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Conrad Murray Visits Michael Jackson's Tomb

2/7/2010 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With charges in the death of Michael Jackson looming over his head, Dr. Conrad Murray sought out peace in an unlikely location -- Jackson's final resting place.

Conrad Murray

Murray showed up at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on Wednesday afternoon to visit the tomb of the man he may or may not have accidentally killed.

Murray was seen outside the mausoleum, but not inside.


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1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

* It has been apparent from day 1 that Conrad Murray has felt alot of pain and anxiety re what took place June 25 at Holmby Hills. His moods have reflected deep concern, panic, shock, fear, remorse and an understandable concern for his own future and wellbeing.

He has co-operated fully with the investigation, and any toxicology results and timelines reported during ANY televised program or written in ANY article are not based necessarily on everything that Conrad Murray actually stated but on theories and mouth to mouth hearsay amongst a variety of investigative police efforts. They may be out of sequence or context...they are not from sworn statements from Conrad Murray. They are taken from an affadavit needed to secure a search warrant for Conrads Houston storage facilities and Conrads Houston ofc.

It is unfair to judge this man outside of a courtroom. It is as unfair to judge him as you Michael Jackson fans say that it was unfair to judge Michael Jackson re the molestatation charges. We do not know what transpired, when, where, what or now much of what drug including Propofol was actually administered by Conrad Murray himself. He has made statements to officials, but how much of it has actually been correctly recorded?

This Forest Lawn situation. Does anyone really know if Michael Jackson is entombed here? Has there been a sighting of any family member including his own children visiting Holly Terrace at any time since the funeral...including Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc? No there has not been. They discuss and are anxious to be photographed at every other opportunity, why not visiting the resting place of a beloved family member? No family member accompanied that gold coffin into the Sanctuary for one. That in itself is strange. If it were my son or my brother or my father I would have witnessed that part of the process. Most family members or at least one attends the interment. Most family members would not even rest easy until they actually witnessed the interment. Or at least one family member. But no, I believe they went to a dinner/party gathering instead?

Nothing adds up to convince me that Michael Jackson's body is even at Forest Lawn.

And I think it is unfair to pick apart Conrad Murrays motives for visiting this site. He is quite visibly a distraught man who has been through a living hell that has definitely not been entirely of his own making.

I for one do not believe that Michael Jackson is dead. I for one also do not believe that Conrad Murray believes that Michael Jackson is dead. I think that he has been bought and paid for, and the weight of all of it is written all over his face. Just like it was written all over Katherines. And Janets, Marlon and Jackies and Titos.

They all know the truth. Don't doubt it.

JMO....just my opinion.

1684 days ago

Christine Gardiner    


1684 days ago


These photos do not look casual. Just change the background and have a photo shoot.

1684 days ago

I want ya back!    

@46 The truth is what this is all about!

1684 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Hasn't this guy no shame??? Geez! WTF?? He must still fry. Bare-faced murderer!

1684 days ago


Interesting article re: Dr. Murray's trip to FL.

1684 days ago



YOU make a very strong convincing points. You really do.Maybe he was bought and paid to play the murdered to MJ could get out of the debt he was carrying at the time of his death. just the this is it movie made 260 million. MJ is not in debt anymore at all. Perhaps this was bought and paid. I agree with the family not be there as you wrote when he was buried.I guess someone like SYLVIA BROWNE or a real PSYCHIC could let us now if he is really dean and a real gifted physic could read the entire story from murrays face from these new released recent pics of him. SYLVIA BROWNE the medium from montel williams show would know. Unfortunately she charges something like 750.00 for a 10 min session to get a reading from on her on her website site. Could the entire jackson family been that money hungry to get him MJ out of debt to do this? I will never forget that you tube i saw of a man who looked identical to MJ jump out of the back of an ambulance in a underground parking lot the day he supposedly died that was later rumored to be a hoax. Even the license plate number on that ambulance was same on ambulance that took MJ into hospital with pic of him on stretcher we all saw.This whole thing is just really sad!!

1684 days ago


Who is in that tomb?
A little boy called Michael, who sang so beautifully?
A young man who spent hours and hours on every step in a dance and master his voice and work on songs and learn everything there was to learn about recording?
A young stage performer who together with tens of thousands of people was so happy he swam and floated through the air?

1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

51. Even the license plate number on that ambulance was same on
ambulance that took MJ into hospital with pic of him on stretcher we
all saw.This whole thing is just really sad!!

Posted at 2:49AM on Feb 6th 2010 by Quiet

I actually believe that was Michael Jackson who came out of the back
of that ambulance. But didn't some German somebody or another state
that was a hoax. How can the license plates be the same? How come the
shrouded body on the gurney in the helicopter moved and raised up?
There was no movement of the gurney that could have caused it to
shift like that.

CORRECTION: I actually believe that was Michael Jackson who came out of the back of that ambulance.

should be: I actually believe that was Michael Jackson who came out of the back of that Coroners van.

1684 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

TO Tellit and Quiet

Dr Conrad Murray killed MJ with no help from anyone. It was Negligence. There is more than a preponderance of evidence to prove Negligence! The time Murray spent away from Jackson, and instead on his phone is enough to prove Negligence. The fact that he didn't call 911 immediately is another point. No one conspired with him. It was his Negligence alone that put him in this predicament. Re his legal fees, the lawyers may be representing him for the publicity or his church group may be picking up the tab. Churches have money!

