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Criminal Complaint in Michael Jackson Death

2/3/2010 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

dr. conrad murray in courtSources tell TMZ the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has a criminal complaint drafted and ready to file against Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson.

We're told it's now just a matter of timing before Dr. Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter -- a felony that carries a maximum 4-year prison sentence.

As we first reported, Dr. Murray plans on surrendering today, so all signs point to the D.A. filing criminal charges as early as this morning.

Dr. Murray is in Los Angeles and his legal team is already mapping out strategy.


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Gee Michael Jackson was an addict. He's 50% at fault for his own death. Seems to me CPS should have been involved long ago! All the Jackson's to just need to zip it and start putting some blame on Michael,so sick of hearing about this. Enough is enough!!

1720 days ago


I predicted his culpability on first night ( death occurred). A "cardiologist" would know not to try CPR on a mattress instead of a firm surface as the floor.
My theory then,to my medical colleagues, is that he tried to maintain circulation to reduce the concentration of unmetabolized drug he administered. Then it was learned drug was Propofol.
45 min delay of transport was second act of negligence. First was failure to monitor vital signs.
He is entitled to keep his license until due process is completed. I cannot imagine any malpractice carrier will insure him.
Patients who visit him or offices that hire him have a desperate need for something. ?Attention?

1720 days ago


Jackson Lawyer: Doc Should Face Murder Rap

"The attorney for Michael Jackson's family said the doctor at the center of an investigation into the singer's death should face murder charges.

Dr. Conrad Murray's actions "rose to the level of such recklessness you would say this was a second-degree murder charge," Brian Oxman, the family's lawyer, told CBS' "The Early Show" Wednesday.

Oxman said the Jackson family would not be satisfied with manslaughter charges, which could result in a four-year prison sentence.

"That is just a slap on the wrist. ... It is a slap in the face because Michael Jackson was someone who we knew was in danger of being brought to his knees, brought to his death by the use of these medications," Oxman told CBS' "The Early Show" Wednesday."

The complete article may be viewed here:

1720 days ago


Instead of going to jail, they should be giving Dr. Murray a medal for ridding the world of this pedophile and making the world safe for children.

1720 days ago

Gone too soon    

A cardiologist who does CPR on a bed....?
Not the kind of doctor I would put my trust in.
Surely something is very, very wrong with this man!

1720 days ago


This guy does not deserve to go to jail anymore than his own family does.
They were all enablers due to living off the MJ tit.
Just look at them all scrambling to get a pice of their brother, they're like Vultures, picking the carcass of their dead brother.
The only one with any talent in regards to the boys in that family was Michael, period!
Tito this!
Oh by the way WTF kind of name is Blanket?
Those kids will be all FUBARed by the time their adults.
So sad...

1720 days ago



25 years minimum


1720 days ago


they are going to handle this guy very carefully and quietly as opposed to what they did with.m.j..... press conferences, tabloid media in on searching neverland on the day his album nubber ones came out and lets not forget tom sneddon with his constant press conferences on michael jackson.implying their was a laaundry list of victims....they even hired a public relations firm for their case with mj ..handcuffing him the whole bit..its a disgrace

1720 days ago


Way to go Murray,you did what most people would like to do pedophiles.

1720 days ago


dodgervin, those kids were just toys to Jacko and now they're golden geese being used by the Jackson family. They've been so sheltered and living in a fantasy world for their entire lives, they can't have the coping skills to deal with life.

CPS should take them from the Jacksons and return them to their birth parents where they might have the chance of having a normal life and not be freaks.

1720 days ago


To bring a manslaughter charge, prosecutors must show there was a reckless action that created a risk of death or great bodily injury. If a doctor is aware of the risk, there might also be an issue of whether the patient knew that risk and decided to take it.

Isn't that hear say at this point? I mean the Dr. has to abitlity to say Michael said just about anything at this point.
I do not believe Michael would have put his life in jeapordy, but how does anyone prove this NOW???

1720 days ago


FINALLY !! I hope this man goes to jail, he was supposed to be a Doctor, you put your life in their hands, you trust Doctors. This man acted in the most unprofessional manner, and whether MJ was begging for drugs to make him sleep, this man knew that there was a huge risk that by administering these drugs, he would kill his patient. Any half decent Doctor would have said no, and done the right thing. He did not say no, he gave the drugs, left the room, did not call for help, having found MJ's lifeless body, for over an hour. He's no Doctor !! He's a quack. He should go to jail, for robbing MJ's children of their Father, and the World of a musical genius.
Go straight to jail, !!!

1720 days ago


Michael Jackson was a flawed human just like all of us. It's amazing how people made him out to be this "saviour". While he possessed many good qualities, he was a man and I'm sure he's done his share of wrong in his lifetime.(I'm not talking about peadophilia so all you radicals can zip it)
Karma is a bitch who will not be denied, so whatever a person does in life comes back to them tenfold and in some cases cut their lives short.
I admired his seemingly honorable ways,peaceful spirit, passion for his art and concern for mother earth, but Dr. Maurry allegedly cut his life line short and for that reason I hope he is judged and sentenced accordingly.

1720 days ago

cathy is morphed has morphed into a jackass    

Instead of going to jail, they should be giving Dr. Murray a medal for ridding the world of this pedophile and making the world safe for children.

Posted at 10:31AM on Feb 3rd 2010 by Bray

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1720 days ago

cathy is morphed has morphed into a jackass    

Doctor Murry can always go to work for LAPD they have a staff of paid assasin working for them he'd fit right in

Posted at 10:42AM on Feb 3rd 2010 by sontheone

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1720 days ago
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