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'American Chopper' -- It's Over!

2/6/2010 3:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

American Chopper"American Chopper" is ending its run on TLC and the crazy Teutul family will ride their bikes off into the sunset.

This Thursday's episode will be the series finale of the show. A rep for TLC tells us, "The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we congratulate them on a tremendously successful series run."

The move is not entirely unexpected -- as we reported in December, Paul Teutul, Sr. is suing his son Paul over the family business, Orange County Choppers.

The last episode airs February 11 at 9:00 PM.


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Number 11 hit it on the head.

First couple of seasons were entertaining after that it SUCKED big time.

I stopped waatching it when they started acting like "rich guys".

Too bad; when they were good they were great.

1721 days ago


Paul Sr is an Ass. ruined the show.. Now he is suing JR!! what a douchebag. Hope he gets what he has coming to him...They should do a show with Jr and Mikey.. Again Paul Sr is an ASS Go F*ck yourself SR.....

1721 days ago


We quit watching this show when it went straight to their heads. Their bikes really are nothing special, in fact over rated IMHO.

1721 days ago


We quit watching this show when it went straight to their heads. Their bikes really are nothing special, in fact over rated IMHO.

1721 days ago


Mikey and JR are good guys. I wish them both the best. Mikey is a sweetie, you deserve Peace and Happiness in your life. Paul Sr. is a bitter man.

1721 days ago

The former shadow of WTC one.    

Classic NEW MONEY white trash - The show was so scripted after the 2nd season I stopped watching. This is true of most "reality series". The producers plug-in the drama.

Just watch the next Jersey Shore to get my point.

1721 days ago

A Real Rider    

Script: Behind schedule, must build a cookie cutter bike for a show or a customer. Use bolt-together off-the-shelf parts. Add some tacky finish, like bones or spider webs or an airbrush picture paint job. Throw in tantrums from Sr, late parts delivery, impractical and unreliable bikes. Always make the deadline against all odds.
Which show was that? EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Turn off the TV, ride your bike. Stay at huntslodge dot com where there's never a drama.

1721 days ago


Sr. is an abusive bastard who can't communicate without screaming and throwing a hissy fit. I couldn't believe what I was seeing most of the time he was so out of control and his eyes looked just crazy. Pauly was the most talented of all the people on that show and was the only one worth tuning in for. Mikey was a sweetheart but completely useless. What the hell is a grown man his age doing not having any kind of job skills? I wish the boys all the best and am not the least surprised the show is over. After the boys left it it just wasn't worth watching and was boring and uncreative.

1721 days ago


haha too funny, show was fun for about 4 shows then it got old very fast,both are wannabe's andif they read this they know what i mean, thier bikes are lousy and way too much money, and very uncomfortable to ride, in all honesty? show was boring watching 2 dummies argue with each other,and most of thier bikes arent legal to ride in many states,same with jesse james's bikes all very uncomfortable to ride, and ugly, only bike that still looks cool? is peter fonadas easy rider bike, rest are just lousy copies, even tho the easy rider bike was a hard tail and bad for your kidney;s

1721 days ago


Can't say I'm sorry or surprised the show is being cancelled...I haven't enjoyed it since the 2nd season....Sr may have taught Jr how to build a bike, but is was Jr who always had the vision and creativity to make it happen..him and Vinny made a good team..Mikey was always funny, but seemed to have to play peacekeeper between Sr and everyone else there in the shop...Wish them all the best!

1721 days ago


The show was hard to find this past year or so, I would think I knew when It came on and then it would not be their.
Just like all shows it had a script, a plot and did things for show.
I hope they get their act together and start all over maybe not on TV but together.
Hey was it true Mikey was the brains????????

1721 days ago


Last weeks show Sr. was yelling at his wife and step kids he hardly even knows according to them. The episode about his dog getting sick was the only one he showed any compassion. This is a horrible human being. 3 sons don't talk to him and the daughter is never seen or talked about. The employees deal with him only for the paycheck. Once Beth wakes up and leaves him he will be all alone, exactly what he deserves for treating his family like dirt. The biggest A$$hole on television.

1721 days ago

South Beach    

It is so sad to see an family dream become reality, and ultimately become the undoing. I wonder if they look back on the hard days past and ask if they were on some way better than where they find themselves now.

1721 days ago


I've always enjoyed American Chopper. It's a shame the show has to end on such a negative note. I wish the family could have settled their differences.

1721 days ago


Who cares??!! ;oP

1721 days ago
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