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Feud Between LAPD & D.A. Deepens Over Murray

2/4/2010 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad MurrayScratch disagreement ... a feud has erupted over the Dr. Conrad Murray case between the LAPD and the Los Angeles County District Attorney ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, the LAPD was ticked that the D.A. kept top cops out of the loop on the subject of charging Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson.

We told you that yesterday members of the D.A.'s Office met with the LAPD and everyone agreed that cops would take Dr. Murray into custody, book him and deliver him to the courthouse for his arraignment on involuntary manslaughter charges.

But this morning, the feud has intensified and it's now at the top levels of both the LAPD and D.A. The fight is bitter and ultimately the D.A. could do an end around the PD and just have Dr. Murray show up in court tomorrow.

One law enforcement source tells TMZ relations between the D.A. and the LAPD have "totally deteriorated" over the Murray case.

UPDATE: 2:32 PM PT. One of Dr. Murray's lawyers, Ed Chernoff, just posted on his website that he's working with the D.A. to turn his client in after the case is filed. Chernoff said, "An arrest of Dr. Murray would be a waste of money, time and resources." The LAPD begs to differ.


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Wondering if TMZ is just stirring the pot right now to rile up MJs fans and get higher ratings??? But, if not ....

If the LAPD has busted their backsides to bring this to action, then they should get the satisfaction of slapping cuffs on Conrad Murray, hauling him in and dirtying his fingers getting prints on file.

I've talked to a lot of police officers in the city I live and this is why a lot of criminals roam free - they police spend countless hours doing up paperwork only to have the accused released literally within hours of arrest. Police are just tired of wasting their time so now for a good portion of the time they don't even bother with the arrests or paperwork any more.

Sad, sad times we live in. A doctor can inject someone full of a lethal combination of drugs in an inappropriate setting, the patient dies and it's no more than a "whoops, darn, shouldn't have done that, I made a mistake"????? Oh, and there's the other excuse, "he asked for them".

I pray for justice for Michael Jackson. It could have been anyone, but it was Michael, and the publicity will rage on. Let the right thing be done and make an example of this "doctor" so others will think twice before violating their oaths and ethics.

1688 days ago


why did you leave me?
I love you Michael
I love you

1688 days ago


another topic, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1688 days ago


Have to agree with Mr. Chernoff. Don't spend the taxpayers' money on the media circus! If it is cheaper to have Dr. Murray surrender, that is what should be done.

1688 days ago


LMAO where I come from you cant have a trial or inditement without CHARGES ARREST LAPD this is funny Michael you are the MASTER hope others catch on soon!!

1688 days ago


Well sneddon wasted tax payers money as well!

1688 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Spoke to a Dr. today and I asked her what she would have done, given the events and life of one Michael J. Jackson. she said if she was being sought out for sleep by way of Propofol, she would not support his request. If she was hired and then found out about his so called drug problem, she would say No and try to get him into drug rehab. If he became belligerent and demanding, she would have called the police, reported the drug habits and allowed the courts to place him in drug treatment for his own good. This yehoo failed and should be punished like anyone else. I think what is going on is the DA wants to paint a picture to once again defame Michael somehow and get the guy the lowest possible jail time. The police on the other hand know exactly that this guy needs to be incarcerated to the full extent but their hands are tied because of politics and money. This cant be compared to OJ. There wasn't 10 police on this case, only 2. It may have been bungled in the begining just a little bit, but they did their job and have not dropped the ball. If they did, you can this also on Murray because he outright lied about a lot of stuff and left a patient alone, alone to die.

1688 days ago


New story up about JJ and the estate.

1688 days ago


In my opinion contributing to the death of someone is the worst crime in the world. So, why did Michael have to be handcuffed in public, and suffer public humiliation on something he has been cleared of (and even 17 years of fbi watching and finding nothing)yet this doc, essentially killed Michael and he gets some privacy??? Why when Michael ran from the press his whole life and now his life was taken by this man, does the doc get the privacy of not being shamed while Michael was?? This is ALL wrong. Every step is wrong. 7 months and no arrest, and yet other murders and LESS crimes are in prison in that length of time. 2 months without a death certificate signed....are we stupid?? Delay delay up the press...and even if it ever does come to a trial...if he'd ever (haha)get convicted...he may not even do jail?? He can keep practicing??? Books will be written about the injustice and nonsense of the reasonings behind this charade.

1688 days ago


Is there nothing that can be done about this in America, like the FBI,or DEA etc your laws are really soft.


1688 days ago


This Is It....(remember this version? It fits Michael's show NOW)

Overture, curtain, lights,
This is it, the night of nights
No more rehearsing and nursing our parts
We know every part by heart
Overture, curtain, lights
This is it, we'll hit the heights
And oh what heights we'll hit
On with the show this is it

Tonight what heights we'll hit
On with the show this is it.

1688 days ago


I say lock up that idiot forever!!!! MJ is gone from us forever!!

1688 days ago

They were in it for the money    

AhhhhHmmm Wasn't it the District Attorney who screwed up each and every strategy when they were gunning for Michael Jackson? I dont think this so called Dr. should have any special treatment. Take him the way procedure is meant to be, allow the police to do their job. You go ahead and fudge the system for him? Why? Deep pockets?

1688 days ago

Pink Daisy    

@Cali MJ Fan,

Interesting that Murray visits Forest Lawn right before they're going to arraign him. He had 7 months to do so in secret BUT now??? He should get time added on for it.

Drag his butt in to the courthouse in cuffs. No special privileges. He admitted to giving Michael drugs.

1688 days ago
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