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Dog Chapman's Show Is On the Firing Line

2/10/2010 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman's two sons are 24 hours from being fired on "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

Dog Chapman's Show Is On the Firing Line

Sources tell TMZ the sons -- Duane Lee and Leland -- claim Beth Chapman recently fired them from the family business -- Da Kine Bail Bonds -- because she was enraged that the boys started a side-business -- an apparel company called CHAPBROS.

But the company that produces Dog's show sees it very differently. Our sources say the production company claims the two boys quit the bail bond business and cut all ties with their family. The production company's lawyers fired off a letter yesterday to the two boys -- they have 48 hours to come back into the fold ... or they're fired from the show.

It's like a grown-up version of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

A rep for Dog and Beth Chapman tells TMZ Dog and Beth never fired Duane Lee and Leland from the family business ... they quit. The rep adds the two sons also refused to show for the TV tapings.


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I wish they would bring Tim Chapman back (no relation), I think he is a nice guy. He has known Dog for years. I wonder what the deal was on that split?

1680 days ago


What is the big deal that Duane Lee & Leland have their own clothing store. They can do both. I am sure they are going to be hiring other people to work in the store. Beth get over it. Where is Tim!

1680 days ago


Kami-some of us do know Leland and Duane Lee personally!
Karma-Tim was caught with his pants down in a school parking lot and that's why he was released from the show.
And yes, Beth is a Bitch and all the statements posted are quite accurate!

1680 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

To funny, another show where daddy makes all the money and the son wants to break away,OCC, I could see Beth doing that

1680 days ago


Who the F@$& cares, like really that show is so stuped and DOG and his bitch are the worst kind of people.

1680 days ago


WTF???? The show will not survive without Leland and Duane Lee? What about Baby Lyssa? Is she gone too? What kind of a "family show" is this if the only one left is a SMITH not a CHAPMAN??!

Reading all the comments it is obvious that EVERYONE HATES BETH and EVERYONE LOVES LELAND AND DUANE LEE.

I agree with Kathleen - shame on A&E and Hybrid Films for letting that crazy fat pot head mc donalds eating bitch control everything. When and how did this happen??? Why is everyone afraid of standing up to the little 5'1" 250lbs old fart??? Because she can scream and kick like a little brat? Is that all she's got? Everyone (Chapman family, A&E, Hybrid Films, FANS) need to really see what the problem is...beth SMITH! One bad apples ruins the barrel and she is one bad apple! Shame on you, Beth!

GO LELAND! GO DUANE LEE! GO CHAPBROS!!!!!! You two deserve your own show. Hear that, network people???? BOUNTY HUNTING BROTHERS will be the #1 show ever!!!!!

1680 days ago

Mrs Butters    

I still can't figure out how Beth avoids suffocating herself with those massive fun bags......she has no friggin neck,just a huge pair of fun bags an inch below her chin

1680 days ago

Trooper Tom    

It's time to clean up television .... enough of these lame reality shows, bounty hunter, Repo, Kadashian trash, and so many more. Why the heck are wankers and ho's like this getting paid so much money for these trash shows

1680 days ago


Sorry, I googled it. If the man was acquitted, then it should be said so. Hmm, school is in session at 9pm? Where does it say anything about a school or children? Something is starting to sound kinda funny here.
Is this a promotional push? Did the brothers contact TMZ to bag on their step-mother? Two sides to every story. Plus, they got to advertise their web-site. I think highly of Leland and Duane Lee but there are better ways. And to not tell the full story of Tim Chapman?

1680 days ago


I just think Beth and Hubby think they own everything. Including Chapbros. Its a biz that has nothing to do with DOGGY & Beth.

1680 days ago


Things don't look good at Da Kine. I office two blocks from there and pass it daily on my way to the H-1 freeway and home. Gone are the Big A&E graphics with them up there like superheros, back is the watercolor Hawaiian stuff. The place is usually dark, with no one there, I guess it's more set peice now than actual office.

You don't see the omnipresent Black Tahoes with cameras mounted in them anymore. Dog Never really recovered from the Telephone N word Fiasco. Oh, he made the contrition rounds, with church leaders and such, but he's not the hot ticket in Honolulu any more.

I never really approved of his show or antics, not all of us are Ice fiends and live in slums, but you wouldn't know it from his take on it.

He's not the big spiritual born again guy he portrays, and Beth is still very unapproachable, rude and haughty. I don't wish ill on him, I just wish he would go away. When TMZ takes months to report anything on them, you know they're done.

1680 days ago

Politico Pablo    

The show is turning out just like Orange Country Choppers, were Paul Jr. and his brother left in disgust. It's all about the dollars, always the dollars.

1680 days ago


Tim was driving and spilled ornage drink on his clothes. He pulled into a bank parking lot not a school and proceeded to change his pants. He was not whacking off. The security guards came up on him while his pants where off and before he could put on his other dry clothes. He panicked when they told him to get out of the car because he didn't want to be recognized. In his haste he jumped the curb and almost hit the security guard. That is why he went to jail and that is why he was let go from the show.

1680 days ago


At first I did not understand why Beth was upset. I went to chapbros site. I immediately saw why. They are selling shirts with the two brothers in full "dog" the tv show gear.I am sure they have been recieving royalities from the official Dog the Bounty Hunter site for their shirts there. They are undercutting the main "Dog the Bounty Hunter" site. They need to grow up, and learn a bit of family loyality. Even if you disagree, you fight to work it out. As much money, and fame that show has given the two brothers, they need to wake up and remember where the money for the coffee they are smelling comes from. Working for "Dog The Bounty Hunter" and being part of that family team, is what is bring in their bacon. WAKE UP,GROW UP, or if you are sick of it, just walk away, but fighting with your family over money, isn't right.

1680 days ago


If this really is the case and the sons are out the show is OVER. Someone will pick Lealand up asap as he is the one ppl watch for anyway. NO ONE gives a rats ass about Beth or Dog for that matter. She is a LOUD mouth freak anyway.

1680 days ago
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