We all know the Jackson siblings, Mom and Dad are primarily interested in $$$. Joe and Katherine sacrificed this child's childhood because they were greedy and wanted to live well! If I were a parent whose child was so tormented by his loss of natural development I would feel guilty forever! And NO, Joe J didn't make MJ a Star singer and dancer, if so how come the other kids are not Stars at that level?? MJ would have been a happier man, able to sleep at nights without dr death, if he grew up like a normal child, went to church and was discovered like all the other poor black folk.

1684 days ago


No, he is dead. There is no way he would - or could - stage all of this just to clear up a financial (or other) situation. He is dead and gone, he stopped breathing after Murray put him in a place where it was almost inevitable, and he went without knowing what was happening, since his brain was "frozen" by propofol. He is gone and he will not come back.

Where do they come from, all those rumours that no family member witnessed the internment and that no family member has visited the place since? I haven't seen paparazzi photos of Karen Faye visiting, and she was certainly there.

We don't know if Murray killed Michael because of the greatest incompetence known to doctorkind, or intentionally, or if someone else came into the room and upped the propofol.

Michael is dead. He shouldn't be, but he is.

1684 days ago


Tellit and Quiet

There is more than enough evidence that Dr Con alone killed Michael jackson. It was plain and simple "Negligence." The time he spent on the phone away from him while having him under anaesthetic plus the fact that he didn't call 911 right away, he waited about 20 mins to make an alarm! The facts support this.

Who is to tell if the info dr Con gave police wasn't just plain self-serving, in addition. If I was caught up in so much sh*t, I would not give up too much info to hurt myself, I would lean on the side of trying to make myself look good.

The Jacksons including Katherine and Joe just want $$$. Their whole life is about that. These are people who sacrificed their child's normal development, although there were early signs that this was having a negative effect on him. This family is sickening in every respect. BTW MJ would have "made it" without Joe. He would be discovered in church like the rest of poor black folk, be living a happy normal life in which he can sleep @ nights without the death doctor. In life these people only cared about MJ's money, and in death, the same! Not surprised that none of them saw MJ's actual burial; few of them saw MJ's dead body, Joe J said he didn't.

1684 days ago


i saw the "making of"..the video..were "this guy" got out of the coroners van...they showed it all the way they faked the they faked the licenseplate...who the "mj" was who got out of the car..they showed everything on german im sorry for everybody who believes this "coroner-van-fake"..but it definately was not michael jackson who got out was a fake from a tv-station called RTL..they just "wanna to make fun" and give the "hoax-believers" something "to work with"..its really really sick in my eyes..cuz when i saw it the first time and my family freaked out..we believed that hes alive..til we saw that"making of"..
other than that..i do believe that michael is dead..but there are some absolut strange things going on around his dead..and i truly believe that there are way more people involved than just doc murray..he just "pulled the trigger".. but michaels death was planned..because everybody incl. "his father" knew..that he was worth more money dead then he was alive...
i strongly believe that he got killed for money..but there are so many people involved that nobody knows were to starts and who to arrest first...cuz whoever did it..did obviously a great job to get rid of any kind of evidence the l.a.p.d. could use for a "courtcase"..
i dont understand one thing..who can a man like doc murray run around free and practice medicine..when he killed somebody..??..there is no doubt about it that he did..
on the other hand the gouverment arrested a guy 35 years ago..and they just found out that hes not guilty through a dna-test..that man lost 35 years of his life being in prison NO GUILTY..
while murray killed somebody...runnning around free like a bird..doing whatever the hell he wanna do...
i dont get it..
once again..
i truly believe that michael is dead..and wherever hes "laid to rest" only his family knows...
but i also believe that there is not just "one murder" was not just murray..who killed mj...but this was a "well-done-job" from whoever did it...cuz obviously..there is not too much evidence the police..or more or less the court can really work with..
im 100% sure that murray will get no jail-time...even tho he deserve life-sentence..
cuz hes a everybody else who has to do with this case..

1684 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

51. Could the entire jackson family been that money hungry to get him MJ out of debt to do this?

Posted at 2:49AM on Feb 6th 2010 by Quiet

Yes they could. Michael Jackson had supported their affluent lifestyle at Hayvenhurst aside from his own for the past 25 years....he had not been able to do that as they were accustomed to since even before 2005. From that period on only tremendous debt was incurred and comparatively little income....they were operating in the red for a long long time. Michael Jackson had not performed in what? 9 years? and not released any new music. They were desperate. They were just a few steps from absolute financial ruin with no way out...and they weren't about to take the bankrupty fall that "normal" people would accept and deal with accordingly.

And then it became increasingly and blatantly apparent that he was not going to be able to live up to the 02 commitment. So instead of letting them all down, including AEG and Sony (to both of which he owed alot of money), and himself, he did the unspeakable. He pulled a scam...he orchestrated and devised his own demise. With alot of help from many "friends". And even who could have been considered at one time or other "enemies". It was the only way to completely wipe the financial slate clean.

1684 days ago
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