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Charlie Sheen Will Be

Charged With Felony

2/4/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

FelonyCharlie Sheen
will be charged with felony menacing in connection with the Christmas Day incident with his wife, Brooke Mueller, in Aspen ... this according to law enforcement sources.

We've learned in addition to the felony, Sheen, who stars in "Two and a Half Men" will be charged with misdemeanor assault.

We're told the criminal complaint will be filed either late tomorrow or first thing Monday morning.

Charlie Sheen is set to appear in court Monday for an arraignment, though we're told he is not expected to enter a plea.

In addition to the arraignment, the judge will hear arguments from lawyers for Brooke and Charlie to relax the protective order prohibiting any contact between the two.

Charlie Sheen's lawyer had no comment.

charlie sheen and brooke mueller pics


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I really hope he does some jail time. Her too.

I feel really sorry for their kids.

1724 days ago


The defense will have a field day with this. Is she a credible witness?

1724 days ago


If they would have went to bed on Christmas Eve like normal people, none of this would be happening. My mom always said "nothing good happens in the middle of the when you should be sleeping"

1724 days ago


in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping

1724 days ago



1724 days ago

L Gene Bartlett    

He's married, employed and a father! Who's gonna work & pay taxes for the 50%+ unemployed freeloaders/illegals on welfare that aren't part of the tax roles? and never have been!!! Just do not contribute at all.
Bet ya are all up close and personal with the local social services department!

1724 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

ok, I like his show, but, this guy has anger issues bigtime and ya, it suxs all of this happened, but his wife should NOT feel guilty about calling cops, drunk or not, she did the right thing, he gets away with friggen choking and threatening u, one day, when he is pushed over the top, he could act on his rage, let this b a lesson to him, and tuff times are ahead and he likely will go to jail, clearly they have the evidence. Brooke, get some help for ur addictions and move on, life with Charlie is over, and besides..better off for the kids if he " visits them", ur children don't need to grow up with a abuser under the roof. Good Luck to ur family!

1724 days ago


Im liken that pizza receipe...come to my

1724 days ago

How are the salt flats formed?

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1724 days ago


any naked pictures of his wife floating around?

1724 days ago

Mauna Loa

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1724 days ago


How can they charge him with a felony charge when the broad recanted everything? Where is she now (besides in rehab)? What a set up. If she recanted, why didn't she drop the charges? Of course, when it goes to trial, Charlie's legal counsel will rip Brooke another a-hole because of her lying and flip flopping on her story.

1724 days ago

nuts any naked pictures of her floating around the net?

1724 days ago


She was the one DRUNK at 8:30 a.m. trying to have a share a song with his daughter from a prior relationship Brooke felt the need to fight on christmas morning. The law suck big time!!!!

1724 days ago


charlie needs to polish those fangs and look pertty for the judge

1724 days ago
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