ago


love being a slave?"
"do anything to keep yourself enslaved"?
"you want your freedoms and rights taken away from yourself, you want to be a slave you want to be told"

You are so f@cking ignorant it's beyond compare. All you're doing is making a fool of yourself at this point. You apparently have no idea as to when and why this term came about. I'm done debating with an ill informed twit like yourself. All I wanted to do voice my opinion and you attack my country...NICE Have a nice day A$$wipe.

1721 days ago


By the way... Stockholm Syndrome has to do with appeasing (in order to stay alive) and eventually empathizing with your captors cause in a HOSTAGE situation.

1720 days ago
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