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'American Chopper' -- It's Over!

2/6/2010 3:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

American Chopper"American Chopper" is ending its run on TLC and the crazy Teutul family will ride their bikes off into the sunset.

This Thursday's episode will be the series finale of the show. A rep for TLC tells us, "The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run."

The move is not entirely unexpected -- as we reported in December, Paul Teutul, Sr. is suing his son Paul over the family business, Orange County Choppers.

The last episode airs February 11 at 9:00 PM.


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Paul Sr. built the business and was a successful businessman before the TV show. Ironworks is still running well, and OCC has a chance to continue on if they realize that they need to become a dealer for Harley or another company. OCC needs to diversify. Paul Jr will fail because he does not have the experience or the will to survive that a true start up business needs. Both business will have to get up to speed quickly with their marketing efforts because most of the Custom Corporate bike builds were done because it was free TV advertising for the company that ordered the bike. Without the TV exposure do you really think either company will get the free tools and equipment any longer? No more "Snap on Tool" signs hanging up in the background means that costs go up. The value of the television advertising they received for free was priceless, and it drove the business, and I doubt that either company especially Paul Jr's will be able to maintain the amount of business it takes to survive. Paul Jr. and Mikey are both members of the "Lucky Sperm Club."

1425 days ago


Paul Sr. is a stubborn, immature, *******. And because of that he is destroying his family. A REAL man in his position would suck up the pride, realize that he can't control the situation 100% anymore, and go hug his son's and squash this bull****. Pay Paul Jr ...then ask him to combine his shop with O.C.C. and double the empire. Before it kills him....he's looking mighty gaunt lately.

1425 days ago


Every once in a while, I surf the TV schedule looking for signs that Paul Jr., Vinny, Rick will be selected for a new show of bike builders.

Instead TLC offers shows like 19 kids and counting! You have left me will little choice but to default my TV to HGTV. Yard crashers, house crashers etc. At least I can learn something from these programs.

No more TLC at my home!

1424 days ago


It was just time for Jr. to move on. I think his Dad not going to his sons wedding is something which will haunt him for the rest of his life. Whether Jr. is or isn't a spoiled brat Sr. should've been the bigger man.

This will only hurt their relationship. I think Paul was abused verbally most of his life which makes him a lot like he is. He's a lot like Dad. Anyhoo I love them both and I wish them continued success in the future.

Kind Regards,


1423 days ago


I'm with Craig on the guys destroying things a poor person would appreciate.... cars, trucks, even a electric guitar once used to knock down a wall. That was rediculous. Donate the damn thing to some kid who'd love to have one but can't afford it!
They reminded me of a bunch of jealous women. Someone always whining about someone not doing their job. Vinny especially...a big baby. Although to his credit, I will say he should have been standing by the fire bike when it was presented, and not in the audience.. as he put the most work into it.
However, to take that credit away, later when he was with Paul Jr Designs and Paul left the new kid in charge of the quad....they all stood by and let him fall. NOBODY chipped in and helped. It was almost like Vinny liked seeing him fall. Hell, pick up and damn phone Vinny and help the kid out. No, you just stood over in the corner watching him fail and loved it. Grow up. Not like I EVER saw ANY of them completely in charge of building something from the ordering to paint, building..etc.
I'm glad the show is over. I hope the Tuetels will now sit down and watch reruns and learn from themselves. acted JUST like your dad once YOU were in charge of your own place. Yelling at Mickey over paint on the parking lot? You sounded just like your dad. Your head got big and your arrogance was sickening.
Here's to Rick...the only one who showed any intelligence, talent, and professionalism. Why he was never on the stage with the Tuetels when the bikes were presented is beyond me. He has amazing talent with fabrication tanks....Jr. just came up with the ideas....but Rick built it and should have been standing by the bikes also during presentaion. No, only the Tuetels stood up there and took ALL the credit. Now, they're falling and I'm not surprised...Karma.'s to Mickey! Jr and're both wrong for putting him in the middle of your egos...and you BOTH manipulate him... and're BOTH wrong.
I'll miss Mickey!

