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Plea Bargain Possible in Charlie Sheen Case

2/8/2010 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen will be charged with a felony Monday in the Christmas day incident with wife Brooke Mueller, but the case may never go to trial because of the possibility of a plea bargain.

We broke the story that Sheen will be charged with felony menacing and misdemeanor assault when he is arraigned Monday afternoon in Aspen court. Our sources say Charlie would be open to a plea bargain if the plea involves a misdemeanor. We're also told -- although the prosecution and defense can negotiate a plea deal -- no plea would be entered for 60 days from Monday.

Better news for Charlie and Brooke on the home front. We're told relaxing the protective order that bars Charlie and Brooke from communicating or having contact with each other is just a formality -- it should take two minutes for the judge to modify the order.

The plan is for Charlie and Brooke to fly back to L.A. on Monday after the hearing and begin living together again.


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What a slimey, lowlife, violent, abusive, jailbird, alcoholic, drug adicted, porn addicted, prostitute addicted, creep this guy is.

1693 days ago


Kookie and Simone take turns losing at life.

1716 days ago


This is so relevant now that thousands of prisoners are being released into our street b/c they were "nonviolent" offenders - let's keep in mind that what they are ARRESTED FOR and their CONVICTIONS are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. There is always a plea bargain. And, it's important to mention that violating parole is a non violent crime, but LET'S NOT GET TECHNICAL - because you could be on parole for aggravated assault after you raped and beat a young girl who won't testify, and plead out.

1716 days ago


Once a woman beater ALWAYS a woman beater... He is Martin Sheen's biggest mistake and disappointment... But Martin Sheen is a stand up guy and will support his loser son... too bad none of that got into Charlie's blood..all he cares about is ass and drugs..

1715 days ago


beat your girlfriend: get probation
beat your ex-wife: get probation
beat your wife: go to jail

marriage.. a cautionary tale =]

1715 days ago


I find it ironic, how TMZ had established a campaign for the bashing of chris brown's reputation. It was constant and the world (literally, the international press) had slandered that guy in every way possible. While Charlie Sheen on the other hand, who's had a career that survived MUCH longer than that of his counter part, beats the CRAP out of his wife and now TMZ pushes the issue in the closet exclaiming, "It was the booze". Am I seeing a strange pattern here? Clearly, this is just TOO convenient. Dare I cry, "RACISM"? TMZ, your establishment is just a weak facade of a news outlet,that feeds people about news of overpaid dimwits who do senseless things, and tell them about their lives, WHEN IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A SERIOUS IMPACT ON THEIR LIVES. Yet, I wouldn't expect anything better from a fraudulent "resource" that's in cahoots with FOX. Get over yourselves. Your mindless fools that feed pointless "instances" to society, and now you have established yourselves as BIGOTS. I would say 'fore shame', but I don't have an ounce of sympathy for you. Continue to worship the rich destitutes, but don't you DARE try to claim that its "NEWS"!!!

1715 days ago


leave Charlie alone, he does not need the law to tell him how to live his life,

1715 days ago


This guy is a waste of space. Brooke is as crazy as he is if she goes back to him. It's only a matter of time before he kills a woman. He has come very close twice (that we know of!)

1715 days ago

Did you See    

Did you see Sheen pull a knife on his wife -- did anyone see it. Remember she was legally drunk. Not saying he didn't do it but so far it is she says, he says. But just how great a mother of twins is she if she gets drunk or high. Personally, don't care for him, but just saying so easy to blame someone for something and get away with it.

You know it is the news that makes up a lot of junk just to sell their magazines, newspapers, etc.

1715 days ago

Fred Farkel    


If she wants the guy... then fine.

But HELLO???

Maybe she had better think twice before she crawls up in his face.


Just maybe??

Same thinkg if a man wants to be with a woman with a short fuse.

There's just certain places THAT YOU DON'T GO.

1715 days ago


What a slimey, lowlife, violent, abusive, jailbird, alcoholic, drug adicted, porn addicted, prostitute addicted, creep this guy is. His wife married him for his money and celebrity and now she's had a knife to her throat. She goes back to him, she deserves whatever happens to her, but those babies are innocent, sad they have this creeps DNA. Why anyone watches his show is beyond me, and sad the station doesn't fire this immoral guy. He's NOT funny, not talented, yeeew, he makes my skin crawl. They need to put him in jail and throw away the key, never to hear from him again. Save those kids from him.

1715 days ago


Gloria Allred made such a commotion when Michael Jackson put his baby over the balcony; dangling him (well, that was wrong of him). But she is silent over this situation involving these poor twins. Gloria, where are you when we need you; as do the twins.. Martin Sheen; same with you...

1715 days ago


I wish he & his wife well & can work things out!

1715 days ago


First Donny Dutche is so completely insane he fits right in on NBC. Charlie Sheen makes money and makes more money. He is funny, has some issues. Unlike the other person mentioned, a talentless wanna be bonehead, he makes money. What do you think Hollywood does? If you dont understand that then you are truly stupid and should send your emails to Donny Dutche NBC's guru in marketing. Look at how well NBC is doing. Donny Dutche just said he dislikes an Ad which promotes Tim Tebow as too controversial. All companies take note, no wonder NY and LA firms are broke.

1715 days ago
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