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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hasta La Vista, Tax Lien

2/5/2010 7:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

That tax lien against Arnold Schwarzenegger -- consider it terminated.

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According to documents filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, the Governator has settled his tax issues with the government -- and the $79,064 lien against him is no longer in play.

Arnold's rep previously stated that the Guv was unaware of any problems with the IRS and insisted the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

It's unclear if Arnold ended up paying the lien or had it dismissed -- what is clear is that he's no longer in debt to Uncle Sam.

Arnold's people put out a statement saying the tax lien was the fault of a computer glitch.


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Blah blah blah

1718 days ago


Cant help but love the Governator,thsi guy made Cali's energy problems disappear just as he hoped into office, Good job man.

1718 days ago


I have hated living in California ever since that doucebag became governor.

1718 days ago


Dang, TMZ, at first thought your headline said Schwatzenegger was saying bye-bye to being terminator of california (not much left of our poor state after his reign). I was so excited and now i'm depressed all over again, how can we get him to resign- even though he's almost done he can still cause more destruction.

1718 days ago


whatever. Arnold is still hot.

1718 days ago


# 5 ..WOW! tring to terminate the TERMINATOR..Not possible..Haven't u seen Arnold in action??

1718 days ago


More than likely he had it dismissed just like all the parking tickets and cell phone tickets his wife has gotten.
I can't stand this man.
He had destroyed California and he doesn't care about what happens to our state.
He is trying to hurt the people who can't find him with these budget cuts.
Come on TMZ, you are quick to report when things go good for this governor, but what about when he does wrong.
I have written to you several times about how he is hurting the disabled and the elderly, but yet you never report on that.
Take a look, do your homework and research it and you will see that he wants to hurt the most vulnerable people who can't defend themselves.

1718 days ago


It's funny how famous people's problems are usually "just a misunderstanding" if it were you or I we'd be bent over and F@cked... quite roughly I might add.

1718 days ago

Howard Star Hughes    

GOVERNATOR couldn`t live have to pay yourt taxes& groping isn`t allowed.BATWING~SS? hammer hammer hammer by governators united^^**big bro/biz DOA our story worldwide shot dwnt by CYA preacher/kid same old maddness.

1718 days ago

Howard Star Hughes    

OLY BAT MAN that suck$$ roid~SS who getz the bat moble?take your best shot DUDE crew...your gona need it.International indie news sold out after ten years pay off unjustical justical dept of KILLdom the free speakies NO MORE GOOGLE? grayout all dover gain.I an`t kill N4 church front rollER`SS fakes-madness U killed the gays for wantin 2kill mAD vs MADNess...all bout POWER$%$%$^^** control lights cam action VIA satellite relays. PROGRAM the people to make U`t dime bags

1718 days ago


No wonder California is in the toilet! All those wealthy "actors" and not a one of them pays their taxes.

1718 days ago

Howard Star Hughes    

Coming to your LA gym soon towers smartdart`SS and cancer

1718 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Gosh, that's too bad -- no tax trouble -- totally blows his chance to be a member of Obama's cabinet.

1718 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Hey, if he can;t be on Obama's cabinet because he doesn't have tax problems, maybe he can redeem himself and call people "f'ing retards" and become an Obama personal adviser or maybe even a Czar!

1718 days ago


TO WHAMO, #8 HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING? For celebrities, it is a, 'misunderstanding' but, for people like you and I, it is 'deliberate!' Oh, that IRS!

1718 days ago

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