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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Friday's the Day

2/4/2010 9:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray will be arraigned Friday and charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told Dr. Murray will turn himself in to the LAPD Friday morning. He will be booked and then taken to Airport Court in L.A., Department 144, where he will face a judge at 1:30 PM.

A pool video camera and a still camera will record the event.


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Pink Daisy    

@ Sand D,
How MJ destroy a man with free will? Murray made his choices and paid for them. So did MJ. Murray had to know what he was doing was wrong...hence the strange behavior after MJ died. Consciousness of guilt???

1688 days ago

Pink Daisy    


Hey, I thought I heard that Murray's bail is $25,000.00

1688 days ago

Pink Daisy    

@The person who suggested that TMZ was given the wrong information on purpose. This could be true. Maybe it's a result of what went down with the leaked pix of Rhianna's busted up face. Didn't a couple of LAPD officers get in trouble because of that? Also, aren't some lawmakers trying to crack down on those kind of leaks to tabloids? All of the incorrect information and TMZ reporting it makes them look a little bad. Roger Friedman called them out on this on the Joy Behar show...2/3/10

1688 days ago

Pink Daisy    

77. this was not a 1 time accident he plied jackson a number of nights b 4 he died. he wasnt there during the wee morning hours who was? he is a jerk knew better and did it anyway it is weird why they treat him w/ kid gloves big money going on

Posted at 1:12AM on Feb 4th 2010 by duh

I also heard (can't remember where) that Murray had been giving MJ propofol before that last night...and according to Murray himself, he (Murray) was supposedly trying to wean Michael off of it.

1688 days ago

Pink Daisy    

One thing is for sure, TPTB won't make this go away for MJ Fans. The more moves they make, the more they bring suspicions to themselves.

1688 days ago

you just don't get it    

Power to the People
re: Black terminology

You have to give allowance to the majority who post on this site. Most weren't even born in the 70's.

The typical posting seems to come from twelve year olds, or parents with arrested development.

1688 days ago


Well, involuntary manslaughter. This jerk isn't going to get anything, I doubt he'll every spend a day in prison, and I'll bet he doesn't lose his medical license.
The pansy's at the D.A.'s office won't prosecute anything unless it's a slam dunk. Since O.J. they're just a bunch of wimps. So afraid they might lose. Well, I'd take a loss if the D.A. had some balls! Why not charge him with voluntary manslaughter and let the jury decide if it is or isn't. Hell, why not charge him with (whatever degree) murder, and leave the other charges on the table for the jury to decide. We might at least have a chance, otherwise, this guy is just going to walk away.

1688 days ago

Pink Daisy    

102. Power to the People
re: Black terminology

You have to give allowance to the majority who post on this site. Most weren't even born in the 70's.

The typical posting seems to come from twelve year olds, or parents with arrested development.

Posted at 4:14AM on Feb 4th 2010 by don't bother I'm gone now

:D I can dig it. ;) But the "typical poster" can google most anything under the sun, why not African American history?

Catch ya on the flip side. ;)

1688 days ago


i agree with some of you. ...


i will pay a dollar to each and every hoax theory believer when Michael comes out on stage and says "gotcha!"

ok? deal??

i bet i won't end up in the poor house any time soon ;)

he's gone. i hate conrad murray. and hate is a strong word that i don't use too often.

every day i miss Michael.

but i am not going to be one of those people who holds on to something that is simply untrue.

i feel badly for the hoax believers because one day..maybe even years from now, when they are STILL waiting for Michael, the tiny thoughts that perhaps he did die will seep into their minds and it is then that they will begin to grieve.

it's so sad. :( and not 'pathetic sad'... just sad.

1688 days ago

Lee Lee    

This whole thing is the biggest joke. The Good Doc gets to decide where and when......lets put the murderer on show..we don't want the media to get pics of this.

It was ok for the police to parade Michael of the paps in handcuffs the minute he got of the plane to face his charges...but the good Doc, he must be given special treatment. What the hell?????

This case is just s joke. Too much time has passed, time to get all the dodgy stories sorted out. Michaels house was cleaned out by they family...which now means no evidence from there.

I just hope that the paramedics on the scene, the hospital staff and security all have there stories right.

And I worry for Prince. Will that poor child have to testify because that stupid ass doctor thought that it was a great idea to call prince up into the room to see his father dying???

I really feel for these kids having to relive this nightmare.

How Murray can live with himself is beyond me.

This whole story is just so devastating. : (

1688 days ago


31. OhWell, our lovely pup! hallo!
today you're not bad.LOL

1688 days ago

Gone too soon    

I read somewhere (where?) that the last evening of Michael´s life while he was rehearsing, Murray was in a stripclub, flashing his money around and boasting about how he was "The King of Pop´s personal doctor". This was in the news right after MJ:s death, some stripdancer testified.

He left the club and went straight home to Michael´s house to administer the drugs. And if that is true, then how intoxicated was Murray himself? Was that the reason he "forgot"? (Ooops, I hooked someone up on Propofol...heck, when was that??)

Of course, nothing can be proved anymore.

1688 days ago


Michael Jackson was killed by the use of a deadly poison. Such poison was administered by one Conrad Murray. I hope the jury does not buy his "poor me troot, pity me defense". He is a cold manipulative, predatory killer. He moved in like a snake into MJ's environment and killed him. Just like a predator stalks his prey.

1688 days ago


Why is it that TMZ covers this crap over and over and over ???
Hell, Perez has all kinds of new stuff, true or not, but you just seem to cover some druggie Doctor?
It's a big world people; get on the bandwagon!

1688 days ago


Will believe it when I see it!!!

1688 days ago
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