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Michael Jackson Estate - You Got it Wrong, Joe

2/9/2010 11:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's estate have fired back at Joe Jackson's request for MJ's medical records in order for Joe to sue a news outlet over death photos.

Joe claims a published photo of an already dead Michael Jackson is an invasion of the family's privacy. As we first reported, although Joe didn't name the news outlet, "Entertainment Tonight" aired a photo of Jackson -- whom paramedics believed was already dead -- as he was taken into an ambulance from his home.

Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, asked the judge last Friday to dislodge MJ's UCLA medical records so he can prepare the lawsuit.

But in papers filed today, estate lawyer Howard Weitzman claims Oxman is all wet -- that Oxman misstated the law in legal docs and that UCLA medical records are totally irrelevant to a death photo lawsuit.

Weitzman also claims the physician/patient privilege prohibits the estate from anteing up the med records.


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1st R.i.p MJ

1717 days ago


1717 days ago


...Poor Michael. Damn you never helped.

1717 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

I am lost as to what standing Joe Jackson has in any of this or why the media seems to be running daily quotes and comments he makes as if he has some power or authority over his son's estate. He was a horrid father responsible for many of Michael's issues and seems to have a financial gain in mind for every move he makes.

1717 days ago


Next up, we're gonna sue TMZ, they've been making a bundle from the death of Michael.

1717 days ago


MJ's doctor should give an overdose of proforol to this leech.

1717 days ago


Just make sure the good doc does prison time just like John Belushis groupie did for shooting him up...She was tried for murder and went to prison and she was just another groupie junkie, not medically trained like MURRAY...he must serve time...

1717 days ago


u know i dont like joe jackson, and doubt hes doing this for any reason but himself. but i dont get how a deceased person has a patient/physician right to privacy from family members. i would think if anyone has rights to view those records it would be family members, unless it said specifically in the will they could not. someone please enlighten me :).

1717 days ago


Give it up, Joe. You're main meal ticket is gone forever! Get a 9 to 5 job and learn to live on a budget!

1717 days ago


he's a slimy man only out fer money..makes ya wanna hurl...

1717 days ago

Cynthia J.    

I cannot stand Joe Jackson. He is such a money grubbing PIG. I never saw him shed a tear over losing Michael. Instead, on the day of the autopsy of his son he was promoting some bogus "Record Lable". Now it's all about the money. Michael left Joe out of his Will for a reason. Joe Jackson has no shame. He's crawling around trying to get some cash from his Son's estate. He is ghetto trash. He can't even speak without showing his uneducated stupidity. He is a PIMP. And, he is as UGLY as ugly can be. Enough of him already.

1717 days ago


I think if you are a Michael Jackson fan you should get behind the entire family. The family is the only people who can really get any justice for Michael. I certainly didn't see any justice at that trial Monday. Brian Oxman & the family are at least trying to do something. It seems like the Jackson's are finally all coming together for this so let's help them any way we can. I agree with totally with what Katherine & Jermaine said. Also, Brian Oxman.

1717 days ago


Because Michael died in this way, and now you are going to have a trial, I think family privacy went right out the window. Everyone who wants to know, is going to see and know as much as is legally released. I don't think you can stop a photo of Michael from being snapped anymore than you can stop the autopsy results from being released yesterday. They are on now! They are not for those with a weak stomach. It's 32 pages of very detailed autopsy results that don't look good for Dr. Murray.

1717 days ago


stop and think...please ..this stuff might actually be put out because joe could be right God ..yes he made mistakes ...HUGE mistakes ..that doesnt mean someonelse didnt have a motive to stand by and let mj who needed to sleep and it seems wveryone knew he had this addiction ,,,,just waited in the wings..its all money...ia am not a fan of joe jackson ...but iam not a fan of pwople using joe jacksons history of abuse to justify standing by and letting this man die ....criminally guilty ?no morally guilty ..with out a doubt

1717 days ago



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1717 days ago
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