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Spurs Organization Joins Battle over Nude Pics

2/9/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The San Antonio Spurs are SOL in their attempt to have nude pics of one of their players removed from a website -- for now -- because the site's lawyer just said the pics of their player's basketballs are there to stay.

The Spurs' lawyer fired off a letter to TheDirty.com last week, demanding the website "immediately and permanently" remove the photos showing guard George Hill's privates ... pics the genius snapped of himself using his cell phone. The Spurs want the pics down because they shine a negative light on the team's image.

But a lawyer for TheDirty sent a letter right back, saying the site has every right to post photos of "celebrities making fools of themselves" -- and taking them down won't change the fact that Hill is a moron.

TheDirty's lawyer also says the Spurs' attempt to have the pics removed will only cause a "Streisand Effect" -- meaning the matter will become even more publicized due to their attempt to quash it ... like it just did.

We called Hill's people for comment -- no response yet.

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No Avatar

that girl    

think before you take pics!

1718 days ago


Is it me or do all these ball players just get stupider by the day?

1718 days ago



1718 days ago


If anyone has any of the nude pics, send it to me!

1718 days ago


The good parts are all covered. You cant see ANYTHING. Major bummer.

1717 days ago


I am sure the inventors who came up with megapixel technology for these devices are really is having a fit right now.

Common sense is not common. First, Dwight Howard's baby momma, Warren Sapp chokes his girl, and now this dummy has joined the Greg Ogden ( aka Harold the Purple Crayon) club. I'm wondering if he sent them to a man or a woman?

Stop taking the pictures!

1717 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Note to Spurs legal team:

You may not have a leg to stand on in this dispute with thedirty... but rest assured, you can bankrupt the twerp (the website owner) if you file suit anyway.

Do the world a favor and file suit anyway/

1717 days ago


Is learning from others mistakes a ridiculous concept? Hence Kim Kardashian um Paris Hilton ahh Pamela Anderson, and any other MORON celebs that have personally took videos of themselves in a sexual act and then somehow it got "leaked" out to the world has anyone learned this yet??? Apparently not, Congratulations Moron U are now part of a not-so-exclusive club....U deserve to loose ur job and let someone else with talent and Brains get a chance and the brass ring...

1717 days ago

Nicole Coley    

What's the big deal, you can't see anything yet anyway. As far the Spurs image, whatever!! I'm sorry I totally forgot about the Spurs, until this nude picture issue. I know these players should be smarter, but for real in your 20's you're not thinking. I don't think he should apologize to the public, because it's was something that was done in private. And the only reason these picture are out is because of an ex-girlfriend(revenge). If he wants to apologize to Spurs management that's should be done in private. Now he just has to do his best on the court, to bring the media focus back the game of basketball.

1717 days ago


Oh, please. Many celebs do these naked "pics" and sex tapes for the publicity. How did Paris Hilton become so "famous"? From her sex tape, then she used that celeb status to parlay huge "appearance fees" at club openings, pub for her clothing line, etc. Kim Kardashian? Publicity 'ho....the sex tape just made her show on E! that more intriguing! Wake up! Most of these are for publicity, plain and simple.

1717 days ago


Can you say Dumb & Dumber? He just might learn a lesson now. Team should just let him suffer and should have nothing to do about trying to take pics down. He did the deed, and must now suffer for his stupidity. Pathetic moron!

1717 days ago


I wonder how this site came in possession of these pics. I bet he sent them to some chick he was dating. When they broke up...she sold him out.

1717 days ago

Todd da Man    

I live in San Antonio and I never even heard of this guy before. I also happen to work for this law firm, too! lolololol

This fool attorney has done way more to publicize this issue than the dirty.com could ever have done. And to be honest, this is the first time that I have ever been to the dirty's website before, and I am a regular user of the 'net for info and news.

This is epic fail on the part of this law firm and that Spurs player!

1717 days ago


"I am sure the inventors who came up with megapixel technology for these devices are really is having a fit right now."

That's funny tmf. Probably had a stroke a long time ago.


1717 days ago


thedirty.coms lawyer is a drug addict. he even got suspended for it. heres proof:


1717 days ago
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