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Duggar Boys Save Little Girl's Life

2/3/2010 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar didn't have 19 kids, then two of them might not have been around to help save a six-year-old girl's life last week in Arkansas.

Joshua Duggar: Click to watch
According to KHBS News, Joshua and John Duggar pulled the girl out of her car after a crash in front of Josh's car dealership left her unconscious -- then started administering CPR and called 911.

When the fire department arrived, Josh held the IV bag as firefighters took over -- and John shot the whole thing on his cell phone.

No word on if the vid will show up on a very special episode of "19 and Counting."


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Nice work, boys!!

1693 days ago


I gotta say, having watching snippets of their show it seems that this is a pretty solid family. The mom seems like sorta like a religious nut but the kids really do seem well adjusted.

1693 days ago


Yes, these children are a gift to the world; so are my seven. It would be great if people would stop assuming that every parent out there with more than the socially accepted 1.85 children is a bum on the public dough. My daughter was nine when she dowe to the bottom of a pool and pulled a boy twice her size up and out of the water. Because this boy had been under water for so long, he was not thinking right, threw fists at her, and walked back off into the deep end. My daughter got him again and saved his life. Later, he said he thought he was still under water. She has since then been known as the Mermaid. Of course I tried to help, as I don't leave my children unattended at a pool like other parents do, but I am a poor swimmer and could not dive as deep as this boy sunk.

So, honestly, if the best argument against large families is the carbon footprint we leave behind please remove head safely from Al Gore's bum; most of us with large families homeschool our children (saving the world from that extra 100 miles on the road every week), and our kids are actually raised with morals, intelligence, and love.

1693 days ago


They seem a little too happy and fond of the bible but hell if it works for them then so be it. They have done something that a lot of families should admire. Raising that many kids and aren't they dept free and so far none are on drugs or dangs.

I know being a single father of one is a full time job. Even married I couldn't imagine having all those kids. But hell if you can do it and do it right and not just to be on welfare then have at it.

1693 days ago


@Charlotte: You'd think you'd be doing something better with your highly moral time than visiting and posting on TMZ's website. LOL

1693 days ago


I was okay with the article up until I read that one held the bag while the other taped it with his cell phone. Not cool, not cool at all. Why would you tape something like that? Why?

1693 days ago


@Charlotte no one cares what Gore thinks. If anyone believes in his koolaid BS they need to seek help. Gores own house pollutes more than some small stores. Only green he cares about are ones with pictures of dead people on them.

1693 days ago


@Crykyt: you're an idiot. if you think this a demoralizing, time-wasting website to visit, you're sure saying a lot about yourself. Lots of people come here to pass time and look at something not so serious and whatnot.

I used to watch this show religiously but not so much because of time constraints but I do like them very much. To be debt free- long before the show was even a thought, might I add- and so upbeat and positive as well as religious is truly inspiring. These days it seems like religion has gone out the window for Americans, when, in reality, religion is what our country was founded upon. If I had a decent husband and we had semi-lucrative careers, I would have as many children as God allowed me to. For now, I'm just another single mother struggling. More power to the Duggars, the parents especially for teaching those kids with such great morals and values. They are all God-sent.

1693 days ago


@Crykyt I'm unclear as to your message. My point was obviously (maybe not) to let people know that all parents with a gaggle are not flagglers who cannot hold a job or control their massive broods. Mkay...

1693 days ago

Le Tigre    

Good for those guys. The show is fascinating. It's not the lifestyle I would have chosen for myself, but that's what makes it so interesting.

1693 days ago


@ Christy....You need to do a bit more fact checking, the US was not founded as a Christian nation. The founding fathers actually worked hard to keep religion out of the government. It is a fact if you study some many of the founding fathers are aesthetics or at least agnostic. Also, look into the Treaty of specifics states "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion". I could go on but will stop. I am so sick of hearing the US was founded on Christianity.

1693 days ago


aww this story gives me goose bumps!

1693 days ago


Sorry...aesthetic should be atheist

1693 days ago


Watch out for the law suit you should never move an injured person from a car accident $$$$$$

1693 days ago


Seriously...nobody is making note of the fact that one of them whipped out a cell phone camera to record all of this? A person's life was at stake for God's sake!!!

1693 days ago
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