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Kid Rock to Judge: Don't Hold Me Against Me

2/8/2010 5:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock Kid Rock's got a bad reputation and he knows it -- which is why he wants to put the kibosh on any mention of his previous bad behavior during his current court case.

Rock filed documents in L.A. County Superior Court on Friday in connection to a lawsuit filed against him by three guys who claim Rock and six members of the Boo-Yaa Tribe beat the hell out of them at the Roosevelt Hotel back in 2006.

In the documents, Rock -- real name Robert Ritchie -- asks that his "reputation as a 'tough guy' or 'thug' by means of his professional persona as 'Kid Rock'" not be used against him during the case.

Rock also wants no mention of his "prior criminal arrest or misdemeanor convictions" during the case as well ... calling them irrelevant and prejudicial.

We'll see how that goes.


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I have been to a few Kid Rock concerts myself and the man has extroadinary talent. He is truly entertaining and plays several instruments. Does he do some stupid things every once in awhile, yes...but I like him because he has never come across other than just a guy who wants to make music and does not use his celebrity as a public forum like many other celebrities do. His work with the military has proven to be very honorable, appears to be a great father... All in all, he seems like a good egg.

1661 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Slow night!

1684 days ago


AHAHAHAHAHAH!!! So, basically, forget everything that he is and stands for and...pretend he's someone else? Okay, great tactic...I'll keep this in mind next time I'm in trouble.

1684 days ago


'tough guy' I loled

1684 days ago


tough guy,thug?? More like red neck greasy haired trash.

1684 days ago

ex lax    

is he still 3'9" with a ten inch neck?

1684 days ago


I think he needs a talk with the titanium key chain.

1684 days ago


Being from Detroit I can tell you Rock gets a pretty bad rap most of the time. He had some trashy chick that he Befriended make false claims of Physical abuse so she could trump up a law suit and a settlement. Funny thing is she started running her mouth to someone at the bar she "Alleged" he took her home from only to find out that the guy sitting behind her was an Oakland County Sheriff that was off duty. She told he friend that she was going to get a ton of cash from him so she could move down south where it was warm and if that meant making bullsh*t stories up to make it happen then so be it..

Needless to say it was thrown out and she is doing 18 months..

Celebs get the short end of the stick sometimes and become instant targets for people looking to make a quick buck by claiming BS like this...

1684 days ago


White trash nation needs to reclaim this fool.... HE DOES NOT BELONG IN NASHVILLE,TN He needs to just go back to the bait shop who hired him for the week... He hasn't been interesting since Pamela Lee...AND she was the interesting one!! Just F--ckn go home and get a real job... you can't make music and you can keep hanging around 2nd street..

1684 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

He should ask the court to make believe he's Lynyrd Skynyrd.

1684 days ago


Put Kid Rock on the Jersey Shore Program.

This way he can kick all their asses and we can all go to sleep at night knowing JUSTICE was done.

Go Kid Rock!

1684 days ago

Susan B.    

Isn't this "Kid" like 45 years old? How did he get famous?

1684 days ago


been to over 20 kid rock concerts, im done with him, he not from a trailer, his band is cool but hes stuck up !makes you think he grew up in the streets of det, he drove from the suburbs,and yea they took to him he had a car and $, mom an dad took care of him ,he flys around in his jet an makes his band go in a bus the american bad ass that wouldnt fight [box] tommy lee for 1.5 mill, he left pam over borat! wtf i do live in a trailor and aint a very good speller so make fun of that

1684 days ago


Let me ask yall this, DO ANY OF YOU GUYS KNO KID ROCK PERSONALLY??? I didnt think so, so before you go say he didnt grow up n the streets and stuff, dnt say what u think happened, you must kno before you speak, most of you all praise rappers, now do you think all of them really sold all the drugs they said they did or shoot everybody they said they have??? no if they did dnt you think theyd all be in jail now, dnt judge a book by its Cover, give the dude a break, Kid is a GREAT musican he DIDNT steal all summer long from Skynyrd, for god sake they helped him make the song! what he's doing in court is his business, it shouldnt be on ever website n the nation, this is why our country is hurting, were soo wrapped up in a celbs life were losing control of our own lives, were hurting both sides, cause these celebs like Kid cant even spit his gum out a car window and everybodys like omg he's trash, people just remember Hes human to, grow up!

1684 days ago


ok CHUCK D. your right he got alot of talent he kicks ass but i think he going soft an what happen to the oldstuff da bootleg stuff was free an was the best he ever done he wont even play progical son anymore

1684 days ago
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