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Jessica Simpson

Laughs Off Mayer Comments

2/11/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's one person who wasn't offended by John Mayer's controversial Playboy interview -- Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch
Jessica was in L.A. last night -- and when we asked her how she felt about Mayer comparing her sex appeal to a "drug" and calling her "crazy" in the sack, Jessica turned red, smiled, laughed ... and gave an official "no comment."

John has since apologized for some other "racy" comments he made -- looks like Jessica has already forgiven him.


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PS. Jessica, I think the world of you. You look beautiful without make-up, more stars should be seen without their "face" on. Good going.

Thanks, Harvey.

1718 days ago


Glad to know she is good for SUMTHIN.

1718 days ago


Time to lay off Jessica. It's obvious she was caught off guard last nite. This is a girl that is not seen out much anymore at all. What John did was totally disrespectful of a year long relationship. She actually looked close to tears & that was no hearty laugh but it sounded better then falling apart. Good for her.. JOHN needs to directly address Jessica.

1718 days ago


I agree that she was caught off guard. Give her a break. What was she supposed to say?

1718 days ago


She laughed it off because she's too dumb to understand it wasn't a compliment. When she gets some class, she'll realize she was disrespected in that interview. Until then, she'll just bounce through life thinking she's sexual napalm. (Since when has napalm become a good thing?)

1718 days ago


fat chicks are always crazy in the sack

1718 days ago


If she is so great why did he dump her? John didn't do her any favors by saying this. Notice it's the only thing he had to say about Jessica while he went on and on about Aniston and giving her many compliments.

It has long been rumored that John felt Jessica is as dumb as a stump. He pretty much confirmed it with this petty comment. He said he had to quit (break up) with her because all she was is a good lay. He is such a jackazz.

1718 days ago


This girl is to stupid to be good at sex. The ONE TRUE APHRODISIAC is intelligence. Can you imagine pillow talk afterward with this woman? Awful.

1718 days ago



Perhaps if you had written the words on YOUR palm you might have spelled them correctly when commenting. Sahra sur ez whinny!

1718 days ago

Interracial facial    

That video beholds a trailer park babe without the makeup. And they tend to be freaks in bed. So if the slut fits...

1718 days ago


JLS, actually studies say that the more intelligent a girl is the more of a prude she is with sex. So your argument holds no water. Smart girls are duds in bed. It's the freaks and airheads who rock. They haven't got the brains to feel guilty, offended or inhibited about doing the nasty.

1718 days ago


She looks fat in the face. She should loose 10 or 15 lbs.

1718 days ago


It really isn't Mayer's fault, its his penis who hates black people not him. Must be tough living with a penis like that.

1718 days ago


You know, when I heard the Jessica Simpson comments, I Knew she wouldn't be offended. It's actually quite a compliment. He clearly was in love with her and who knows, maybe still is? Was he wrong to kiss and tell? Well, he did stop and not give details so I give him that. I still want to see him in intensive psychotherapy so he doesn't Completely ruin everything he's worked for.

1718 days ago

Old Enough    

As a Jew I'm really really REALLY tired of people throwing around the OTHER N WORD - NAZI has a really really NEGATIVE AND HURTFUL meaning behind it too CLEO. It shouldn't be used except in relation to World War II and the deaths of many many innocent people at the hands of some very EVIL people!

1718 days ago
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