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Jennifer Aniston -- One Hot Mama

2/6/2010 2:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A few days before her 41st birthday, Jennifer Aniston tanned her fantastic body in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Eat your heart out Tate Brad Vince Orlando John Gerard America.


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if she is in cabo why would she settle for a place in the sun next to that homely plant there are some drop dead gorgeous plants in that area, she looks like a maid cleaning up after others.

1683 days ago


It's obvious that the same person is posting all the "boring" comments, because it's such an odd assumption to make about someone that none of us even knows. For there to be comment after comment on an assumption so bizarre leads me to believe that there's some idiot pre-teenage boy on here. I love Jennifer and love her movies. "Picture Perfect" is one of my all-time favorites! I also loved "The Break-Up" which made about 170 million dollars.

1683 days ago


I would hit that and hit it hard. And when I hit something like that, it stays hit. Forever.

1683 days ago


Angelina must be paying triple overtime to all her lackeys to get them to post so many bad things about Jen.

1683 days ago

Mike Hunt    

full bra, empty personality and head.

1683 days ago


Jennifer Aniston is really so hot and sexy mom and she is looking different from other women.

1683 days ago

love them    

the same person is typing in defense of her, I'm new and people are entitled to their opinion, not everyone is fooled or jealous of her, she has too many negatives to name, but I'm 49 and worked out for years and i look good, but how shallow to constantly keep talking about that? so what.

1683 days ago

Sing Sing    

Lookin good Jen! She seems so happy being who she is without the need to fill her life with crap and people like most people do in order to be happy. I guess that makes others jealous. All those miserable people saddled with boring jobs, annoying spouses, bratty kids, and thunder thighs and beer bellies are all venting and taking out their anger at the world on Jen. I guess when you don't have health insurance to go see a shrink, that's what happens. So sad.

And for the record, a woman doesn't have to pop out babies to be happy. Nor does she have to have a man. Some women realize that they came into this world unattached and would prefer to remain that way so they can spend their time on things that they WANT. I say more power to her.

1683 days ago


Jennifer has herself to blame for her current situation. She’s gorgeous and should be a tremendous sexual woman. But she was/is obsessed with her career. She doesn’t have a clue how to satisfy a man. Jennifer’s scene in “Friends with Money” where she just lays there motionless with her eyes open while some guy uses her body to masturbate with looks very natural. She doesn’t even have to act.
Along comes Angelina with nowhere near the class or elegance but with a lot of raw sexuality. Brad never knew what hit him. He did know that a wildly sexual woman was a lot more fun than a frosty one.

1683 days ago


She's really one of the most trivial people in Hollywood, which is sayin' a lot. All those resources at her fingertips and the pet project she picks to help out the rest of the world that is less fortunate than her is to take quick showers to save water. But she makes sure to pay a hairstylist $50,000 to keep her part straight. She's a joke and so is her career. But that hair is serious business.

1683 days ago


Ha ha ha - the Brangeloonies are out in full force. You're so pathetic and transparent! Jen has an incredible figure, 40's or not. She doesn't need a man or a baby to be happy. Two of my friends know her and say she is a lovely person and very funny. You haters need something else to do - get a life, seriously.

1683 days ago


She is just smoking hot!! Every man in America should send her an unused rubber just in honor of her not up that beautiful body when Brad Pitt demanded to start a family. Women like that are just built to f....!! NOT BREED!! Thank God for em.

1683 days ago


Jennifer Anniston is 41, single, and has not had children. What, exactly, is wrong with that? I don't think she is ugly at all. Her face is, well, HER face. She has a certain look that is a bit different from the Hollywood/celebrity norm. Should she go and have her lips plumped up until they look like they've been inflated, have her jaw and cheekbones restructured, get a weave and dye job that matches every other "star" in films? Why? As to her vacation spot preferences, excuse me, but a lot of "normal" people have favorite spots, so why shouldn't she? If she likes Cabo San Lucas, and likes to read peacefully (and whoever made the moronic comment about the condition of the plant near her really needs to get a life), what of it? Would you all prefer it if she started boinking everything in sight, became an alcoholic, and wasted money jetting around the world to "exotic locales" to get wasted? Good grief.

As to her single status, has it never occurred to any of you twerps that having your husband leave you for a crazy woman, who publicly admitted to leading him on, then deliberately allowing herself to get pregnant to insure his commitment, might just hurt like hell? If she were your friend, or sister, you'd still be damning Brad and psycho, bitchy Angelina, to hell. The men Jennifer Anniston has dated have not exactly been paragons of selflessness or commitment. And it appears that a real, committed, serious relationship, not the casual Hollywood variety, is what she's after. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. I also don't think that her lack of children is a negative...maybe she'd rather raise children in a stable, two-parent environment in which love and respect count for more than $70 million estates. Just speculation, but considering her background, quite plausible.

And if you haven't met and gotten to know her, how can any of you possibly know if she's warm, sexy and vibrant? The "hottest" looking man or woman can be totally lame in bed, a complete sexual loser, while a person who is a little less arrogant and obvious may be the best thing that ever happened as a lover. Give it a rest...I don't understand why people hate this woman so much.

1683 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

91. Ha ha ha - the Brangeloonies are out in full force. You're so pathetic and transparent! Jen has an incredible figure, 40's or not. She doesn't need a man or a baby to be happy. Two of my friends know her and say she is a lovely person and very funny. You haters need something else to do - get a life, seriously.

Posted at 11:38PM on Feb 6th 2010 by HIlarious
------------------------------------------------------------------ Aren't you the same guy that claims to be in everyone's inner circle ? "pathetic" "transparent" "get a life"

1683 days ago


Chris (81):

I loved "Picture Perfect", too. She was great in that. Another one that was good was "Dream for an Insomniac". It's a total chick flick but if you like Aniston, she was great in that. Anyway, did people get on Meg Ryan's case this much when she did a bunch of rom-coms?? I don't get the difference. So she has a niche and she plays it up. She's not gonna look this good forever; may as well cash in on it while she can.

1683 days ago
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