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Brittany Murphy Death - 'Preventable'

2/4/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's Cause of DeathSources involved in Brittany Murphy's autopsy tell TMZ her death was "preventable."

Sources say the primary causes of Murphy's death were pneumonia and severe anemia. L.A. County Coroner officials believe Brittany's condition was "treatable" but no one took her to the hospital in time.

As for the multiple drugs found in her system, we're told they were both prescription, including medicine for cramps, and over-the-counter medications, including cough syrup. Our sources say the drugs "pushed her over the line" but the underlying problems were the pneumonia and anemia.

In other words, Brittany was really sick, didn't get treatment and by self-medicating it pushed her over the line.

Brittany Murphy


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The amount of judging ignorant people that are on TMZ is really disturbing...

A lot of people don't go to the doctor. She probably had no idea that she had pneumonia. And it was not like her system was plagued with drugs. Sounds like she had a history of severe cramps which causes anemia, had been prescibed medication for that, then managed to catch a bug like so many of us do around this time of year, tried OTC's like everyone else and went down hill very rapidly when a secondary infection developed which usually is pneumonia or bronchitis. I can't imagine that her Mom or her husband just "let" her die. That is wrong to even suggest so. They have lost the most important person in their lives. They don't need nor deserve anymore than they already have to deal with.

1692 days ago


I'm anemic and I currently have a bad flu. I feel very weak, and I am self medicating. Just reading this article now scared me so much. I'm seeing the doc tomorrow. Damn, death happens fast and easily.

1692 days ago


All I can say is some of your readers indicate - she was taking/mixing way too many drugs. It's time we stop making excuses for Hollywood and get a handle on the abuse by individuals who are able to obtain all of these over the counter and prescription medications...bottom line, people need to start taking responsibility for their own stupidity...and the law needs to start cracking down on "accidental" overdoses. ENOUGH already.

1692 days ago

Up with It    

Now we know why he cancelled the "fundraiser" which of course was a bad idea from the start. Negligence: Husband and Mom. Unloving. Now they live with it. Sad. Co-dependency is dangerous.

1692 days ago


She had been a diabetic for years and her death was due to natural causes natural causes

1692 days ago


If I had been treating her, she would be alive. Support my cause:

1692 days ago


I'm so glad to see confirmation that it wasn't drugs or anorexia. I'm so tired of everyone jumping to conclusions when something like this happens. Maybe now she can have some of her dignity back.

1692 days ago


I am anemic and get transfusions when its too bad. I realize that there is a thing called self responsibility, but when she was supposedly surrounded by her Mom and husband all the time, I have to wonder why there wasn't more done. Its not something thats easily hidden. You are tired, and I mean tired like you cannot describe. You just want to go to sleep and stay there. And she should have looked like complete hell, as I know I do when it gets bad. I find this whole thing very sad and VERY preventable. If she didn't want to go to a doctor, one should have been brought to her. You need to do what you need to do for someone in that shape. RIP, young lady. May God rest your soul.

1692 days ago


It's really unfair to say "but no one took her to the hospital in time." ... Some people refuse to be taken to the hospital and you can't force them, that's called kidnapping.

1692 days ago


can somebody be charged of something here? negligence or something of the sort?

1692 days ago

Dr.Ghulam Shabbir Rana    

Self medication may be a major cause of her sad demise.It could be avoided .

1692 days ago


Pneumonia can kill very quickly. My two year old almost died from MRSA pneumonia this December. He was sent home from the hospital three times and I kept bringing him back insisting that he needed more care. My Pedi even sent him home and told me to give him some advil and give it a few days. If I would have listened to him, he would have died....that night I rushed him into a major Children's hospital and the next day he needed surgery to drain his lung and then spent the next month in the hospital with a chest tube, (needed a blood transfusion b/c he became anemic) and needed to have intravenous antibiotics. When he came home he was on Linezolid antibiotic for another three weeks. Community acquired MRSA pneumonia can kill quickly and is very painful. I would not blame the mom or the husband b/c maybe she did not want to go to the hospital. They should have forced her though b/c it would have probably saved her life.

1692 days ago

Not buying the crocodile tears    

It is a fact that 80% of the world's population is iron deficient. Of those, a certain amount are anemic. Iron is not excreted from the body. It is lost through skin cells, blood loss, and uptake problems. There are two types of iron: heme - which is obtained generally through meat sources, and nonheme - which is obtained through things like grains. Nonheme iron can often block the uptake of heme iron. Further, thing such as calcium, tea leaves, phytates (or phytic acid - found in oatmeal and many grains) block the uptake of iron. It's is no wonder, then, that MOST people are iron deficient. Iron can also be overdosed, even from supplements. A person's iron stores can be low and while trying to build their stores back up by taking supplements, the body can quit absorbing it once stores are up, but serum iron (iron in the blood levels itself) can still be low. And so the person takes more and it can cause irreversible damage to the liver (cirrhosis) or even can cause cardiac arrest. It's a fine balance and can and should only be monitored by a doctor.

Now, iron is the protein of red blood cells necessary for the transport of oxygen. And anyone with a pre-existing heart condition needs to keep those iron levels sufficient or else it could lead to problems ... big problems. Coupled with pneumonia, in which fluid builds up in the aveoli (sacs) in the lungs - usually from a worsening condition like bronchitis - this woman's heart was endangered greatly. If only she had made regular visits to the doctor instead of trying to skirt around all of it and medicate herself (let's face it - most people abuse dosages when it comes to cough medicine), she would definitely be alive today. People who are walking around with pneumonia need a COUGH EXPECTORANT - not a COUGH SUPPRESSANT. The former will help a person cough out the deeply seated phlegm. The latter will keep it inside. Most people buying cough syrup do not know that.

With all these celebs dropping like flies on all the meds that they've either self-administered or collected from various doctors, it ought to be a wake up call to the public. If you do not know anything about nutrition or physiology of the human body and it's organs, you should ALWAYS consult someone in the medical field to ask what OTC meds, Rx meds, and HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS you can combine SAFELY without endangering your liver, kidneys, or heart. If only all doctors within the U.S. were on some kind of network to see what meds and visits and routine "maintenance" a patient has had from one week to the next, we wouldn't be having this problem. The public should take note: every trip you've made to any doctor, drug store, herbal supply store, etc. should all be told to your most recent doctor. People can die far too easily from sheer ignorance. And that's a shame.

1692 days ago


Something called "the effect of the gradual" frequently happens to people close to someone with a chronic condition, addiction or disorder. Though it can be hard to believe, loved ones often don't see the gradual or even sudden changes — denial, rationalizations and wishful thinking intervene and blind them. And this dynamic is usually on overdrive when the near and dear departed was successful and bringing in the major bacon. That said, Brittany Murphy's husband seems like a creepy enabler.

1692 days ago



since you claim you had a "temerature" of 115 !!!

Brain damage and death occurs at 107 so you must be a miracle from above!!

Simon, the greasy husband, got the results and cancelled the memorial/ fundraiser. After Brittany hooked up with this slime ball it was downhill all the way. It is creepy how he is now so "close" to his mother-in-law!!!!!

1692 days ago
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