D.A. Won't Back Down in Charlie Sheen Case

2/6/2010 3:03 AM PST

D.A. Won't Back Down in Charlie Sheen Case

Lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller met with the prosecutor Friday, but they could not persuade the D.A. to back off the case ... sources tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story that Charlie will be charged with felony menacing and misdemeanor assault when he is arraigned in Aspen on Monday for the Xmas Day brouhaha.

We're told the D.A. was intractable and the charges will be filed on Monday before Sheen appears in court.

But there may be a big problem in prosecuting the case -- as in one Brooke Mueller. Our sources say she wants this case to disappear in the worst way ... never a great sole witness on the prosecution side.

As for plea bargaining the case -- our sources say it's possible, if the plea is for a petty misdemeanor, but otherwise he'll fight it out in court.