1410 days ago


Paul Sr. is only comfortable when he is abusing his Children.How dare Paul Jr. wanting anything that "Master" not tossing him.How he treats Jr. is just how he will treat Mikey.In the end,Paul Sr. WILL STIFF every one of his "family".He will NEVER leave one thing to his children because he is full of nothing but hate for his kids success.Wait and see if this does not come true.Either they come on their hands and knees,or the will goes to the SPCA.

1405 days ago


we are really sick of the show.. If you ever want a real show,
come to LongIsland, an we can show you a show.
come on guys.....

1397 days ago


please take it off the air.
to much drama, there are a lot of bike builders, give them a try
an sr you should of went to the wedding, you have no guts
your a wimp, an your bikes are ugly.
you worry more about a dog then your own family.
your a fake, an you no it.
leave jr alone.

1386 days ago


I just love how all you simple-minded folks comment on here about how Sr. is an ass and Sr. is this and that and how Jr. is great and Mikey is just the poor pawn in all of this... Wake the hell up!!
Apparently, you people who dog on Sr. must be the younger generation that have NO F*ING WORK ETHIC WHAT-SO-EVER! I mean, if Jr. was so f'ing great,he would've showed up to work on time and worked right along side the "normal" employees all freakin' day, not 2-hour lunches and coming in 1 or 2 hours after everyone else! Keep this in mind...Jr. DID NOT build OCC....OCC built HIM. Sr. spent 30 f'ing years building Iron Works and then OCC, NOT Jr. He was just along for the free ride.
Mikey? WTF? How has he made it this far? He is funny, but he is completely useless! Now he got his "art". What? Get a ****ing job you lazy ass mooch!! What the hell is that kids problem? Oh yeah...everyone made a big deal about "Mikey's cleaned up and out of rehab". Really? What is he on now? Anyone that watched the show this past Monday will agree that he was all messed up on something! You couldn't understand a word out of his mouth! Slurred speech, glassy eyes and just a demeanor that screams "I'M ON SOMETHING YOU WISH YOU HAD!" I mean, come on...sleep it off before you show up you freakin' dope head!

I really hope the guys can mend their fences soon. It's a painful thing for everyone involved. I know from experience how things come between family and in the end, it's not worth it. Man up Jr. Quit acting like you're the poor abused little boy and cowboy-up you f'ing sissy mary! Mikey, GET A USE! Sr., just drop the suit, forgive your boys and move on! Oh yeah, get rid of Vinney...what a two-faced back-stabber. Get Rick a great big raise! He's my hero! I mean one fabricator to another, you're the best I've ever seen...period! You are an incredible fabricator and you should be given more credit in the future.

1381 days ago


i loved this show, seen every episode, quality entertainment if you ask me, always funny and interesting to, it will be missed by me,

1381 days ago


first of all if it wasn't for jr, sr would not have the empire that he has now. Sr. let the success goto his head. if anybody disagrees with that then they aren't really paying attention. what does sr. have to fear from his son or anybody. why does he make all his employees sign a no compete contract, what is he afraid of. if he is really that good like he claims then he should have nothing to hide or fear. all of sr.'s employees are a binch of kiss @sses especially Jim Quinn he's nothing but a big rat. occ desirves to go into forclosure this will be a wake up call for Sr.

1372 days ago


Sr was a bully Jr seems like a top guy Sr seems like a bully and watching the pfeeling in the wokshoprogram starts getting boring because he is always moning and causing a bad

1371 days ago


snr iz a evil dad no love all about the paper we get what we weavewmc glasgow love ure kids

1371 days ago


They really had a good show, a little too much arguing, but jr brought that on cause he was lazy and always drug in late like he was the boss, now that he has his own business as i saw on disovery channel, he's making calls to mikey because he's always late, but i hope neither one goes out of business cause they are all very talented and fun to watch. hope they will work out their problems and get back together but i dont see that happenning

1367 days ago


What a sad state of affairs

1365 days ago
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