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Producer to Jill Scott -- You Can't Leave Me!

2/3/2010 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jill ScottShe sings like a diva, but 3x Grammy-winner Jill Scott is now being accused of acting like one too -- after the producer who claims to have made her a "superstar" says she walked out on a contract 3 albums too soon.

Scott is being sued by Hidden Beach Records -- the company who claims to have discovered Scott in 1998.

In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Hidden Beach claims they signed Scott to a six album deal in 1999. But in 2009, she told the company through a letter that she was "moving on" after only completing 3 of the 6 albums.

In the lawsuit, Hidden Beach comes off like a scorned lover who claims they were "rolling the dice and betting everything it had on an unknown talent" when they first signed Scott ... and are "deeply saddened" by her recent actions.

Hidden Beach is suing for an unspecified amount.

Calls to Scott's rep were not returned.


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She's black, do you really expect her to live up to a contract?

1691 days ago


Agreeing to a 6 album deal is crazy, and she probably got short-changed big time, but if you signed the dotted line then honor it.

LOL @ Hidden Beach being a "scorned lover". Tsk, TMZ. They would be fools to let her squirm out of a deal halfway through.

1691 days ago



1691 days ago


February 03, 2010

Cash flow issues are on your mind, though they may not be terribly troubling. If they are, you should wait before acting, as you need to think through all the consequences before making a bold move.

1691 days ago


Are we supposed to know/care who this woman is???

1691 days ago


@Steve and Elizabeth--It is amazing how there are some people that sit behind their computers and share their ignorance. If you don't know what to say, don't say anything. If you don't know who this woman is why comment. Also, not all BLACK people reneg on agreements. No one knows not even TMZ, why she is deciding to do what she is doing. Before you speak know what you are speaking about. Know the facts and stop going on you ill upbringing or your stupidity!

1691 days ago


They took a risk on her and this is how she repays them? I hope she goes broke having to pay them back with punitive damages.

1691 days ago


Another one letting herself go to her head!

1691 days ago


STEVE, your middle name must be RACIST!!

1691 days ago


Who is this woman? Who has ever heard of her? I hope they get all they want from her and more. Teach this "thing" how to live up to a contract....

1691 days ago


Considering no one knows who she is after 10 years (which means she's also past her prime now), it would be best for her to move on to someone who can get the job done. 11 years is a long time for only 3 albums. Sounds like they weren't doing their jobs.

1691 days ago


Jill, Please do another season of No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency! Please, please, pretty please?


1691 days ago

Barbara Albin    

It is about time after all these years that the "suits" realize that they can't own you. Slavery for anyone is no longer acceptable. Let them figure out an acceptable solution and end the relationship. I was just wondering what Hidden Beach had done for Jill Scott? Seems to me that I heard about Hidden Beach through the name of Jill Scott. Same old story, which came first the chicken or the egg. If you don't take someone to court these days, you will have considered to have lost your b_ _ _ _ _. What Olivia deHaviland did was incredible for her times and I hope the courts realize that I don't think that Hidden Beach has done anymore for Jill Scott then any other client. She has probably done far more for them. But, ah, the first word in the English language is "sue" and the rest are "how many ways can we do it to you". By the way, maybe they should watch or read #1 Ladies Detective Agency so that they can acquire some morality! Something that has been lost over the last administration.

1691 days ago


Steve,yo momma....she likes black.Oh,don't waste your time with a comeback comment as I never go back to read

1691 days ago
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